Selling Fetish Content, It’s A Two-Way Street!

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Selling Fetish Content, It’s A Two-Way Street!

Making assumptions

I have used that term a lot but selling really is a two-way street and I feel sometimes that can be overlooked. I feel assumptions are made, you’re just here for money, you don’t actually enjoy it and so on.

I don’t make assumptions, I treat each buyer like the individual they are and as sellers we deserve the same, we are all here for different reasons, it doesn’t matter what the reason is we just need to treat each other with respect.

It’s fun for us as well

As I said above, we are all here for different reasons and one of those is fun!

It should be fun for us as well; fun is part of the experience. As a seller I want you to enjoy yourself to the fullest but please be mindful I also want to be enjoying myself.

The feeling is mutual!

I love what I do, I love getting creative and letting go, I want to enjoy the experience I have with buyers, and I want them to be happy.

All fun had here should be mutual.

Yes, I’m getting paid but that’s not an instant turn on, the experience as a whole should be enjoyed by both parties.

Firstly, you’ll enjoy yourself as a buyer a lot more because I’m giving you my all, my best, I’m turned on ready to play. I’m more than a mere kink dispenser and the moment I feel that’s what I’m treated like it takes away my experience, my fun.

Secondly just because I’m a seller doesn’t invalidate my right to actually enjoy the experience simply because money is involved.

I want to give you my all and I don’t want to insult you by pretending to enjoy myself.

Respect and manners

I know, I know, here I go again with this, but it is vital!

Remember we are all human!

Talking about and agreeing to a sale is a whole experience for me, not just a transaction, for it to be fun all round it has to (as I said above) be mutual.

You can’t just throw money at me and expect me to just be ready and turned on, money isn’t a substitute for manners or respect.

Buyers deserve respect and manners just as much, after all they are spending their money and whoever they decide to spend it on should be mindful of that.

Role reversal

Sometimes how I look at things is how would I feel as a buyer!

I find it helps me see things from a different perspective but also, I use it to try better myself as a seller.

The reason I’m including this in this blog is because I don’t think it’s a bad thing to try and look at it from the perspective of others sometimes.

Ask yourself as a buyer if you were selling would you be happy with the way you spoke or were spoken to? Would you find that respectful or polite?


We all have feelings and it’s so important to be kind, the world of kink, buying and selling can be tough enough so we should be respectful to each other.

Using the role reversal I touched upon above I’ll give an example.

If we were to speak to buyers the same way we are spoken to sometimes we wouldn’t be sellers for long.

Just remember we are people behind the screens and bios.

I must stress the importance of this being a 2-way street and just communicating, being polite and honest gets us all a lot further.


We all have limits including names.

I have seen this being discussed before, loser for example, not all buyers want to be called that especially when you haven’t established boundaries first. This does work both ways.

I have had messages using names such as slag or slut thrown at me in the first message without even a hello. Now I’m not going to go into the ins and outs of those words and liking not liking but I’m using them as a comparison.

Boundaries should always be established first.

It’s not just names it’s boundaries full stop, I spend time getting to understand what is a no so I don’t potentially ruin your experience, however I’ve had instances where I’ve said no and it’s met with why? Or I’ll pay more, or you might like it if you try it.

When someone expresses themselves and puts boundaries in place, they should always be respected both ways.

If you’re ever unsure just ask, take your time and get to know the person you’re playing with.


I feel it’s important to mention there are so many amazing buyers here who deserve the same as sellers, they deserve manners, politeness, respect, to be treated like more than a walking wallet.

This blog isn’t to have a dig it’s to merely try and create an understanding, to ask that you try and look it at from a seller’s perspective sometimes.

Thank you to all the wonderful buyers of the site for supporting us!

By Kinks_and_curves

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Kinks_and_curves Thank you for all the love and comments ❤️❤️❤️

LeeTheBoneRanger Awesome read as ever KinkMeister! On the role reversal I've actually brought a couple of seller's tips videos to show friends who are thinking of joining this world and real useful to watch Myself as a buyer! Xx

Naughtynurse90 Thank you xxx

BimboDolly @Hoppy o yes totally correct! Those are two separate things. I got the gist, but actually didn't phrase it correctly myself. Nothing rude about being more detached, it's still totally fine if you're not into that, set your boundaries and move along.

Hoppy @BimboDolly i don't know if I explained myself clearly. I am not talking about "rude" behavior from sellers. I don't think I have ever dealt with a rude seller. It's the interpersonal behavior that is important to me, establishing a superficial bond. To me, that is just as important as the item being purchased for me to enjoy it. It's hard to explain what I mean, maybe you get the drift though ❤️

BimboDolly I've seen bad and good behavior on both sides though, it exists, hope you find it and enjoy your weekend too 💖

Hoppy @BimboDolly you're right, thank you! ❤️

BimboDolly @Hoppy no that's def not too high expectations, just means it's time to move along to different sellers if that's not what you're looking for

Hoppy @Kinks_and_curves agreed! When the human element is removed, it's a very cold transaction, like buying something from a vending machine. Maybe my expectations are too high, haha. I am relatively new here. Enjoy your Sunday evening! ❤️

Kinks_and_curves @Hoppy oh absolutely everyone deserves respect ❤️

Hoppy @Kinks_and_curves I am talking about aggressive sellers who are in it to make a sale. It's easy to spot them. I get it, this is a business for them but buyers deserve respect too. As you stated, it's a two-way street. ❤️

SuccyfuccyfeetwithMolly Such a great read! Communication and respect truly are so important. And it absolutely goes both ways for everyone to enjoy their experience. Thanks for writing such a great read.

Hoppy Well written, unfortunately not well followed.

Professorjp08 Great read and I completely agree with what you say about it being a two way street on all of those things. Unfortunately some sellers ARE all about the money and can be pretty blunt and rude themselves! Xx

NaturalSoles Love this 👏

Jimmy19978 Great read from a great seller you are so wise and knowledgeable when it comes to the world of kink 😘

PrettyPaigeXo Love love love!!! I’ve had buyers get angry about some boundaries & then others talk me through things I was new to but open/nervous to try! The key is communication, truly. I will always enjoy the experience more with open communication!

BimboDolly love this .. so much respect and wisdom you condensed in a single blog!

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