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Hi there! Thanks for dropping by! Eventually got around to getting this bastard bio looked at since having the same crap on since I joined...anyone else put things off and make a big deal out of things that should be simple because you want to do a proper job and then end up leaving it as the same old shite for far too long? Ha ha, that's me! Join the club... (Need to keep trying to beat this procrastination scourge, think I have been guilty of leaving people on read too long at times cos I open it, think about what to reply and then get distracted and forget for a while...don't mean to be ignorant!)

Well, what can I say about myself? I've got two very different sides to me...

There the time I think of myself by the name my parents gave me, she's quite a geeky shy lass who tries to do the right thing all the time, and then there's the times I think of myself as J***y/ berate myself by that name out loud or to myself. She's the wild one and tends to wreak havoc where ever she goes without even trying.

Been known a J***y for many years, was my nickname at school and I DARE BET NOT A SINGLE PERSON on here, unless you know me personally, could actually guess why. CLUE- It absolutely definitely NOT anything sexual in the least, in fact far from it. Would love to hear your guess though.

I think can be so wildly different in my behaviour, obviously because I'm ginger and we naturally hot headed, but I'm on the spectrum and have ADHD so when I get pissed off or in that 'fuck the consequences' mood all hell can break loose. Especially when alcohol is involved!

The other side of me, let's call her J, well she's been mad about football since the day dot and football trivia and pointless facts I could spout to you would either impress you or put you to sleep, depending on how much you like British/ World football. Followed my home team far and wide, but not so much these days but always still listening or watching from my armchair.

My other interests are GEOCACHING (might have to google that one, but I'll be impressed if you don't) Which I have done in about 10 different countries off the top of my head.

Don't mind a bit reading, mainly Historical fiction at the moment, but have read many a genre over the years from Catherine Cookson to Steven King and loads of kids novels.

I worked as a teacher for years until I lost a lot of faith in the education system and got sick of the stress, decided life's too short...ffs, don't get me started! So, I've now removed my profession as bigger fish to fry (maybe not a great euphemism to use on here lol)

My hair is natural no dying needing here...I hope you love it as much as I do! Always good to be different and stand out from the crowd. No tattoos, no piercings, no cosmetic work... What you see is all me. Not that I have anything against these things on others, just I'm too indecisive and have never bothered.

So with all that being said I'd sum myself up as a switch, depending on my mood and the personalities around me. Have a praise kink and a equally love of being a bossy bitch, especially when the ginger rage bubbles over...

Give me a shout, let me know what you like. I will consider most things and will not take offence at any type of kinks. So if there's anything you would like from me send a DM and anything I'm not happy to do I will kindly decline... I'm still working out which things I'll be offering and will add to a list when I work it out with a price guide!

Preferred method is via Amazon Wishlist, Gift Cards or Kink Coins. I do have Wishtender & PayPal accounts. POSTAGE IS USUALLY ADDED TO ORDER PRICE, unless stated in listing...

Parcels sent Royal Mail 1st class with proof of post in most cases unless alternatives discussed. I can just as easily use EVRI and can offer InPost locker for a more discrete service. Once posted damage or loss is not my responsibility but I'll do what I can to resolve any issues depending on the circumstances.

ATTENTION: All individuals or institutions, studies, etc. who use this site or one of its sites and/or associated for studies or projects have no authorization or consent for the use of my profile or my images in any form or forum both current and future. Use without my permission will be considered a violation of my privacy and will be subject to legal prosecution. It is also recommended that other members post a notice similar to this or copy and paste this.

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