Postpartum Sex Work

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Postpartum Sex Work

The typical preface: this is merely my experience and not meant to speak for any other postpartum person or sex worker.

A New Body

The minute you get pregnant, your body starts to change. Your hips grow wider, your boobs get bigger, areolas darker, you gain weight, get new stretch marks. Your body stops being solely your own, as there soon is another human that already has opinions on what you should be eating/how you lay/when you sleep/when you pee, etc. Your body will never be the same as it was before you got pregnant, even after the baby is born, and even if you’ve already had a kid.

What do you do when your body changes? What about when it continues to change for at least a year after? Not only do you now not recognize your body, but you might not even recognize who you once were. Everything you are has been consumed by a tiny person who takes up most of your time, sleep, and energy. Your hair falls out and loses the luster and shine it had in pregnancy, you might have skin changes, mood swings, incontinence, sweating, not to mention nursing and the incurable bags under your eyes from lack of sleep. Is that still you under all those changes?

Going through all that probably doesn’t make most people even consider sex work. How do you make yourself do anything sexual when breastfeeding decreases libido and can cause vaginal dryness? If you don’t have time to shower or groom yourself in any way, can you still feel pretty? How do you film a video or even take a cute selfie with a baby attached to you? Can I sext with a baby screaming in my ear? How in the world am I supposed to masturbate while worrying about where the baby is and whether or not they’re safe??

Postpartum Selling

Somehow, I still found myself here 11 weeks after having a baby. I wanted to feel pretty again. I wanted to feel like me, a person who felt sexy and comfortable in her new body. I wanted to feel like something other than just a mom; I wanted to feel human. With the right angles and a couple minutes here and there, I can do almost anything someone without a baby can do. I can sext while nap-trapped if I don’t offer live photos or videos. I can post on the dash and chat with buyers—arguably two of the most important things to do here. I can think of and post listings if I’ve taken photos of my items. It’s pretty easy to wear for someone, but it can be tricky to package and mail things.

Someone told me about ATW, and my initial thought was of how ashamed I have always been because I don’t feel that I have the “right” scents, and easily get very stinky. Plus, I’m literally always sweaty and my skin hangs weird now and I have new stretch marks. As I mentioned, I don’t get the time I need to shower or groom myself as much as other sellers, and I can’t always offer a quick turnaround or response. My time can be totally unpredictable.

But in my experience in over two months on ATW, none of that is a turn off to a lot of buyers. In fact, a lot of buyers are looking for exactly those things! Some buyers LOVE my stinky pussy and the fact that I’ve been wearing this bra for a month and leaked milk all over it. I feel I’ve been marginally successful thus far, and everyone who has smelled me has loved my scents, and loved my body. And anyway, it just did a beautiful thing. That’s sexy in itself, but external validation always helps. For that, I’m forever grateful to all of my buyers.


So okay, we’re sexy to some. Fetishized, even. Meanwhile, if your brain is like mine, you still start to compare your body to other bodies. Starting sex work would, again, not seem like a logical decision given what I’d just gone through—am still going through. My body just did so much, so why doesn’t it feel like it?

We have to stop comparing ourselves to other sellers. Every body is different, and mine will never look the way it did before I ever got pregnant, my boobs will never look the same as they did before breastfeeding, and no one should expect them to be. I have to learn to accept that some of these changes are permanent no matter how much exercise I do or diets I try.

Welcome to the MILF Club!

Anyway, congrats! You get to join the milf club now! Where one door closes, a whole world of new milf-loving buyers opens. Like I said, it’s a fetish. If it’s wankable, it’s bankable. The only caveat is that your new baby should never be anywhere near buyers. That is a boundary you must keep because your baby can’t consent to being posted here, and you never know (or want to) what someone could do with that photo. Not to mention, it’s against guidelines.

So don’t forget: You’re doing and looking great, mama. Don’t compare your body to other bodies, and don’t forget it isn’t a race or competition. The main thing is to have fun. And, as always, stay kinky!

By SexyCece

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