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A little something about me, I am a straight 28 year old man from Australia. Some of my hobbies include fishing, riding motorcycles, watching movies/tv, playing Xbox, going to the gym here and there and also meeting new people. I am genuinely a nice guy and I am very kind, honest and respectful of everyone I meet and I expect to be treated with the same kindness and common decency. I may be a nice guy but I am no pusher I am a man of mor*ls and integrity so if you're rude, disrespectful or lie to me I will block you because that is something I won't tolerate.

If you're in any type of relationship please DO NOT message me, if you're unhappy in you're relationship then I am truly sorry to hear that but I am not interested in getting involved in anybody's relationship I don't want the complication and whether or not your partner knows your on here will not change anything on my side of things.
I don't like pushy sellers, I am nobodies pay pig and I am not interested in wallet draining or humiliations so if that is your thing then I am not your man.

I have mentioned that I am a nice guy and while that is true I can be very naughty when I'm horny some of my turn ons include sweet kind honest women, I love b**bs and a** but most importantly I love to see faces and I am a big sucker for tattoos.

I am forever present and love on the dash and I do love making a connection with sellers before purchasing, I am not the biggest fan of one off purchases.

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AnonymousWarrior AU

Is it titties Tuesday already??? All these damn titties on the dash 🥵🥵🥵🥵🔥🔥🔥

AnonymousWarrior AU

Feels like a early night tonight with a movie 😊😊

AnonymousWarrior AU

Woooohhh!!! Finally the long weekend 😍😍😍😍

AnonymousWarrior AU

Goodnight beautiful sellers hope you all have a wonderful day/night ❤️😘

AnonymousWarrior AU

Do long distance relationships ever work out? asking for a friend 🤭🤣🤣

AnonymousWarrior AU

Happy MILF 🔥🔥 monday!! every single one of you sexy mummas 😈🥵🥵 hope you all have a spicy wet day 😋

AnonymousWarrior AU

Thinking about playing a game this week the winner I have to buy from but also gets to be my 100th review 😍

AnonymousWarrior AU

Beautiful sellers of atw what is your go-to alcoholic beverage 😋😋?

AnonymousWarrior AU

Good night all you beautiful atw sellers 😘 hope you all have an amazing day/night, bring on hump day 👐👐👐

AnonymousWarrior AU

Happy tittie Tuesday all you naughty sexy kinky women out there 😘😘😈😈

AnonymousWarrior AU

Happy Tuesday / all most Tuesday all you beautiful atw goddesses, you're all out of this world 😘🥰❤️

AnonymousWarrior AU

Not a good start to Monday waking up with a migraine 😩😩😩

AnonymousWarrior AU

Spin wheel game first 30 sellers to 😊comment their favourite colour gets added to my spin wheel and the last seller standing I have to buy from 😈 please keep the comment section to a minimum eg just the colour and when I spin I will type the name of the person eliminated ♥️♥️

AnonymousWarrior AU

Feel like playing a spin wheel game where if the last person standing I have to buy from them but should we do teams? 2 sellers teaming up or just single entries? If it's teams both sellers have to come up with a sexy/cheeky team name

AnonymousWarrior AU

Happy birthday to this absolutely gorgeous woman @LiaSkye hope you have the most amazingest weekend 🫶😘


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