Etiquette in the World of Buying & Selling Used Panties

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Etiquette in the World of Buying & Selling Used Panties

Not every buyer & seller

Buyers are not going to buy from every single seller. A buyer shouldn’t be made to feel bad or labelled a time-waster simply because they do not want to buy from you.

Of course it works both ways, not every seller needs to sell to any buyer who wants something.

Both sellers and buyers have the right to say no. If I say no it could be because I find you rude or because it would make me uncomfortable or simply because I don’t offer it but whatever the reason is no means no.


The topic of who prefers to message who first comes up frequently, everyone has different preferences but I do think there is an amount of etiquette involved.

Always check a bio before messaging, if someone says they are owned, just buy from one seller, that they are not buying right now or prefer to message first then that should be respected.

I understand that not everyone is clear when it comes to messaging so it can be tough whether to know if they want to message or be messaged first. In that instance, if they have a blank bio and no posts I don’t message.

I message first if I see a post and can help, if I read someone's bio and think we have something in common like gaming so we can have a good old chat about our favourite games and so on, to pay a compliment or to answer a question or give a more detailed answer to a poll and occasionally I am asked to message first.

When it comes to buyers messaging me I expect some common courtesy and I prefer someone to be clear. I don’t like one-worded answers and open-ended conversations and I am not a fan of copy and paste messages (both sending and receiving).

Don’t be pushy

Being pushy is a turn off to buyers, this is meant to be a fun and carefree experience for them.

Sending buyers hard sell messages won’t get you very far. They know what they want and like and even if they are new and exploring they should be able to without the worry they are going to get pushed into something.

Not being pushy includes not pushing and questioning someone's boundaries and limits. No really does mean no. It does not mean keep asking, offering more money until I agree or telling me I would enjoy it if I did it!

Once again this is a 2-way street, I don’t like to be pushed. If I want to think about it let me think If I agree and need time to complete something give me a chance to do it. We all have lives outside of the site.


Not only are manners important but they are always gratefully received!

Please and thank you cost absolutely nothing.

Basic courtesy and kindness can make all the difference.

I won’t deal with anyone who is rude, I don’t care how much you are planning on spending if you treat me in any way that is less than I deserve then I am not interested.

Manners are just more than saying please and thank you. It is letting someone know you have changed your mind or if you have been offered something saying thanks but not what I am looking for.

Checking out bios and listings

Reading a seller's bio and listings in full saves us both time and it will stop us from repeating ourselves, I find that I get asked things that I have covered in the first few lines.

I will always read a buyers bio

Sometimes reading a bio will give you a way to start a conversation.

It is clear who has read them and who has not, I have no issue with answering things that you may like to know that maybe I haven’t covered, I try and cover a lot but I do appreciate that you may still have questions but please just read everything first.


Respect and manners should be standard, I expect respect at all times and I always give it.

Respect comes in various forms and on a site like this where there is a lot of intimate things happening and being shared it seems even more important.

A little respect goes a long way. Sadly as sellers sometimes we are treated like kink dispensers and buyers can be treated like walking wallets. Being kind and respectful to others makes the site a better place to be and the whole experience more enjoyable. Let’s be honest having and showing respect will get you a lot further.

Don’t yuck somebody else’s yum

You may not be into or understand what you see someone else want or offer and that is totally fine. They may feel the same about what you enjoy. We are not all the same and that is what makes us unique but what is not ok is to make someone feel bad for indulging in what they enjoy.

Kink shaming is not ok!

To be blunt if you can not be kind then be quiet.

Nobody needs your approval to enjoy a kink or fetish. This is a safe space and maybe for some the only place they can open up and be themselves and everyone here deserves that.


Selling is not a competition nor is it a race for sales or reviews.

I appreciate that it can be slow sometimes but the issue with undercutting is you are selling yourself short. It is not fair to other sellers and it encourages the wrong expectations from buyers.

You are offering something unique and luxurious, something intimate. Do you really want to offer all that at such a low price while making it harder for other sellers?


Haggling is such a turn-off. I am offering you an experience, I am offering you my unique scent and taste, I am giving you something special.

I appreciate and understand everyone has a budget but that is not an excuse to expect me to lower my prices.

>If you genuinely want something and approached me respectfully, I would happily put it aside for a deposit or maybe offer a deal but if you come to me with the expectation I should lower it then I won’t.

As sellers we get to decide our prices.

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