The Science Behind Why Used Panties Smell So Good

Seller Used panties Sellers’ Perspective
The Science Behind Why Used Panties Smell So Good

Why are used panties so intoxicating? Why are some more addictive than others? Is it weird to like them? Let's get nerdy! In this blog, I’m going to explore The Science Behind Why Used Panties Smell So Damn Good (and why it's totally normal to like them!)

Is Panty-Sniffing Weird?

First up, there is nothing weird at all about finding pleasure from worn clothes of any kind. Everyone who has a sense of smell is affected in some way by the scents found on worn clothing, especially underwear! All genders, all ethnicities, all sexualities, everyone. Being one of those people who both enjoys that scent and also sells that scent (and who loves science), I obviously spent my long weekend down a research rabbit hole on all the whys. This led me to Osmology, otherwise known as the scientific study of smells.

It’s All in the Pheromones

It all comes down to pheromones! Pheromones are chemical signals made by animals, including humans, as a way to communicate with each other. They are released into the air and detected through our noses. Some pheromones are odourless and we can't consciously detect them, but specific areas of nasal tissue can process this information and send the same messages to the brain. Female pheromones in particular play a large role in human sexual attraction, showing to have significant impact on a male's response and behaviour*. In regards to pheromones and sexual attraction, the most well-known female pheromone that causes this attraction is copulin. Copulin is secreted mostly in vaginal fluid (hello panties) and is in higher concentrations during ovulation, therefore causing males to be particularly sensitive to it as it indicates fertility and an optimal time to reproduce. I freaking love evolution.

*Pheromones don't discriminate when it comes to sexuality or gender! Gay men will respond to pheromones from another male, just as gay women respond to pheromones from another female. Most studies about pheromones and sexual attraction have been conducted using cisgendered heterosexual participants. I'll be writing about the general cis female and cis male reactions.*

On the other hand, only 10% of males secrete enough androsterone, or androstenol, to have an effect on females. This pheromone is produced by the adrenal glands, testes and ovaries, and is released through sweat, skin, hair, urine and genitals. Females also produce androsterone but at a much lower rate than males. The levels of androsterone each person produces is different, although, it seems that those who produce high amounts tend to have sex more often, are perceived as sexually attractive, and feel more confident. Have you ever met someone and immediately felt drawn to them? This 'love-at-first-sight' reaction you might experience is what science calls a pheromone attraction. Alternatively, you may meet someone and not like them for no obvious reason. In this case, your pheromones are signalling to you that the person isn't a genetically appealing match for reproduction. So, next time you get hit on by someone you don't particularly fancy, you can just tell them your pheromones don't think they're a suitable match for you! #science

The Pheromone Attraction

When it comes to copulin, studies have shown that when men are exposed to this pheromone, they have increased levels of testosterone which is the hormone associated with sexual desire and aggression. This spike in testosterone can make men more assertive and it can also lead to an increase in their desire to mate. Copulin also appears to influence the way in which men perceive a women’s attractiveness. In one study, male participants were shown pictures of women and then asked to rate their attractiveness. When they were exposed to copulin beforehand, the men rated the women as significantly more attractive than when they had not been exposed to the pheromone.

The effects of copulin on sexual attraction include several factors, one being its ability to elicit a positive emotional response in men. Copulin is believed to activate areas of the brain that are associated with pleasure and reward, and this activation may contribute to the heightened sexual attraction that men experience when exposed to the pheromone. Of course, sexual attraction is a complex phenomenon that is influenced by many other factors aside from pheromones such as culture and personal history, however, pheromones like copulin play an important role in the creation and maintenance of sexual attraction. This is where you might find yourself attracted to buying from the same seller!

The Perfume Game

There is also the use of synthetic pheromones in the form of perfumes and colognes to enhance sexual attraction. We all have one perfume or cologne that we find absolutely delicious. That's because they're designed to mimic natural pheromones like copulin. Studies at The University of Chicago showed that men who wore synthetic pheromones had a 52% improvement in starting and holding a conversation. They also received more compliments, higher levels of flirtation from female participants, and a 40% increase in women's sexual responses. Women who used synthetic pheromones were asked on more dates and even saw an increase in foreplay during sexual activity. 74% of women reported a huge increase in their interactions with men overall, including having more sex and receiving more intimacy like hugging and cuddling afterwards.


Then there's vabbing... If you haven't heard of vabbing, it's the combination of the word's vagina and dabbing. Or, as the Urban Dictionary puts it: 'when you rub coochie juice on yourself to attract a mate.' I can't find where or when this first originated, but it became almost viral in 2019 after sexologist Shan Boodram shared in an article for Refinery29 that she often 'vabs' before a night out. Scientifically, this actually makes a lot of sense! Vaginal fluid contains the highest concentration of copulin, therefore, dabbing it on your neck and wrists like a perfume is like wearing green to a traffic light party. There aren't many studies dedicated to vabbing, but the first-hand accounts look pretty incredible. Plus, it's free!


Basically, it's most likely pheromones like copulin that have brought you here and keep you coming back. While the mechanisms of how pheromones affect sexual attraction are complex and not yet fully understood, it is clear that pheromones definitely have a powerful influence on us!

Hope you enjoyed this rabbit hole as much as I did,

Louisa Carter x

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