How To Talk Dirty…. In A Way That Sends Chills Down Anyone’s Spine

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How To Talk Dirty…. In A Way That Sends Chills Down Anyone’s Spine

Sex talk and dirty talk are often viewed as taboo topics, especially when done in public – but they can actually be a fun and exciting way to spice up sex and get multiple sensory systems “turned on”.

There are many different types of sex talk, each with its own unique style and approach. In this blog post, we’ll explore some of the most common types of sex talk, provide tips on improving your skills in each area, and give real-life examples of ones I’ve used with partners! SO GET READY FOR A ROLLERCOASTER OF A RIDE AS YOU BUCKLE INTO WHAT IS MY BIGGEST TURN-ON… DIRTY TALK.

ASMR Sex Talk

ASMR (Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response) sex talk is a type of sex talk that focuses on creating a relaxed and calming atmosphere for the listener. It involves using soft, subtle, whispered tones and gentle sounds to create a sense of intimacy and closeness. Our parasympathetic nervous system (our “fight or flight”) is activated during this time. The sensation of goosebumps / heavy breathing tells us that our partner is enjoying the sounds we are making and the fantasies we are participating in. This type of sex talk can be especially effective for people who have anxiety or difficulty relaxing during sexual activities.


Sweetly whispering, "hey, I love the way you feel up against me... Your touch is so gentle and soothing." Your listener being able to hear your breath, every vowel rolling off your tongue…

Tips for improving ASMR sex talk:

Practice speaking in a soft, soothing voice, speaking slowly and heavily (practice inhaling and exhaling fully), and experimenting with different sounds like whispering, breathing, and gentle moaning.

Aggressive Sex Talk

Aggressive sex talk is all about asserting your dominance and control. It's more abrupt and more powerful, the words chosen are with intent and meaning, feeding into your kinks or fetishes, as well as your partner’s. This type of sex talk can involve using powerful language and aggressive tones to heighten arousal and create a sense of excitement. It is often paired with more assertive actions as well, such as choking or turning someone’s face towards or away from you while you whisper in their ear or speak loudly while they are cuffed to a chair or bed frame.


"I want to take you right now! You’re mine, and I’m going to show you who’s in charge." “You are here to service me and my needs!” It's important to remember that in any type of sex talk, vulgar language is not a “must”, but can be added to aggressive dirty talk with some degradation and can include examples such as, “Can’t wait to make you shake, you cum-guzzling whore”, or “You’re useless, the only thing you’re good for is being daddy’s breeding pig!” These examples combine many fantasies, breeding kinks, degradation, ownership, etc.

Tips for improving aggressive sex talk:

Use strong, commanding language and practice speaking with confidence and authority. Don’t waver, even if the other person is pushing you to. Stand firm in being dominant or submissive (unless you like switching roles halfway through). Please note that it is important to communicate with your partner beforehand to establish boundaries and ensure that this type of sex talk is consensual. You should both mutually agree to a limit of what is and isn’t okay. Some people do not appreciate degrading words or have certain triggers, so be mindful of those you play with; otherwise, no one is having fun in the game.

Dirty Sex Talk

Dirty sex talk is perhaps the most well-known type of sex talk. It involves using explicit language and graphic descriptions to heighten arousal and create a sense of excitement. This type of sex talk can be especially effective for people who enjoy a more adventurous and uninhibited sexual experience. I often use this type of sex talk while out in public for many reasons, first and foremost being that I enjoy watching my partners squirm not knowing how to react! Second, it’s fun and playful and we can easily switch between all types of sex talks so seamlessly.


"I want to taste every inch of your body when we get home.” Or “mmmh you look delicious, can't wait to cover you in whip cream and lick you up”, “I’m craving daddy’s cock to milk….”

Tips for improving dirty sex talk:

Practice using explicit language (even though it is NOT a must) and vivid descriptions. Imagine you are in that moment and say exactly what you want, releasing all your inhibitions.

Romantic Sex Talk

Romantic sex talk focuses on creating a sense of intimacy and connection between people. This type of sex talk can involve using sweet and affectionate language to express feelings of love and appreciation versus lust. Oftentimes during this type of sex talk, I may not use the phrases “want to fuck”, “let’s fuck” or “can’t wait to fuck”. Instead, I’ll opt to use a funny term we have created: “babe, can't wait to bang!”; “ugh, video games are fun, but your joystick is more fun”. The important thing is to be playful, be whimsical, be free.


"I love your beautiful green eyes, looking at them is like looking into the deepest, lushest forests of the world…and when you slide deep inside me, I never want you to go!” “You’re the most handsome boy, your lips are so soft when they kiss my body and make their way to my hips, it’s like time stops…” or “ I wish I could sit in your lap and kiss you all day, and when we're done having fun, we can run naked to the kitchen…cook breakfast…pancakes maybe? Lick whipping cream off my finger? Lick whipping cream off your cock? And just laugh and have the best time like nothing in the world is important!”

Tips for improving romantic sex talk:

Practice using affectionate language and expressing your feelings openly and honestly. Create fantasies of things you would like to do together – they do not need to be sexual fantasies. Some examples include making breakfast and adding a sprinkle of sexy, dirty fun time.

Submissive Sex Talk

Submissive sex talk is about surrendering control and submitting to your partner's desires. This type of sex talk can involve using submissive language and tone to create a sense of vulnerability and intimacy.


"I’m yours to do with as you please, Master. I want you to use me for your pleasure." “My only reason for existing is to cater to your desires, use me like a good little cum slut.”

Tips for improving submissive sex talk:

Practice using submissive language and tone, and take advantage of the sounds you make when enjoying pleasing yourself and others. Explore moaning and breathing (either loud or heavy). Similarly to aggressive sex talk, be sure to communicate with your partner beforehand to establish boundaries and ensure that this type of sex talk is consensual.


Sex talk and dirty talk can be fun and exciting ways to enhance intimacy and connection between partners. By understanding the different types of sex talk and practising the appropriate skills, you can take your sexual experiences to the next level. Remember to always communicate with your partner and establish boundaries beforehand to ensure that all parties involved feel comfortable and safe.

I plan on posting more examples maybe a few scripts/scenarios. I love JOIs – male and female – and I love creating stories that arouse multiple senses. Listening to someone talk dirty or sexting in combination with tasting the other person/smelling them/seeing them is a whole different experience.

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