What I Learned From My First Week of Selling Used Panties

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What I Learned From My First Week of Selling Used Panties

“How do I do this” to “Ok, I got this” -

A blog from a seller's view less than a week in…

Ok #Frenchies, some of you may recognize me from #FrenchieFilthyFunFacts. I absolutely love learning new facts, no matter how valuable they may be, some facts are just plain interesting.

No, I am going to tell you another fun fact, go figure right, actually, it’s one about myself. I bet you already guessed it... I absolutely love to journal, post, comment, read, blog, and basically anything that has to do with talking or writing.

I am super social and it’s hard to control. I’m that friend that sometimes you need to tell, “Marie, you’ve reached your word limit for the hour”. I wish I was joking when I said that, but I’m not. Anyways, this is day 6 of being on a website where I can sell used clothing, videos, pictures, and other fun things and I wanted to let you guys know how it feels being a ‘newbie’ in this fetish industry.

How it started

I actually was talking to a girlfriend of mine one night around 11 PM. She and I are both single Mothers and know how tight money can get, especially with everything that has gone on in the past few years.

She had mentioned a site where she told me that she sold a picture of her feet and actually got money. I was sceptical at first and laughed it off. But, it must have stayed in my mind, the thought lurking that I can make extra money doing something that sounds so simple and fun.

Well, I don’t think I knew what I was getting myself into. A few weeks later I searched for the site and All Things Worn popped up. I was interested so I looked into it, searched a little bit, and read some reviews and things of that sort. Then I just decided I’m going to make an account. I had no clue that I had to pay for a membership, but I also read that most sellers get back their membership on their first sale so I did it (this is a true fact in my experience so far).

Anywho, here I am writing what has been on my mind to all of you.

How I am LEARNING about fetishes I never knew existed

Find your thing, I am slowly learning new things every day. Like how to be a Domme!!

Who would have thought, I never even watched porn (like maybe 20 times in my life) and here I am looking it up almost daily, researching different things, watching porn stars, reading tons of panty selling/fetish blogs, getting advice from experienced panty sellers.

I even had to look up what JOI and CEI meant. So, one tip I have is to try not to stress, just try to learn as much as you can, it’s your first week or first month, give yourself a break, it’s not going to happen overnight.

How to gain CONFIDENCE when exploring these newfound fetishes…

Okay, so this is something that I struggled with long before I ever started on All Things Worn. I always had self-image issues, it actually took me my divorce to slowly gain my confidence back.

I just want you, sellers, to know that this week I have learned that WE ARE ALL BEAUTIFUL, WE ARE ALL HOT, WE ARE ALL SEXY, WE ARE WHATEVER WE WANT TO BE.

You are a Queen, Goddess, Mistress, MILF, dare I say DILF, Cougar, Sex Symbol, just decide whatever you want to be, then just BE IT! You can be multiple things too, do what makes you feel the best.

The buyers on this site are amazing, they are one of the reasons I do have the confidence to do a Cock Rating, Humiliation Video, Custom Video, and many other things that we offer on this Utopia of a website. A BIG SHOUT OUT TO ALL THE BUYERS OUT THERE FOR MAKING ME FEEL BEAUTIFUL!

How to put yourself and what you have to OFFER out there

What I have found is that the best thing is that you should try to be you, but find something about yourself that is a little different, something memorable. Make sure you post lots of items in your shop! There are so many fetishes out there that you can use to list with.

Post on the dashboard, comment, like, and get involved in our Community. The more you interact, the more the sellers and buyers will recognize you.


One thing I don't think I can't stress enough, but when going through this experience I have noticed that reviews are very important.

So sellers, if you can not follow through with a commitment or arrangement you should just be honest with the buyer about the issue. Believe me, I always ask for a review whenever I can :) It’s easy and quick, I also leave one back to them also. I think that this makes your newfound business reputable.

So, I am less than a week in and this is my FIRST blog with you guys! But, I am crossing my fingers, hoping that this will bring some peace and offer some advice to the new sellers out there. I may not have a lot of advice yet, but I do come with a lot of fun facts :)

I hope to write to you all again soon!

Until the next blog

xox Marie

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