Top 10 Guide To Sensational Sexting

Seller Tips For Sellers
Top 10 Guide To Sensational Sexting

Whether you sell them or simply just enjoy them, here are my Top 10 Tips to ensure satisfying sexting. My secrets!

1. Terms of Agreement

Sounds dull but it is incredibly important. Regardless of whether money is being exchanged or not, both parties must agree to terms. You are both consenting adults but no one wants to be left disappointed. It doesn’t have to be a long drawn-out process or awkward but both parties must agree to:

  • Price... whether that be per min or per session
  • Duration... will this last 30mins or the whole night
  • Time... both parties have to be available, are you agreeing to a session now or for another date and time?
  • Visuals... will your sexts include photos?

Everything is transparent. Everyone is happy. Everybody is ready for some fun!

2 .The Warm-Up

Allow for a little extra time to get to know the other party. Not only will it put them at ease but it will give you a chance to find out what they really like. Always try and delve into their fantasies or fetishes so you can include an element of that into your session. This is especially important if it is a new sexting buddy. If you are a seller, be kind and don’t include this as part of the paid session.

3. Set the Scene.

Consider the scenario you are aiming to play out. Are you in a hotel bedroom or steamy office block? The joy of sexting is that you can be anywhere! However, it is vital to share this in your opening sext to help your counterpart keep to the storyline. It won’t be as intense if one of you is picturing a lusty boudoir scene, while the other sees a sandy arsed beach scene. Setting the theme from the outset will help both of you to too and fro through a shared fantasy storyline.

4. What Are You Wearing... or Not Wearing?

Describe in detail what you are wearing. From the underwear beneath, to the outfit you started in. Amazing foreplay often starts with stripping your partner. Amazing sexting starts with similar foreplay. Describing your clothing will also impact the actions that may occur in your session. Will you hitch your skirt up to your waist? Pull your knickers to the side? Slide a hand down your boxers? It all helps paint that fantasy picture.

5. Pace

Timing is everything. A quickie is not going to work in this instance. Sexting is all about the build-up. The anticipation of what the next message may say, instruct or show is what builds the pleasure. So start slow with a tease. Share descriptions and directions in the middle. Then finish with a focus on how it feels until the session (or you) reaches a climax.

Be mindful of the length of each sext also, you can create mounting pleasure by sending a series of short messages. Just like physical sex between two people, sexting needs a variety of short and quick followed by long and slow.

Short, swift messages help evoke the sense of gasping moans and breathlessness. Long, slower messages give your participant time to enjoy a play with themselves and time to be in the moment.

6. Devil Is In The Detail

Sexting is all about translating words into images. If you are the director of the story, ensure you are specific in what action you want your partner to undertake. Where are they touching? How are they doing that? Are they moving slowly or rushing? Are they brushing, tugging, sliding or thrusting? Ask questions... if you like where a moment is going it is perfectly alright to dig a little deeper into that thought.

7. Awaken the Senses

When describing how and what you are feeling and how you wish your fellow sexter to feel, consider all of the senses. You want the other participant to have a full-body experience and including what they can hear, taste and feel, will help them transport from reality to fantasy.

8. Visuals

If you have agreed to send pictures as part of your session, aim to build the momentum with them too. Show a little at first and gradually send photos that become more suggestive or show more flesh. It may be helpful to have a bank of photos saved to help you keep the flow of your session. This works well for a short sexting session. For longer sessions, it is more titillating to include action shots of what is actually happening.

Visuals can also include emojis. Sexting is a sensory pleasure and those tiny little images quickly spark the imagination. But be sure to use them to emphasise words, not in place of.

9. Choose Your Words...

Sexting is live erotica. Part of the thrill is not knowing where the story may go. However, as with any wonderful story, the vocabulary has to be varied and descriptive. Reading the word “cock” tens times over becomes monotonous and dulls the content. So gather words that you may include prior to your session. Everyone loves a dirty word too, so include slang or explicit language that help add to the naughtiness.

10. Effort and Enjoy!

Whether you are a buyer, seller or just sexting f**k-buddies, both parties need to bring it.

There is nothing more disheartening than when your sexual accomplice is not trying to pleasure you. When you are following all of the tips above and the person responding sends an emoji as a reply.

Being present in the moment definitely results in the most exhilarating sext sessions. Hot sexting gives both parties pleasure, relieves stress and if you are a seller this ensures returning playmates. If you master great sexting, you get mind-blowingly intense pleasure!

You know what they say... practise makes perfect!

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