Why Buyers Should Not Ask for a Discount of Your Used Panties Right Away

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Why Buyers Should Not Ask for a Discount of Your Used Panties Right Away

The panty-selling community has so much more to offer than I ever thought possible. Over my 6 years of selling and exploring different selling platforms, I've learned there is a market for EVERYTHING. Seriously.

I have tried various ways to make sales. I have taken time off from selling and come back to it. A year was my longest break. At the beginning of each of my selling stints, I would offer slightly lower prices than other sellers to get myself back on the map, gather a few new reviews and then raise my prices in a couple of months or so. I'd never raise my prices drastically, just enough to account for myself to make a profit.

Resources Needed to Sell Used Panties Online

The supplies that go into panty selling aren't very many. If you opt for vacuum sealing your items you only need to buy more bags and they aren't very expensive.

Then there are shipping envelopes. Most sellers use bubble-lined envelopes. Those aren't too pricey either but depending on sales of physical items for the seller buy these items in bulk if you can! It's just always good to know you have enough supplies for your panty-selling business. Oh yeah, can't forget about the inventory! You have to buy more cotton panties if you run out, many buyers love cotton panties! You must look for good sales on panties, so you can ensure you make a profit when selling. Sometimes you have to look online and sometimes you have to go to the store and see what's available. That takes time and gas.

This is where I must say, buyers please don't ask a seller to give you a discount.

First of all, if you're coming onto these used panty sites with only $20 to spend on a physical item then please go elsewhere because we sellers don't offer that low of a price on most things.

If a seller is offering panties for $20 there still can be more costs due to add-ons, shipping or other reasons given by the seller.

If the seller is only charging $20 and no more, then great! It's a buyer's lucky day, but I would hope the item is of good quality.

Learning Along The Way

We sellers must learn as we go along with this business. What will buyers actually buy? What am I comfortable with doing? How many days should I wear a single pair of my panties?

We also need to be diligent in our wears. Did the buyer prefer panties a certain way? When can I fit in recording their custom video during their wear? I have to remember to ship out on this day of the week!

Pricing Your Used Panties

There is obviously the whole concept of business where you must price items within the market value, meaning what someone would pay for the item. It seems sellers can charge at a lower end of the market value, in the middle or at the higher end. They are able to keep their prices steady because their items (and content) are of good quality and consistent.

Sellers put a lot of effort into their advertising to make sure they're offering what the buyer will be interested in. Then hopefully to become a loyal, regular buyer.

My point is… if a seller decides to offer a good deal or a discount on their items for a buyer then awesome! It's up to the seller what they want to do and are comfortable with for their business.

When it comes to buyers expecting a discount right off the bat, please kindly fuck off and re-evaluate how you behave within these communities.

Buyers, this is a special space. There are some really amazing, respectful, and friendly buyers who I've had the pleasure of working with and noticed work with other sellers. Thank you serious buyers for helping sellers gain empowerment and self-confidence!!

How To Run Your Panty Selling Business

Sellers, my message to you is this is your business and do whatever makes you happy! Give discounts if you decide to, raise your prices after a few months of making sales, or don't! I won't be offended! This is just a reminder to know your worth and try different things to expand your earnings. If you prefer to offer discounts that is your choice!!

Thank you for reading my post! I have been thinking about this topic for a while now and realized how lame it is that sellers in the used panty world really build our business from almost nothing and certain buyers still approach sellers asking for a discount.

We decided to share very intimate parts of ourselves with whomever online. We deserve all the earnings from all the buyers who are willing to make a purchase. Thank you.


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