What It's Like to Have a Macrophilia or Giantess Fetish

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What It's Like to Have a Macrophilia or Giantess Fetish


First of all, let me say that Macrophilia and the Giantess Fetish are not the same things. In this blog, I will attempt to explain the difference between them since every Macrophile has his or her preferences when it comes to Macrophilia.

I can't speak for every Macrophile so it would be best to give you my personal experiences with the Fetish and what I've learned from being a Member of the Giantess Community for many years, I will also discuss the other kinks within Macrophilia other than my own preferences for giant Women, hopefully giving you an informative insight into the weird and wonderful World of Macrophilia.

Macrophilia (Lover of Large)

It all started for me when I was as young as five years old and I saw for the first time in my life a scene on the TV of people shrinking to a tiny size. It triggered a reaction in me that could only be described as pure excitement and ever since that moment I would feel that same excitement whenever I saw anything that had people shrinking or appearing as giants.

Some of my favourite stories/movies growing up were Gulliver's Travels, Alice in Wonderland, The Borrowers and Honey I shrunk The Kids to name a few examples.

Though I loved the idea of giants, I actually preferred the idea of shrinking to a tiny size because I wanted to be in the tiny person's shoes and see the world from their perspective. Macrophilia is a love/passion to see things of ordinary size become gigantic in scale, not just People.

So if you meet someone who identifies as a Macrophile you shouldn't assume they have a Fetish for giant women because Macrophilia is about everything appearing bigger in scale than it normally should.

I never told anyone about my passion for people shrinking or giants because I knew it was a bit unusual to actually want to be shrunken to a tiny size and so it became my biggest secret (Pun intended), I knew others wouldn't understand so I kept it a secret for fear of being ridiculed or judged for being different.

Microphilia (Lover of Tiny)

A Microphile is the opposite end of the spectrum, they take pleasure in seeing things or people of ordinary size shrink to smaller sizes, they prefer to be the Giant in the situation.

The Giantess Fetish

I originally loved all things size-related and would watch anything I could. I would often fantasize about being shrunk in a World of giants and giantesses, but as I grew older and I began to think about girls more I began to feel repulsed by the idea of a giant male in my fantasies.

As I mentioned before, the excitement I felt when watching size-related shows/movies faded away for giant males but grew in intensity whenever I saw any depictions of giant Women. I eventually shut out males from my fantasies and the role of the giants became exclusive to females.

When I reached puberty that excitement I had always felt began to manifest itself in a different way. It became arousal and the sight of a giant Woman in media would turn me on, but all of this was during a period of time before we had the luxury of being able to jump on the internet and watch whatever we want to or when we wanted to. In order for me to rewatch my favourite Giantess scenes, I had to learn how to program a VHS player to record from the TV. I would have a VHS cassette ready to record any sightings and it was my secret Giantess porn collection containing all my favourite scenes.

Why it turns me on

The Giantess Fetish is a big turn on for me because of the extreme reversal in roles. Our society usually considers females as the smaller, weaker sex and for some reason, I love to see Women become the dominant figure with the ability to completely overpower Men (and sometimes Women). It's a Fetish that also has a strong focus on domination but it isn't domination because you choose to be dominated, but rather because you have no choice to be dominated due to a giant's extreme advantage in size.

Along came the Internet

As mentioned earlier I never told anyone my secret and I always felt alone in the World, I honestly felt like I was a freak with a weird interest but when I was about 14-15 the internet became more available to everyone here in the UK.

I found a search engine one day whilst using it and typed in Giantess out of curiosity. Only to have my little mind blown that there was a thriving online community of like-minded individuals that shared my passion for Giant Women, with websites dedicated to images and fan-made stories. It was a great relief to finally know that I wasn't alone in this World! This was also when I learned of the word Macrophilia and what a Fetish is.

The Internet has been a blessing for me as a Macrophile since a Giant Woman is pure fiction and only exists in media, no longer do I have to rely on Hollywood or TV to make Giantess content for me because now there is a community of authors, artists and amateur film-makers who make pornographic Giantess content catered for People like myself on a more regular basis, accessible anytime, and unlike most kinks a lot of user-made content is available for free!

A Diverse Community

Some of the Giantess websites I joined many years ago have become the go-to sites for macrophiles but initially, they were exclusive to Giantess content. Over the past decade they have evolved to be more inclusive of all aspects of Macrophilia ranging from giant Men to giant animal-like People (Anthro) and even transgender giants. Like I said earlier, each Macrophile has his or her own preferences when it comes to the Fetish Including preferred sizes, genders and scenarios. There is most definitely something for everyone within the Community. There are also Macrophiles who focus on particular fetishes within Macrophilia for example lots of macrophiles love Feet and love nothing more than being under a giant's Foot. Others prefer to be eaten by a Giant (Voraphilia) whilst some like myself prefer giants using tiny People as sex toys, and much much more.

Why it brings me to ATW

My favourite Giantess kink is Women trapping tiny People within the clothing they are wearing for safe keeping. I especially like the idea of a Giantess trapping a tiny in her panties so I've broadened my horizons and found my way to All Things Worn. I like to buy used panties to add an extra dimension to my Giantess Porn by having something tangible to smell when reading an erotic Giantess Story for example.

Also, the Giantess Community isn't an ideal place to meet Women because it's a Fetish that's dominated by Men for Men (Mostly) with who I have no interest in discussing my fetish with, but being here on ATW gives me the ability to discuss my Fetish openly with Women. It's a place where discussing kinks is encouraged and it's also a good place to find Women willing to create custom Giantess content.

Quite frankly, I'm tired of keeping my secret to myself and want to raise a little awareness for Macrophilia during my time here and I love to see the reaction of Women who have never heard of a Fetish that views them as an absolute Goddess.

I really hope you've enjoyed reading this blog and I thank you for taking the time to read it. I love discussing Macrophilia so if there's anything you'd like to know, don't be afraid to DM me with any questions you may have.

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