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About S**yCece

⚠️ Now charging a $20 unblocking fee at $Cecelee0233. Feel steep? Pay the lurker tax instead, it’s cheaper. 😉⚠️

Now that we got that out of the way…
Hi! I’m Cece (she/her)! Just a black stoner mylf! ♉️ I’m happily married (he knows) to my high school sweetheart, and we’ve been together for 12 years. I like everything outdoors— hiking,🧘🏽‍♀️, 🏊🏽, 🏕️—tattoos, emojis (can you tell?) and having nice things—cars, shoes, technology, etc. I love chatting and meeting new people, but I also love to just curl up and read. Guess what I like to read 😏🔥
I’m tall (5’9”) and curvy, and I have mom bod x2. I also have purple hair and the cutest birthmark on my right a**cheek that I know you’re going to want to kiss. 😘
I’m new to this and eager to please 😘 I’m a pans**ual 🏳️‍🌈 switch, and very kink-friendly! My alpha and I both have taboo kinks, so I’m really game to try anything at least once. 😉

✨My kinks✨
-I love to be dominated entirely 🤤
-tie me up pleeeeease
-cnc is my fave 🫣
-my own scents and the fact that you’re enjoying them
-accents (my undoing, omg)
-cars (I’m obsessed with American muscle and other fancy cars, the sounds they make, the power under the hood, and a man who can fix them).
-I do enjoy race play, but only in the sense that I am dominating a white man, putting him in his place, and/or forcing him to pay me reparations. 😏

✨BDSM test results✨
100% Masochist
100% Rope bunny
95% Non-monogamist
94% Rigger
93% Switch
93% Experimentalist
92% Submissive
83% Brat
82% Degradee
81% Dominant
76% Master/Mistress
73% Degrader
72% Brat tamer
71% Owner
63% Exhibitionist
62% Primal (Prey)
62% Slave
59% Pet
48% Sadist
39% Voyeur
37% Vanilla
11% Daddy/Mommy
9% Primal (Hunter)
0% Boy/Girl
0% Ageplayer

**Too shy to message first? Follow me and I'll drop you a line first to say hi! 💌 I will always message you back, but also please keep in mind that this is my side hustle, not my life.**

If you message me asking about humiliation themed services or anything that requires degradation of ANY KIND, I will not speak to you in that manner until all parties have consented. I enjoy being treated kindly so I will always do the same. But once we have everything ironed out -- prepare yourself 😈

**Pay before you play**

Important notes:
-I have cats, so beware of unavoidable allergens
-I’m lactose intolerant and ga**y when I eat dairy. I’m addicted to chocolate 🍫 🥺

🥿Shoes: 11US
👙Bra: XXL/40G
🧦Socks: L
👙Panties: L/XL
👖Pants: 12/L

🦶🏽normal, sweaty, sweet (strongest in shoes)
💪🏾 cheeseburgers or deodorant, always sweaty and will smell very strongly quickly
😸very strong, acidic, lots of secretions/discharge

✨Why am I doing this?✨
The thought of bringing someone pleasure just by being myself is deeply arousing to me. I’m enjoying learning so much about this community, and I love meeting new people! But, to be honest, I just want to be able to live comfortably, get my bills paid, and be able to treat myself to whatever catches my fancy. Like I said, I like nice things, and to be able to get my hair/nails/brows/lashes done.

{I’m a little hesitant to list any because I can’t remember them, and because it really depends on how much effort I’m doing and my mood at the time. While a sugar daddy would be nice, I’m not trying to rob anyone—or be robbed.}

- All panties start at $22
-All bras start at $40 (they’re expensive to replace)
-Used breast pads 2/$10
- Photos are 3/$5 excluding customs which are 3/$15
-Custom videos start at $20 and go up depending on what you’d like to see and what you’d like me to do
- Socks start at $15 (no show, fuzzy socks)
- Pantyhose and Thigh High Stockings start at $20
- Vials start at $15
-Menses items start at $20
- Kinky food items start at $30
- Lingerie starts at $30 depending on set
- Toys start at $20
- Shoes start at $40 depending on shoe
- Scrunchies are $8
- Rating Experiences start at $5 and go up to $15 for a multi-page, very detailed rating.
- Custom Experiences start at $35
~All panty purchases include daily wear photos
~Please keep in mind that I’m breastfeeding, so t*tty videos might show me leaking, or be unavailable.
~All physical purchases include a handwritten note, plus a chance to win cool prizes
~Please don’t ask me to wear ankle socks. I broke my ankle a couple years ago, and they run on the scars uncomfortably.

**Don’t see what you want up there? Let me know and I can help! I’m adding listings every day, and I would love to add something for you.**

✨Add On Prices✨
- Panty add ons start at $5 depending on the request (3 days max, there’s a lot of secretions down there)
- Socks start at $5
- Vials are $10
- Scrunchies are $5
- Toys start at $10

**All add on prices only apply when purchasing physical items**

-I will ship internationally, but you will be responsible for shipping. I always include tracking. Please don't be afraid to come chat with me and let's see if we can work out something that would make us both happy! 💜
-free US shipping with tracking
-discreet, eco-friendly packaging
-vacuum sealed or ziplock or both (lmk)
-a scratch-it with a chance to win prizes and discounts (because I love games and scratch-its)
-a handwritten thank you note 💜
-a lipstick kissy

💕✨Wanna spoil me?✨💕

Hard limits:
❌photos of my kids/breastfeeding
❌personal information
❌Baby/mommy play
❌video chats/Skype (Snapchat available for a $5 fee)
❌underage sales
❌ Workouts—I’m literally always sweaty anyway 😂
❌ I want no part of helping you cheat on your partner. Please don’t tell me that’s what I’m doing.
❌ refunds—I would love to work it out another way. I also am not responsible for packages once they’re out of my hands. 🤷🏽‍♀️

Lastly, if you message me first and your message includes any flower emoji, you automatically will receive 15% off your order. I wanna see how long it takes for someone to do this 😜(added 2/26)

⚠️ ATTENTION: All individuals or inst*tutions, studies, etc. who use this site or one of its sites and/or a**ociated for studies or projects have no authorization or consent for the use of my profile or my images in any form or forum both current and future. Use without my consent will be considered a violation of my privacy and will be subject to legal prosecution. It is also recommended that other members post a notice similar to this or copy and paste this.⚠️

✨The possibilities are endless✨

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Age: 25-30

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S**yCece US

Alpha’s C*m 🤤💦...

Yummyyyy 🤤...

15.00 USD 150

S**yCece US

Old, Gusset Stained...

$22/ea or all for $75! Worn or clean. Price includes shipping, 24h wear each, daily wear photos, a...

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S**yCece US

✨☘️March/Women’s History Month deals!☘️✨

-BOGOF socks 🧦
-Photos are buy 5, get 2 free
-GDrive lifetime access is $30, or single folders for $10/month!
-I’m still offering discounts for anyone with an American muscle car, or anyone with a sexy accent (inquire for further details).

S**yCece US

Added a new photo > It always feels like a waste to take off a pair of WAPs (wet ass panties) and just toss them in the laundry, but at least the ones I just put on are about to make my buyer VERY happy. Butt anyway…. (Pun intended) #ThatsWhatCeceSaid


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S**yCece US

Reposted a listing > Alpha’s C*m 🤤💦


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S**yCece US

It’s easy to get discouraged here when your sales aren’t happening, and to get irritable when the only buyers in your box are time-wasters or being rude to you.
But then there are the buyers who make it all worth it. The ones you get to have a lot of fun with, that come back for more, and that make you feel good.
That’s why I’m here. Those are the guys. I’d go as far as saying several of my buyers have become friends. I love it here, and all the new connections I get to make 🥰

Okay, rant over 😅

S**yCece US

Reposted Instant Content > Leaky T*ts!

S**yCece US

Added a new photo > Whose face am I sitting on? #ThatsWhatCeceSaid

S**yCece US

I love going to Victoria’s Secret and knowing that whatever I choose there, someone will find me sexy in it. 😏
That said, who wants to watch me try them on? I love a good strip 😈


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S**yCece US

Added a new photo > I wanna wear fishnets again for someone 😍 This is one of my fave photos of me 🥰 #ThatsWhatCeceSaid

S**yCece US

I know I can’t be the only one that gets grumpy when I’m horny and can’t do anything about it. ☹️ #ThatsWhatCeceSaid

S**yCece US

Omg this buyer is in for a treat. My shoes are STINKY on day 1 of this wear 🤭 #ThatsWhatCeceSaid

S**yCece US

I have yet to be played with better than I play with myself. Who’s gonna fix that? 😏

S**yCece US

Added a new photo > Mmmm, what do you think I’m tasting? #ThatsWhatCeceSaid

S**yCece US

I’m a little more drunk than I meant to be 😅 Sooo maybe I’ll do something reckless like buy 48h wear and get an extra 24 for free? 🤭

S**yCece US

Someone give me something to do! (It can be you if you want 😜) #ThatsWhatCeceSaid

S**yCece US

Where is everyone today? 👀 #ThatsWhatCeceSaid


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