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Tips for New Sellers


So I've been thinking about writing a blog here for a while, but I just couldn't find the time to write a decent one. Few days ago, I've noticed that you are looking for guidelines for new sellers here, so I finally decided to wrap things up that I have to offer and contribute as much as I can. 🙂

  1. If you're on the gullible and naive side (like me), you're gonna be surprised. I was expecting this to be super easy. Create an account, list a few things and soon there's gonna be a mile long queue waiting to purchase your stuff. In reality, this hobby takes a lot of effort and it's time consuming. There are way more sellers than buyers out there and all sellers are amazing! So you have to try to stand out and be active a lot.

  2. You'll meet new friends!!! I was expecting to come across a bunch of rivals, body shaming and what else not. I couldn't be more wrong. It feels like we're one big kinky family, cheering and supporting each other. I messaged top sellers asking for advice and they were all so helpful, warm and welcoming! So, you'll definitely meet new friends among sellers too, and the best thing is, everyone is helping each other out. If you come across a buyer that asks for something that you can't fulfil, you can easily recommend another person that will make them happy. Which brings me to...

  3. You're not a "one man band". You can't offer every service that is out there. It's awesome to experiment, try new things and get to know yourself better. Eventually you'll know what you prefer doing most. Don't offer something that you're not experienced in or can't deliver. Rather recommend someone else that will gladly fulfil buyers desire and maybe you'll get another customer that's more "right up your alley”.

  4. Don't be like me, set an account and wait. You'll get nowhere. Read blogs! Especially admin’s. You'll get life-saving tips on how to deal with timewasters, scammers, and what else not. I know you're always on the run, but trust me. Read tips and advice if you want to be successful.

  5. Stay anonymous. Especially if you come from a tiny country, where everyone knows everyone. And sometimes white lies are perfectly acceptable. Say that you're from another state. It won't make a difference regarding postage fee or delivery time, as long as you're not saying you're from Australia and you're actually living in Norway.

  6. Kinkcoins are awesome!! You'll be tempted to set other payment options, but you have to be careful. My Venmo got suspended and I can't create a new one. PayPal is also tricky if you want to stay anonymous. Amazon gift cards work fine, except if you're a "cash bitch" like me. I need money to pay for gas, bills and groceries. So an Amazon gift card doesn't really help me out much.

  7. Games are awesome! Spin the wheel and get xx stuff, etc.

  8. Be active on the dashboard. It gets a lot of attention. It doesn't really matter what you write, it could be just a "good morning" text, funny meme, or something else. However, be careful not to give away too much for free. There's a lot of "window shoppers/wankers"😄

  9. Repost your content regularly.

  10. Promote your profile on Friday or during the weekend, and then message your viewers.

  11. Say "hi" to new buyers!

  12. I recommend having a laptop. I don't have one, but it's hard to navigate everything through the phone. Or maybe get an extra phone just for kinky stuff. If you're not tech savvy, there's a high chance that you'll make mistakes and unwanted pics will show up on shared Google photos or something. Or your kids will go through your phone, looking for games and they'll click on that pink arrow icon. So try your best to separate this hobby from your daily life.

  13. Try to be original and different. Find something that makes you stand out. But even if you don't, you'll be fine. Sometimes things that you don't expect get all the attention, and the ones you believe will be a hit aren't. I remember I once offered to write personalised messages and draw with my feet. No buyers. But I sold the contents of my trash can!

  14. Stick to your boundaries. Once you're here, it's a slippery slope. You'll be tempted to cross that line. After creating an account, you'll have quite a lot of people messaging you (a heap of scammers) and also normal buyers in the first week. Then things will go quiet. So you'll start doubting yourself and think "if I offer or show more, it's going to be better. But before you do that, imagine the worst-case scenario. Are you going to be ok if this happens? If not, it's not worth it. Do stuff that you're comfortable doing.

  15. There will be dry spells. It's not your fault it just happens sometimes.

  16. Don't try to compete with others and overanalyze things like: why they have 864477 reviews. Why does someone that's been here for 2 months have three times as many views as another person after 2 years. Just don't! Especially if you struggle with self-esteem. You do you, stick to your boundaries and at the end of the day you are going to tell yourself: I did as much as I could and that's it. Sometimes it's perfectly fine to take a break too. And if you feel like you want to try again, equipped with more knowledge, why not!

  17. Don't give away stuff for free! Always send stuff after payment. Don't fall for tricks, "can you send me pics of those shoes while wearing thongs and showing full body". Tell me what’s the biggest d*ck, you've ever had. I'm exaggerating now, but eventually you'll come across those buyers. My personal favorite was, "send me pics of your titties and I'll guess your age"😂

  18. You're an amazing person. It doesn't matter what brought you here. Was it a dare, lack of money, boredom or exploring your kinks. Being here it's an experience of its own. Just try to enjoy the ride, and if you come across a dilemma or if something is troubling you, please write on the dashboard or contact admin. You're not alone. You have full support from everyone.

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