3 Years and Counting as a "Secret" Seller on ATW

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3 Years and Counting as a "Secret" Seller on ATW

It's been a while since I wrote my 'Secret Seller' Blog, so thought I'd do an updated blog with how my journey has progressed since then.

How Has My Personal Life Changed?

When I started my journey here, I was a mother to 3 children and was always busy but always found time to come on ATW and chat to you lovely people and explore my kinks. Since my last blog I've bought my own car, moved into a bigger and better house and even popped out a fourth baby. So, my life has changed a lot. I am still with my partner but there is less control in the relationship. If anything, he prefers giving me more space so I find it easier to scroll the dash and chat. The biggest change however is that my partner lost his job 4 months ago and is only just finding work now. So customs have been so hard to do! I do always find the time to do them though. My happiness on here is always important to me and without fulfilling custom requests I'd be miserable!

Have I Been Caught on Here Yet?

So, my sister and sister-in-law now know about me being on here. They were actually really good about it, and both gave it a little go themselves but it wasn't for them. They didn't have any kinks, so it made it difficult for them to get into it. But they're so supportive of what I do on here and I love that! My partner however still has no idea. I've accumulated so many pairs of panties now that he doesn't know what I have a don't have so missing pairs aren't an issue. Same with socks. It used to be a struggle to distract him away from penetrative sex when I was on a panty wear but that's not actually an issue anymore. We basically never have any form of sex, so it makes it easier for wears. But also makes it difficult for me to feel fulfilled sexually.

Do I Feel Guilty for Being Here in Secret?

The answer to that is...NO! I don't feel like I'm cheating on my partner. He doesn't know I'm here so why should I feel bad? It all started that I joined here because he wouldn't go to work and was always on the sick so I couldn't afford to feed my children. That was the main reason I joined, and he did not care one bit that I was spiralling into a depression because of his actions. This site was putting food on the table when he wasn’t, and it was also my escape. I needed something that was mine. Where I wasn't a girlfriend or a mother. I was just me. I could get away from the stresses in my life and actually have some fun and to smile! So I do not, nor will I ever feel guilty about being on here.

How to I Fulfill My Sexual Needs

So it's kind of easy to sexually satisfy myself. Being on here helps massively. I've learnt about so many kinks and found I have even more than I had even a year ago. For one latex!! Playing with myself in latex gloves just gives me the best feeling! So I'm learning I have more kinks even as time goes on. Exploring my kinks keeps me satisfied sexually and speaking to buyers on here, they help me explore just as much as I help keep them satisfied. Especially when it comes to my Domme side. Being in a relationship where I'm made to feel like nothing means I have a lot of pent-up aggression sometimes and it's so great to be able to expel that onto a submissive buyer.

Am I A Better Seller Since My Last Blog?

I would definitely say I am. Before I will offer any service, I always make sure I can offer my buyer the best experience possible. I see soooo many new sellers who class themselves as 'Dommes'. It’s not always the case and it shows to the more experienced buyers. I have spent almost 3 years now researching and practicing how to be the best I can possibly be. If I was not confident I could satisfy someone then I wouldn't do it. I take so much pride in my sex work and I'd hate to offer someone a service that didn't make them feel amazing. I am not here for the money. I've made that clear so many times. Yes, it is a bonus and can help out massively, but I love the connections I have here. I have met some amazing people who are there for me no matter what. They are the reason I am here. ATW would be nothing without the community element.


I absolutely love being here and being a part of the site. I couldn't actually imagine my life without it. Yes, there's good and bad buyers and sellers that try to ruin it, but I say f**k them! I will hopefully be here for another 3 years (only a short while of being here 3 years) and still working with and speaking to such awesome people! Yes, my life can be busy so an instant reply isn't always on the cards but I do try my best.

Keep doing what you're doing and always stay kinky!

PurpleTulip ✌️

By PurpleTulip

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Chubbysexyyy Love this. My partner knows but he finds it super hot and has been known to *interrupt* my content making sessions 😂 I'm glad you're so happy here

Mistress_Moon I loved reading that, as a newer person to the community it’s interesting to read peoples stories! Well done you for being so honest about your situation and feelings 🖤

MissAlexa22 @cataliaX ♥

Godmercy I love this!! As someone who is also a secret seller I felt this on a different level!!

SoulLV_toes_ We have a sexy secret to. 🤫🫣🤭🥰

NaturalSoles Such a great blog 🖤 what.a.woman.👏

Southerngirlsgoodies Wow, this resonates so much with me. I felt like you were writing what was in my head 💗. I’m also a mom to 4 in a very similar situation. I enjoy being here just as myself 😊. Thank you for sharing your story 💗

SuccyfuccyfeetwithMolly Thank you for sharing such a strong, yet vulnerable blog. 🥰

Heytheyarelovely ❤️❤️ loved it

Thickandwet Just read it ! So good 👏 xxx

LeeTheBoneRanger Well wrote and glad You found site! And looking forward to Your's too @Cupcakesaffy Xx

WiscoWonder I remember when you first started ♥️ oh how you’ve grown ♥️

Littlemissxslidexin Loved reading this

Silvermist Brilliant 🤩

Luvthemtights Great read... you have come a long way my beautiful friend xxxxxxxxxx

Cupcakesaffy I absolutely loved this! So genuine, it's inspired me to write one. Soon! ❤️

Sweet_Scent Loved reading this! Thanks so much for sharing 🤍

Naughtynurse90 Absolutely love this. So nice to see how much you still enjoy it after so long. Congratulations on the upcoming anniversary xx

Veritystyles Love you bsbe x

Daylight_desires Fab story and a great read! Thank you for sharing 🫶🏻

MommasSecrets Very well written and relatable. Thank you!

BlondeBritney30 Love this! We have very similar stories. I love the community here. Thanks for sharing 🥰

Panthero You have a powerful story, thank you so much for sharing it ❤️

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