10 Tips On How To Create An Enticing Listing For Your Used Items

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10 Tips On How To Create An Enticing Listing For Your Used Items

I have been selling worn underwear for over a year now and my ads are very different now to how they were when I first started. As potential buyers have asked me questions about items I found out what info they are looking for and started to write it all into my ads. Everyone has their own different ways of writing adverts and I'm still learning every day but these are some of the ideas I use now when putting up my items.

1. The Most Important Rule

As a new seller NEVER DO ANYTHING YOU AREN'T COMFORTABLE WITH. Decide on your boundaries and if you someone asks for something that you don't offer, just politely tell them that unfortunately, that isn't something that you do. Be descriptive in your bio and use this as an opportunity to tell Buyers what you offer and what is off limits.

2. There's No Rush

You don't need to immediately have 20 adverts up as soon as you join. Before you list anything, have fun taking a few photos, get to know what angles you like.

Then concentrate on a few key pieces, try and get a bit of variety. If you’re offering used panties, you might also want to consider adding some listings for worn pantyhose/tights, and dirty socks. At the beginning, I took loads of photos and deleted the majority of them because I didn't like them. After a while, you will know what angels look good and will get a photo you are happy with quicker.

Build up your shop in your own time, adding one new listing every few days, or once a week soon adds up.

3. Create an eye-catching title

Have a descriptive title which helps you as well as the Buyer. The title of the listing will catch the Buyer’s eye, as well as the image. Write as much descriptive information about the item as possible in the title for example the colour of the item “Used Red Thong”. When they are messaging you about the red thong you are selling it will be much easier for you to find in your pile of used panties as well! If you just use "Worn Thong" if you have listed more than one thong for sale, you won't know which ad they are talking about.

4. Description is key

Make your description interesting. Describe the material of the panties, why you like wearing them, how they have been worn etc. Some Buyers like to know the size of your panties. State how long you are going to wear them for and what you are including in the price (photos/postage).

If you are selling used nylons, buyers like to know what denier they are. Some are used panty connoisseurs and like to know the brand. Try to make it as easy as possible by offering as much info as you can.

5. Enticing Photos

Items sell better if you are wearing them in the photo. If you’re advertising used panties, it adds to the excitement for the buyer if they can see them being worn. You don't need to have a full-body picture (unless you are comfortable with that!), just the panty area or your legs in tights is fine.

If you are lucky enough to have someone to take your photos for you, great! They will be able to help you by telling you what looks good while they are taking it. If, like me, you take your own photos, invest in a Bluetooth clicker for your phone. It's much quicker than setting the timer each time! I have often been found with the Bluetooth clicker in my mouth, while both my hands are in the photo!

Don't worry about what you look like, there are buyers on the site that like all shapes and sizes. I was paranoid about my size for a long time, once you get some buyers telling you how much they like your photos/items, it's a great confidence boost.

You can list up to 5 images per item, use this opportunity to show your items to their full potential. The more photos you upload, the less likely buyers are to ask for more images.

6. Staying safe

Your safety is very important. Be careful of personal details that you may give away. Think about the background in your photos.....do you need to make sure there's nothing in the background you don't want to be seen.

If you are using your phone to take photos, make sure the location on your phone is turned off. Your phone will record location/time/date details on photos otherwise. Alternatively, there are free apps that will delete EXIF data from your photo.

When you upload or send a photo through the ATW site they will watermark it for you. If you are sending photos by email if you want to add a watermark there are apps that you can use to add one on if you would like to.

7. Extras

Some buyers will want to add extras to what they are buying. You can use this as an opportunity to upsell if you wish by offering extra photos, wearing your used panties for longer etc. You can list these as optional extras in your advert if you want to. You can also discuss them if the buyer asks for extras you haven't mentioned.....just remember rule 1!!

8. Shipping Details

I always mention shipping details in my adverts,including how much it costs, and prices to overseas addresses. You can also mention the company you will be using for shipping and any alternatives that might be available. Once an order has been placed, it’s also good customer service to confirm when the item has been shipped and provide proof of postage.

9. Relist your listings

After 7 days you can relist your adverts, up to five in 24 hours. Space them out throughout the day so different buyers online at different times get to see your adverts.

10. Have Fun!

The idea of the site is for both the seller and the buyer to have fun whilst buying and selling used panties, dirty socks, worn shoes and other naughty extras!

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