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She's Back...She's Single & She's Ready To Cause Some Trouble 😜😘

Hey there's been a while!

If we haven't crossed paths before then welcome you can call me Kinks; i'm glad you stopped by 😜 Now this introduction isn't going to be a typical one, infact there isn't much about me you could call normal or typical really 😆
I'm not here so much for the sales but for the connections we make along the way but DISCLAIMER...I don't tend to follow the rules of the usual buyer/seller etiquette let's put it that way. I'm a flirt and I love to push boundaries, I don't do small talk but i'm all in for the soulful conversations that will keep us both up all night. I have an addictive personality and will crave your attention...

...A word to the wise though, to get the best out of me don't come at me with no sense of humour, I need cheeky and charming and a tingle between my thighs. I'm no one-hit-wonder my darlings, the vibe is where it's at for me and I want to KNOW you so let me into your world and let's see what happens. This isn't just business for me so let's not treat it that way...the more you get to know me, the more you'll see of me and the more you'll know about me, it's as simple as that 😘

💋Old school gents with the front of the queue please!
💋Got a great sense of humour and feel like you can take me on...get yourself in my inbox!
💋Dad bods, strong arms, yummy aftershaves and sexy accents...YES...FUCKING...PLEASE! Use my weaknesses to your advantage 😉
I'm a lover and a nurturer and i'll be your biggest cheerleader but i'm a cheeky fucker, undeniably unfiltered and will no doubt piss you off at times...i'm relentless but you'll forgive me for it...I promise 🤭😘

Now, I am first and foremost a content creator and panty wearer and I get my kicks creating deliciousness for your pleasure and enjoyment - bare in mind my darlings, this seller is a mumma now and i'm rocking a few more stretch marks than I was when I first joined 🤭...I have flaws, i'm not perfect but i'm REAL. Looking for authenticity in your content? I've got it in spades because i'm owning these thicc thighs and curves these days 😜

She's nerdy, dirty, inked and curvy 😉💋

So let's get down to the details:-

I don't do cheap and I don't do mimics, every listing, every idea is a Kinks creation. Need to keep our interactions a secret? No worries, i've got you covered... 🚚 Delivery through Collect+ is a YES from me...otherwise all goodies will be sent in discreet packaging via 📮 1st Class ROYAL MAIL with a printed label all of which is included in the items marked price. Take a look inside your parcel and you'll find there may be a few personalised little touches from yours truly, just a little something to make you smile and let you know how much I enjoyed working on your item for you.

⚠️Now my lovelies, please don't be offended if it takes me a while to open up and chat away from our safe and secure platform here. Please do not ask to take our conversation over to KIK or WhatsApp, for my own safety only my nearest and dearest have my personal details and it will remain that way, please be respectful of my boundaries, you'll get very little from me if I feel I can't trust you. I've been here a looooooong time and I can spot a scammer a mile off!

Ultimately, I want you to have fun with me, I have very few rules to what may be off limits throughout our interaction however these boundaries are ones I will NOT cross so please be kind and respectful of that.

Items/Experiences I don't offer:-

❌️No 💩 items/content
❌️No live video chats
❌️No meet ups
❌️I DO NOT show face

Other than that my sweets anything can happen...brave enough? 😏

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UndeniablyKinky UK

Ok then here's a kinky ittle game to kick off our Friday night of shenanigans 🤪😘

#ATWAwards #UndeniablyKinky 💋

Choose either a buyer or seller for every category and let's get a bit cheeky 😜😈

💋 Seller Crush: @BrookesBottoms I mean come on, have you seen her!!! 🔥🔥🔥
🍑Peachiest Bum: @MumscreationsbyD That peach speaks for itself 😜😘
🩷 Most Inspirational: @PurpleTulip She's a true goddess! 👑💎🌟
😍Bestest boobies: @Eloise_West This beaut has a rack to die for!!! 😜😘
🎤Resident Comedian: @The_Shudz If I didn't award him this one I would get a kick up the arse for sure! 🤪
💋Buyer Crush: @BingBong And he knows it! I crave his attention all day long 🤭💋
📸 Sexiest Silhouette: @TwinkleToesJessi She's one hot mumma and my ATW bestie....adore her! 🤤😍
😈Filthy & Fun: @PlayWithKittensDaddy He's too much fun to misbehave with 😜

No need to wait to be tagged, all are welcome to join in the fun and make someones day 😘

UndeniablyKinky UK

Oohh I love me a rainstorm...bring on the thunder!! ⛈️☔️ Absolutely obsessed!!! 🤭


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UndeniablyKinky UK

Morning my kinky bunch, enjoy the sunshine my darlings 🥰🌞🌻

UndeniablyKinky UK

Good morning my kinky friends, hope we're all having a fan-dabby-dozey bank holiday weekend 😜😘

Drop me a message to make mine better? 💋



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Silky smooth and fresh out of a bubble bath 😜🛀 whose joining me for some pillow talk tonight then? 😘

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Is it too early for wine? 😂😂

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