All Things Worn, A Safe Place to Escape

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All Things Worn, A Safe Place to Escape

Y’all, we have all been through some heavy shit in the last 18 months. Covid alone has turned our worlds upside down; we are struggling with loneliness, boredom, or maybe you are like me, whereas as a nurse, I have experienced an increased amount of tension and anxiety at work.

We have all been affected whether directly or indirectly. I myself, am typing this as I am recovering from Covid. Our lives have changed. All of this does not even take into account everyday life stressors and personal events such as a divorce/break up, a death in the family, a move, a job loss, or anything else that could cause additional pressure.

Support, Love & Friendship

All Things Worn is a place where we can escape all of that, even if just for a moment. Here, we can reveal a side of ourselves that not everyone gets to see. Here we can explore things we may hide from those closest to us in real life. We come here to get support, love, and friendship, all while delving into our kinks. That is what I love about this community.

However, I am seeing some alarming trends recently; dash- bashing of sellers and buyers, complaints, charity cases and the continued spamming of buyers. We can do better. As sellers, we are here to provide a service while having fun, NONE of these things helps us achieve that goal. In fact, probably quite the opposite, as it has to be off-putting for buyers!

I have personally been made aware of the negative impact it has. A number of buyers and fellow sellers have voiced concerns. I implore you all to remember what ATW is for: pleasure, fun and relaxation while making connections (and sales/purchases) along the way.

I know there are valid complaints out there. Of course, there are some unprofessional sellers and disagreeable buyers, we’ve all met some. But please, buyers and sellers alike, let’s leave the disputes to the Admin and the review section where they belong. No one needs to see your ‘call out’ on the dash.

Postivity Breeds Positivity

Just imagine finally having the courage to explore your kinks and joining ATW only to see all the negativity; not exactly what you were hoping for huh? We should be a welcoming safe haven for like-minded individuals. Keep the dash fun, positive and complaints to a minimum. Let’s get back to being each other’s biggest cheerleaders.

Onto the charity cases, whew; that’s a big one for me. I am a nurse, a caregiver by nature. But by god, I do not want to see your sob stories when I come here to escape. I may be a seller, but this is a place of respite for me, too. Discuss it with your fellow sellers and buyers privately if you'd like, or with your real-life friends, or therapist.

By all means, go start a GoFundMe, but please do not have a pity party on the dash and beg for donations. I feel for you. I do. And more often than not, I will help in any way I can, but that is not what we are here for.

If a friend from ATW knows your circumstances and goes to bat for you, then great, but do not expect money to just fall in your lap. We ALL have shit going on. If every poor circumstance is posted, ATW would be a very sad place indeed. Nothing is worse than looking for an escape from real life pressures by visiting your kink community and finding the latest sob story. Enough.

Lastly, in the theme of welcoming people and keeping ATW a fun fetish filled place, let’s not run buyers off. The stories I hear from buyers about the ENORMOUS quantity of spam messages they get is alarming. Some even have horrific tales of blackmail and sales pressure. Many buyers, especially new ones, have left because of how overwhelming it is. Give people space to explore.

I promise there are plenty of successful sellers that rarely if ever message buyers first. I have the benefit of being here more for the fun than for the money (although it is a perk), and I understand that others do this as a full-time job, but guess what, NO ONE has any sales if we run all the buyers off.

Community over Competition

Given time to explore and make connections, or post what they are looking for, I promise the sales will come. If you are still having trouble, reach out to a seasoned seller and I bet they will be more than happy to give you some tips because ATW isn’t about competition, it is about COMMUNITY.

Now can we please get back to what makes ATW great? The lightheartedness. The kindred spirits. The KINK. The reason I feel at home and with friends. Let’s get back to our own little escape.

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