ABDL & Me, Dispelling the Negative Stereotypes of Diapers & ABDL Littles

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ABDL & Me, Dispelling the Negative Stereotypes of Diapers & ABDL Littles

What is ABDL?

ABDL - What does it stand for?

Adult Baby Diaper Lover

The word ABDL comes up, it conjures up images of Men dressing up in a big bonnet, a diaper & talking in gibberish.

Although this can be the case for some in the ABDL community, & is nothing to be ashamed of, there are many of us of which practise things differently.

ABDL is one of the most criticised Fetishes out there, often those in the community are branded Freaks, disgusting & even paedophiles. Despite the fact that Diapers are also worn for medical reasons, some in the community started wearing for medical reasons, which then turned into a kink, its sadly still a very misunderstood community within Kink.

I have been in the Diaper community for around 8 years, having been introduced to it by a partner after I expressed my curiosity to Diapers online, having been into DDLG for a long time, the idea of taking it further very much interested me, at the time, I was just coming to terms with my PTSD & trying to navigate & understand my Trauma & triggers better, I felt incredibly lonely & isolated at this point in my life & Kink very much helped me in regards to not only understanding myself better, but finding better coping methods.

This is my personal experience & feelings regarding ABDL, & Although some in the community may feel the same, I cannot speak for all of us.

For me, I would say I am an ABDL not just a DL (Diaper Lover) however I am not 24/7, as well as this, for me, there are two parts, the sexual parts & the non-sexual parts.

My Favourite ABDL Items & Why:

Pacifier- I enjoy a pacifier when I am feeling overwhelmed & need some sort of sensory experience.

Pacifier Gag- for Fetish "scenes", a form of sensory experience mixed with the humiliation & control that comes from any other BDSM gag.

Adult onesie- I find these incredibly comforting, soft, & make me feel cute.

Diapers- A soft sensory experience, can often feel like having a nice tight, soft hug.

Aswell as this, from a sexual point of view, I have difficulty orgasming from most things, Humping is my main form of masturbation, Diapers are great for this as they sit tightly against my Genitals & create a nice feeling of pressure & friction that is soft, as well as this, I personally love the feeling of cute Humiliation, being humiliated in a soft way for wearing a diaper, wetting a diaper etc.

There is also the watersports element of diapers that I find incredibly alluring, the embarrassment & cute humiliation that comes from wetting a diaper.

Adult Bottle- sensory feeling of sucking, but also sometimes used in play for humiliation.

ABDL is a form of almost therapy for me, when I am in that headspace, whether it's sexual or not, I feel as though all my worries melt away, my PTSD is calmed & I feel safe.

AS A "mommy" Domme, when I am in that headspace, I get enjoyment from being a caregiver, being in charge in a less domineering & "mean" way, being able to make my sub blush when doing diaper checks & being able to be in charge, in a soft domme way I find incredibly invigorating & empowering, as there was a point in my life in which I could never imagine being dominant at all, I'm now at the point in my life where I love being a switch & get enjoyment out of being a Mommy domme (as well as being other forms of dominant)

That being said, not all ABDL'S have the same feelings or opinions as each other, we are all slightly different in what we enjoy! Some of us are solely Subs, some Doms some switches.

Some practise nothing sexual, some of us do, no two ABDLs are the same! I personally love Sissy ABDLS when I am in my mommy domme headspace!

Aswell as this, not all of us in the community are victims of SA, I personally am, which may be why I am the way I am, however not all of us have PTSD, & whether we as ABDLs use it as a form of therapy or not, doesn't make us any less valid, or any less of a person! We are human, we are into what we are into, as long as it’s safe, sane & consensual, then go for it!

At the end of the day, we are consenting Adults, we do not condone anything Illegal or immoral & any play between others is always consensual between said adults, for this reason I personally don't agree with overly public displays of ABDL, wearing a Diaper & such under clothing is fine in public, many people wear them for medical reasons, but things such as flashing, exposing diapers etc in my opinion isn't okay, as the public cannot consent (this goes for other Kinks also! The idea of being caught can be fun, but exposing people to your kinks unwillingly is NOT OKAY)

Where to Get ABDL Items?

Personal recommendations for ABDL items for those interested in experiencing & experimenting! (These are my personal favourite items & places to buy from!)

NRU (nappies R US) -

NRU str8ups (similar to Northshore megamax diapers that are amazing!) Can get these in white, pink or blue! Easier to get a hold of than northshore.

(Also on NRU) tykables unicorn! - Adorable pink & white diapers with cute unicorns, perfect for cute ABDLS, ABDL Sissies etc! Hold a fair amount, very cute design, & resealable hook & loop tapes!

NRU also sell accessories such as pacifiers, pacifier clips, adult baby bottles & more!

Aliexpress- Cute panties, onesies, adult bottles, pacifiers, sissy outfits, sex toys & more.

(This is not sponsored & these are my personal recommendations for anyone wanting to try something new)

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VelvetBelle Loved reading this! It was so interesting to hear from this perspective & learn more about this kink 🖤

Amber_Horizons Love that!

KinkylilQT @Mistress_Ivy51 aww thank you so much sweet!! :') xx

Mistress_Ivy51 Wow 🥰 what an interesting read! 🥰 I agree 100% 🥰 Thank you for sharing and caring enough to write such a wonderful blog! 🥰 Stay kinky and safe xx

KinkylilQT @Tuesday05 aw absolutely no worries at all! ^-^ ❤️

Tuesday05 Love this! Thank you!

KinkylilQT @BadKitten awee thank you!! ^-^ x

BadKitten I engage in age play as well, bravo girl!!!! 👏👏👏

KinkylilQT @SuccyfuccyfeetwithMolly aw it's absolutely no worries at all! I've been wanting to touch on the subject for a while as there's just so much negativity & I wanted to show how we are the same as everyone else! We aren't bad people, just unfairly judged & our kicks shamed! Hopefully it'll help with some of the judgement surrounding it :D x

SuccyfuccyfeetwithMolly Thank you for sharing! ❤️ As a Mommy who engages in ageplay, I appreciate your honesty. There's too much kink shaming surrounding this type of play and I love seeing your positivity ❤️

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ABDL & Me, Dispelling the Negative Stereotypes of Diapers & ABDL Littles

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