Finding the YOU in Unique: Why Your USP Is Important

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Finding the YOU in Unique: Why Your USP Is Important

Hey ATW community! We’re Jade and Jodie of TwoGirlsDoubleTrouble. Welcome to our first blog as sellers on ATW. We have written it in collaboration with our trusted and loyal friend, Sacher, who’s a buyer on this site. We’ve known each other for about a year – that’s how long we’ve been members of ATW – and hit it off straightaway. Sacher was one of our very first buyers and has been a regular ever since we invaded his inbox wearing strapons! It was an embarrassing mistake on our part, but Sacher didn’t complain! On a more serious note, this was a useful learning lesson for us as it highlighted the dangers of multi¬tasking when chatting to more than one potential buyer at the same time!

In this blog we’re going to focus on a topic that we hope will be of interest to all sellers on ATW, both experienced and new: how to stand out as sellers who neither show their faces nor vaginas in their photos, listings or posts on the Dashboard, and what we can all do to attract buyers and bring in sales. The blog will also share some thoughts about developing what’s known as a unique selling proposition (USP for short) in the business world, and discuss the importance of understanding your market, as that’s key to successful selling.

Decisions as new sellers

When we began our journey on ATW as TwoGirlsDoubleTrouble, we weren’t sure if we would ever be successful. We imagine most new sellers feel the same when they join the site. The challenge for us was that we had and still have red lines, which might put some buyers off. We decided from the outset that we wouldn’t show our faces – anonymity is important to us because of our jobs – and we also decided that we wouldn’t show our vaginas. It’s not that we’re shy or inhibited, but we prefer to keep such intimacy for our bedroom and bathroom. We do show our bodies in the videos and photos we sell but stop short of explicit content.

We know that many sellers do show their bodies and offer explicit content, but it’s not us. So how do we compete when we are seemingly at a disadvantage? This is where USP and a good understanding of our market comes in – more in a moment – but if you target and work with the right buyers, build rapport with them, and develop mutual respect for each other, there are ample opportunities for success and buyer satisfaction. We know that we can’t compete with sellers who do offer explicit content, but what we offer is double the fun and twice the kink as there are two of us. That’s our USP. We aim to develop long-term relationships with our buyers and travel with them on a mutually fulfilling kinky journey. If you’re not sure what that means, come and talk to us … or maybe we’ll write a piece for a later blog.

What is USP?

So, what do we mean by USP? A unique selling proposition is what makes your profile and listings stand out from the crowd and tells your buyers what is special about you. In the world of business strategy this is called differentiation – making your products and services different from and more attractive than those of your competitors. A USP could be highest quality, cheapest price, fastest response time or best customer service. Or it could be that you specialise in a kink or fetish that other sellers don’t offer. These are examples only as your USP should be unique to you. What do YOU offer that other sellers don’t and is it something that buyers want?

If you can't readily identify your USP, you may have a hard time persuading buyers on ATW to purchase from you and they may well gravitate towards one of your competitors instead. Does that matter? Yes, because every sale lost is a customer lost, and every customer lost is a missed opportunity to form a connection with a buyer that will lead to repeat business. Customer retention is important because repeat buyers spend more money – that’s a fact – and are easier to sell to. They are the “cash cow” of many successful businesses.

In order to identify your USP you need to have a good understanding of the market you’re operating in. This means carrying out market analysis. It sounds very grand, but it isn’t really. Market analysis involves finding out what buyers want so you can identify the types of buyers you plan to target. Reading buyer profiles BEFORE you message them should always be a first step, but as Sacher reminds us not all sellers do! Market analysis also means checking out the competition and looking for gaps in the marketplace. Have you identified a product or service that buyers want but nobody is selling? A bit of homework before you start listing products and services may save you heartache and make you a more successful seller in the long run.

How to identify your USP

Obviously, this isn’t the place for a full-blown lecture about business strategy – we’ll leave that to Sacher another day – but we would like to offer some tips to help you identify YOUR USP.

  1. Who is your target audience and which buyers are you trying to reach? Your USP should appeal to their needs and wants.
  2. What is your specialty? Custom videos, photo sets, panties, socks, feet, long wears, fetish foods?
  3. What are you the best at? Creating attractive desirable packages, producing slick high-definition videos, generating repeat sales?
  4. Talk to your customers. They’re not just buyers, they are a valuable feedback source. Did you actually meet their needs and wants?
  5. How unique are you? If competitors are already selling what you believe is unique, your USP may not be as distinctive as you thought, and it may be worth looking for another gap in the market.
  6. Don’t sit on your laurels. Constantly review your USP to make sure you are delivering what buyers want. If nobody is buying, you probably have the wrong USP or are targeting the wrong market. Remember, new buyers are joining ATW every day. They may have different needs and wants to existing buyers.


Let’s finish with a few final thoughts about standing out in a large ATW crowd. Don’t be afraid to embrace what is different and you-nique about you. That’s as much part of your USP as all the marketing advice above. Embracing what YOU have to offer will also make the experience more fun and kinky for you and your buyers! Be your authentic self and straight with your buyers. In our experience, honesty always pays off. Some buyers will pass you by, but others will stop because the fit between you, your USP, and their wants, needs and kinks will be a good one. Offer advice when appropriate and recommend other sellers if they can better meet the needs of buyers than you can. They may be your competitors, but we can still help each other out. Be original, enjoy what you do, and don’t be afraid to be your own kind of kinky!

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