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Hello Ladies!!
I know there’s a lot of information here but based on the feedback I’ve gotten so far, I think it’ll be worth the read.

What I will buy from you:
Boots and shoes that smell bad enough to clear a room when removed. Specifically, in order of preference:
• distinctly feminine nursing clogs
• Rubber rain boots
• Closed toe ballet flats
• Closed toe pumps, any size heel
• Leather/pleather, ankle or knee high boots without laces
• sweat stained Capezio Footundeez
• 90’s goth/domme boots with no laces
• sweat stained knee or thigh high nylons

Things I’m NOT interested in:
• Anything with laces, including sneakers, Vans, Docs or laced domme boots
• Slippers, sandals and open toe pumps
• Shoes with suede, fabric, canvas or velvet on the outside like Ugg’s or Tom’s.
• Socks unless they are filthy and come along for the ride as a way to intensify the smell of boots or shoes.

Prepping & Packing Tips:
When I open your package, I want to feel like I’m taking them straight off your tired, rank-nasty, putrid-a** feet. 🥰

Extra Prepping and other Add-Ons:
If you plan to wear them for any extended p****d of time, then please keep them sealed in ziplock bags as described below whenever they aren’t on your feet. This is also a good way to accelerate the ripening process rather than letting them air out overnight. I have also heard that roommates are big fans of this idea too.

Packing & Shipping Specs:
Nothing beats a vac sealer for nylons and whatnot, but for shoes they can sometimes do more harm than good. If the suction crushes the shoe or they have well worn heels that are sharper than you think, bouncing around the country in the back of a mail truck could easily put a hole in the plastic and almost all that wonderful goodness escapes.

If you don’t have a vac sealer, you can easily mimic one by putting the not-quite-closed ziplocks between 2 pillows and squishing them together like s’mores, locking the ziplocks as soon as the air is out.

If you go the ziplock route...
• Use the freezer style, doubled-up*
• Any brand is fine

*By doubled up, I mean putting one pair of shoes in one bag and putting that bag in another bag so that one pair of shoes gets two bags.

For larger sizes where both won’t fit in one bag, put each shoe in two bags. This also creates an extra layer to safeguard against hole-poking.

If you need even bigger bags for boots, 2-gallon bags are sold in stores but they can be hard to find and are more expensive at about 50-75¢ a pop. If this is the case, please add $7.50 to my shipping costs, but if you do so then the leftover bags are mine for you to keep until our next transaction. 😉

Padded envelopes work well for flats and knee highs, but anything with any size stiletto should go in a box.

Please...No elaborate thank you extravaganzas. A short, handwritten note with your email or ATW name is welcome, but ginormous homemade pop-out cards with lipstick footprints, lip prints and heart stickers in perfume drenched envelopes with candy are expressly forbidden!! Lol..If I’m buying something from you that I want to smell like room-clearing foot funk, the last thing I want is to smell 4-day old perfume and/or chow down on a Zagnut that’s been bunking with bodily fluids in a makeshift Petri dish for days! 😝

Last but not least, I have a few business tips for anyone who’s new at this:

1. Underpromise, overdeliver.
2. Add ons add up, but they can save or ruin negotiations too.
3. Over time, 80% of your business will come from the 20% of your clients (repeat customers), treat them like gold.
4. Always safeguard your privacy. To that end...
- use disposable email addresses for pictures
- put the recipient’s address as the return address and/or get a PO Box. The latter is good for returns too.

Thanks for reading my profile and what turned out to be more of a shipping manifesto/tips for new sellers blog than an actual bio, but hopefully it will lead to more money in your pocket and more shoes on my face!


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