Introducing KinkCoins. Our New Way to Pay!

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Introducing KinkCoins. Our New Way to Pay!

You may have seen our updates on the dashboard talking about introducing our own type of currency to solve some of the issues our members are facing. So we thought we’d write a blog post to explain a little more…

What are KinkCoins?

KinkCoins are a new, completely optional, form of currency introduced by us, to allow transactions to be processed right here on ATW/MTW. KinkCoins can be used to pay for items, tip/gift members, unlock exclusive content & much more.

Each coin represents a monetary value of 10c USD. E.g. 10 KinkCoins equal $1 USD, 100 KinkCoins equal $10 USD.

So Why Have We Introduced KinkCoins?

Safety & anonymity are imperative to us and we receive a lot of queries from members of our community behind the scenes, concerned with protecting their anonymity.

Some of the issues members have faced include;

  • Personal information being exposed using external payment providers. (e.g. Paypal, bank transfer).
  • Accounts being shut down by Paypal, Stripe, CashApp, Venmo etc due to the nature of the business we are in. Not only that, but you can have your money frozen permanently. (see this campaign by for more details).
  • Unfulfilled orders or refunds after a buyer falsely claims they haven’t received the item.
  • Restrictions on payment services that are available in their country.
  • Signing up & downloading additional payment services to send or receive payment.
  • Can offer protection in the event of a dispute - *Please note disputes need to be brought to our attention within 1 month of the purchase

What Are the Benefits of KinkCoins?

  • Anonymous & purchased via our 3rd party payment provider. This means personal details are never exchanged between members.
  • Specialised payment option specifically for Adult Work.
  • Deter unscrupulous members.
  • Everything is handled on a single platform.
  • Enables us to introduce new features that will allow instant transactions. Allowing Buyers to gain instant access to content/items and for Sellers to earn passive income.
  • No requirement for the Buyer or Seller to use other payment providers that may be shutdown.

What Can You Use KinkCoins For?

Pay For Items.

Buyers can exchange KinkCoins to pay for items, as long as the Seller accepts this as a method of payment. This means no payment details are exchanged, as this is done directly on ATW/MTW. Once you have agreed on a sale and agreed to pay via KinkCoins, simply go to the Sellers profile and click “Send KinkCoins”.

Don’t worry, if you wish to manage your own payment, you can still do this. KinkCoins are totally optional and an alternative payment method for users that have concerns around safety and privacy.

Tip Members

One of the great things about ATW/MTW is the community aspect, which we are so proud of. We have so many users encouraging, supporting and building people up. Now you can send/receive tips to show your support.

If you wish to tip another user, you can go to their profile, click “Send KinkCoins” and select a reason (tip) and the Kinkcoins will be transferred instantly to that user.

Pay for Premium Memberhsip

Sellers can pay for their membership using KinkCoins. If you already have a running subscription, we will cancel this and add any remaining days to the length of membership you select. You have the option to pay for:

  • 6 months - 699 KinkCoins
  • 1 year - 1259 KinkCoins

Promote Profile/Listings

Sellers can also use KinkCoins to promote their listings/profile. We know how difficult it can be to stand out. If you want to get a little bit of a head start, you can promote your profile/listings for 24 hours so you gain more exposure across the site.

Where Can I Buy KinkCoins?

Once logged in, you can purchase your Kinkcoins by visiting the sidebar navigation. KinkCoins are bought via our 3rd party payment provider. This means personal details between Buyers and Sellers are never exchanged.

To protect your privacy, ‘*ATW’ will appear on your credit card or bank statement as the beneficiary of this transaction.

Once the payment has been made, the KinkCoins will be instantly added to your balance and available for you to use.

How Do I Withdraw My KinkCoins?

Sellers, in order to process your withdrawal, you will need to complete the following steps;

Once this is complete you can request a withdrawal. We will then initiate the payment to your YourSafe/Bitsafe account after a 7 day hold period has passed (this is to ensure there are no ongoing disputes with orders). Transfers are processed by the Admin Team every Monday.

Please be aware that although we do not charge for withdrawals, YourSafe/Bitsafe (Verotel) will charge a withdrawal fee. If you have access to a EUR account it will cost .75c per withdrawal and for USD it's $5 per withdrawal.

*YourSafe/Bitsafe (Verotel) is an established global payment provider that offers the adult industry a means of providing payment options. They are the same payment provider we use for Premium Seller subscriptions.

Coming Soon…

We have some exciting plans for KinkCoins that will make our platform even better and here is a quick preview of what’s to come;

  • Unlock exclusive content. Sellers can set up private albums, set a price of Kinkcoins, Buyers can then exchange KinkCoins and gain automatic access to the content. Allowing Sellers to make passive income.
  • Send stickers to another user which will appear on their profile. A little sticker could be a simple way to put a smile on someone’s face.


We are trying to solve the problems that are faced by members of our community on a daily basis. KinkCoins are the best way for us to help protect our community and offer a safe and anonymous payment method for both Buyers and Sellers.

KinkCoins are completely optional and users can continue to use their own preferred payment methods. However, please make sure you’re aware of the rules and regulations for your choice of payment provider, we would hate for you to have your accounts frozen and lose your money like some of our team have in the past.

See this article for sex work approved payment options. You might be surprised by some of the options you thought were accepted!

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SexyMamiBrazil @Charlottesused I really want to know this information as well. Please let me.kmow what you find out? X

Bingbong @PantyLoverin69 if you go to admins page you can message them directly 👌

AUNTIEPANTIES4U @Sonny1984 Yes, you can use the “tip” function to do so. Or buy instant content with them, that’s what I do!

Sonny1984 Hi…i’m wondering if it’s possible for one member to transfer kinkcoins to another member if they don’t want to use them…if so, how does the transfer process work?

Erikavenom I don’t know how to withdraw my bitcoin thru AUD account ,

Blondiewbooty Where do you provide your IBAN number to ATW when my BITSAFE account becomes verified?

Lenna123 Hi! I´m a Seller. Do I need to buy KinkCoins as well? Or I don´t have to buy them by myself and Buyers will transfer directly KinkCoins to my account?

Little_minx Hi I’m a seller how does the coins work ? And it won’t let me upload a picture for my profile pic?

Cutietoess How do I set it up I am a seller?

Forsakendoll How do I start a account

Charlottesused Im in the UK, I've not heard of a bit safe talent account or an IBAN number. Is this relatively easy to arrange? I was hoping to use PayPal but I can't hide my birth name on there so concerned for anonymity

Admin @Amber_Esme by having an account with us you can automatically start receiving KinkCoins 🙂

Amber_Esme Hi! I'm a seller, how do I sign up to receive kink coins??

Admin @Feedgreg correct

Feedgreg If I purchase just Kink Coins, it does ‘not’ automatically start a member subscription correct? It’s just to buy coins right?

AUNTIEPANTIES4U I've been enjoying using my KinkCoins to pay my memebership dues. Thanks, Admin!

Admin @DonkeyRope This is exactly why we introduced KinkCoins!

DonkeyRope 100% these coins are a game changer for this site and this industry. Given the ridiculous public stigma associated with what we all enjoy here, discretion is key to making it all work. Amazing job.

Admin @Cbyerdragon ok so you you didn't lose the coins. You can use the tokens for future transactions :)

Admin @Cbyerdragon not sure why your saying here. If the user deleted their account and you paid using KinkCoins we would cover this for you. If you use an external payment provider we cant do anything :(

GothiccGoddess I think it's great idea! And since its optional, I don't understand why anyone is upset. It isn't required, so if you don't like it, you don't have to use it (: no need to attack admin for doing what they can to make the site even better. Be kind and have fun, lovelies ❤❤

NicoletteJames @admin Thanks, I’m Excited about the Update 🙌🏾

Admin @NicoletteJames Yes, nothing has changed with the repost feature :)

NicoletteJames @admin Nit sure if anyone has asked this or not .. Will We still be able to Repost without Promoting? .. when listing is able to of course.

Admin @JayJay you can do a conversion 10c USD to GBP. Not perfect I know, but the dev guys are building this as we speak

Admin @JayJay we will be adding a converter in the future :)

JayJay @admin As this is all done in Dollars how does this effect us UK Sellers & Buyers who deal in £'s? Will we have to convert or will the price of an item automatically convert to kinkcoins to the same value as our selling price?

JayJay @Natashafeet691 Totally agree with this!

JuicyBabe @admin Great!! Thank you

Admin @JuicyBabe instant, To send just go to a profile, click 'Send KinkCoins' and it's complete. No fees for Sellers at all to receive.

Admin @Prettykittylala we will add a conversion option later but eventually you will also be able to define how many KinkCoins you would like to charge

JuicyBabe Will there be a fee for sellers to accept kinkcoins? Also, is there a procedure us sellers need to do to start receiving them or can the buyers just send them to us now?

Admin @Andymccoy We get this, even PayPal take transaction fees. Unfortunately, the adult industry is seen as more risky and as such, payment providers charge high fees for their services. Please also be aware that CashApp and PayPal do not support sex work and may eventually ban accounts. This is why we are providing an optional alternative for people

Prettykittylala So will our listing prices automatically change to the buyers price in the kink coins? @admin

Admin @Bingbong we will NEVER make it the only payment. This is completely optional and always will be. We introduced this to solve common issues for some of our members.

Bingbong @Admin Will the KinkCoins become the only payment option in the distant future or will the other options always be available?

Pearl_love Looking Forward To Using Kinkcoins, such a good idea for ATW & happy to be able to makes sales while I’m away from the screen

Admin @KittenHeels this is part of the next phase. Where we will allow Buy It Now options and instant unlock for content.

KittenHeels Can we make "coin" listings?

Admin @KittenHeels these are shown on the category listings area

KittenHeels When the listings are promoted, where do they get listed?

Admin @Goddess_LolaLola we will be doing giveaways in the very near future!

Goddess_LolaLola Is it way sellers can earn free coins? Like contest or every month few coins , or something like that??? I would use coins just for boosting my listings, that's a good idea.

LiterallyLo love this ☺️

JessNextDoor I love this! Especially great for those who can’t use cashapp! I’ll be using😁 What will it appear on the bank as?♥️

Twinkletoesjessi I think this is amazing! A great option for those that will use it! Amazing work admin ❤️

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