How Selling on ATW Became My Escape and Release

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How Selling on ATW Became My Escape and Release

Hello ATW, my names Charlotte but more known here as dirtykink and I'm going to tell you a little bit about my story.

I get asked quite a lot by both buyers and sellers why every now and again I just randomly drop my prices really low, well now I will tell you why.

It started one day about a year ago I was feeling really low in myself, and I was scrolling through my Facebook feed as a lot of people do and I came across a post that was talking about selling used clothing items. I was literally broke at the time due to having to buy all the kids school uniforms which are not cheap especially when you have five to buy for. So I thought I would check out this post and it was for allthingsworn.

As I opened up the webpage, I knew instantly that I was going to be hooked, it took me back to my early twenties as a sex worker. I quickly showed my other half as I really wanted to join, and he said he would talk about it later as his family were coming to visit us. So the page got closed and that was that.

During the next two or three months I was constantly opening the site back up, I couldn't get it out of my mind, I kept looking through it. That's when my other half said go for it, I know it's something you really want to do so if it makes you happy then I'm happy. I had the biggest smile on my face, and I signed up right there and then.

Once I signed up and became ID verified, things took a while to get going. I listed more and more items as the weeks went by. Then one day put of the blue, after weeks and weeks of constantly posting on the dash and checking for messages, I got my very first order. I can remember it like it was yesterday, it was for custom foot pics, I was so happy, and I loved every minute of it.

During making the content all my real-life problems just disappeared, like they just didn't exist anymore. I won't go into too much detail, but I have a special educational needs child that can be extremely challenging and extremely hard work. I mean don't get me wrong, I love my child with all my heart, but during that moment of creating those pictures I felt completely free. That's when I learnt that when I needed an escape or a release, I needed an order, and this has worked for me. Once I have completed an order and my buyer is happy, I then feel completely calm and relaxed.

I got my first ever review and it felt absolutely amazing, I was on cloud nine. A few more days went by but without any orders and I was feeling quite down with my child's behaviour towards everyone else in the house, especially me as I was always the subject of an attack with her. But then to top everything off we had just been told that the waiting list for CAMHS to get her a diagnosis was a six year wait. That's when I really wanted more and more orders, as it took my mind to another place, and it also helped out with the bills a little so that was a bonus.

As more and more orders came flying in, I just knew that this is where I wanted to be, I knew this is what I wanted to do. I was getting extreme satisfaction out of knowing that my buyers were happy, and so this is why money is not my biggest priority. My main priority is making sure my buyers are happy.

A few days passed by and then a few more and I noticed other sellers doing offers on some of their listings. So then I thought, why not try it? I gave it some thought and the next day I decided to go for it. I wrote a list of a few different offers on a piece of paper and then posted it to the dash and pinned it on my page. A few minutes later I was getting messages from a few different buyers with order requests. I was so happy and much more relaxed than normal. My whole family noticed that I was looking and feeling better in myself.

And this is where it began for me, this is where it became a part of my normal. So, whenever you see me (dirtykink) doing really low/cheap sales then this is why. This website has changed my life for the better, it has helped not only me but my whole family too. We are so much happier since I've been here, and life has been so much easier and calmer.

So now you know a little more about me and a little bit about my story, I just wanted to say that each and every one of us all deal with our mental health and wellbeing in different ways, and this is my way of dealing with mine. Make sure you look after yourself and each other too, mental health is extremely important.

Much love, Charlotte x

By DirtyKink

👋Hey DirtyKink here.. I'm 36 years old, happily married and full time mum to 5 beautiful mini me's. Please feel free to check out my shop... if what your looking...

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DirtyKink Thank you everyone. Such kind words x

DirtyKink @Robert thank you sweet.. yes I put my all into your orders lovely x

Robert Seems to me you really deliver for our needs and do it real good x

Dirtydaikon Thanks so much for sharing!! I am new here and it was very cool to hear someone's experience and what lead them to ATW

Sisqo Love this ♥️

JayKay65 This site is a wonderful, sensual and enlightening community. Your words definitely touch some buttons with me and I'm sure lots of others here. Thanks for being so engaging. 💋💋

Biggirlbaddi I'm also a stay at home mum to two girls and can really relate!

Biggirlbaddi What a wonderful article! Glad I took the time to read! You're doing amazing and inspiring others 😊

Robert Nicely put

DarkAngelHardcore Loved your article, made me think about why I still do what I do and I can share the same feelings too with the SEN side of things. Definitely an amazing distraction from "real life"

LeeTheBoneRanger Awesome, refreshing honesty and great read Xx

Obedienttoyou Really loved reading your blog - thanks for being so honest and sharing all that with us - such a positive piece of writing!

Sultrysiena 💞 Amazing blog, very well written👏👏👏 Can certainly relate to the escapism aspect and wanting to make others happy💞💞 writte

DirtyKink Aww thank you so so much 💗

Zina Love your story 🥰

KinkySAHM84 As a stay at home mom I can relate to this on so many levels! I've been thinking about writing a blog, my time to do so is soon. 😘

Mrs_O @MetalMickey agreed

MetalMickey Everyone needs to read this. Really touching x

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