Am I Undercharging? A Guide to Pricing and How to Know Your Worth

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Am I Undercharging? A Guide to Pricing and How to Know Your Worth

Knowing how much you can earn and charge for your used kinky items is a fundamental foundation for any seller. But it’s also quite hard to know, especially if you have never sold used items online before. Am I charging too much? Am I charging too little? If I reduce the price right down will that help? Let me try and help with a (very) basic guide as to what you’re worth. The new site-wide mantra of #OverAFiverAndWorthIt has swept ATW and is a reminder to new and existing sellers to not undervalue themselves.

Cheaper isn’t always better

You might think that the cheaper your items, the more sales you are going to get. That is not always going to be true. For example, your 2 for £5 deal on panties is less likely to make sales than a single pair of £20 panties. Why? Because in a buyer’s eyes, what kind of quality and love would go into a pair of panties only costing £2.50 each, as opposed to £20 for wear, postage and care? This is not saying those who do buy such cheap items will sent subpar products, but it is a higher risk for a buyer to try, especially as for a seller they won’t even be making their postage costs back if they sell that cheap. Reviews aren’t so easily obtained from ridiculously cheap prices. And also, to a buyer, prices so cheap could make them think that the seller could be a scammer wanting a quick bit of cash.

Why so pricey?

The reason items are priced the way they are, isn’t just a case of replacing what us as sellers bought. The pricing takes into account the item itself, the time it takes to prepare an item, shipping costs, packaging costs, and any special requests a buyer may have. A lot of work goes into making an item perfect, just as much as the work a buyer will go into finding and requesting the perfect item for them. Remember that these are fetish items, being custom made just for your enjoyment. Us sellers enjoy creating them for you, and our prices reflect ourselves and quality within the fetish world.

Can I Get it Cheaper Though?

Whilst most buyers are happy paying the face value price a seller has to offer, there are some who will try and undercut prices or demand cheaper. This is very rude and disrespectful to a seller. If a buyer is not able to afford some prices, it never hurts to place a post on the dashboard stating what their budget is. There will always be a seller who can and will be able to meet that budget. There is no harm in asking for a slight price reduction, but if a seller says no, then please respect that. One exception (dependant on the seller) is bundle discounts eg: buy three items and have $5 off the total price.

So how much are my things worth?

Here is a basic guide (take it as you will) for your kinky sexy items and what average prices they are sold at on average. Do not undervalue yourself, and if you do not wish to follow this guide, then that is up to you.

Panties (Dependant on Brand) - £15-35/$25-45/€15-35

Socks - £10-15/$12-17/€10-15

Pantyhose/Tights - £15-25/$20-30/€15-25 (depending on denier)

Bras - £30-40/$35-50/€30-40

Facemasks (each) - £10/$15/€12

Flats/sneakers/slippers - £20-30/$30-40/€25-35

Heels/boots - £40+/$50+/€40+

Photosets (10 pictures) - £20-30/$30-40/€20-30

Dick Ratings - £10-15/$20-25/€12-15

Videos (Premade) - £2-5 per minute/$5-7 per minute/€3-6 per minute

Videos (custom) - £10+ per minute/$15+ per minute/€12+ per minute

Sexting (30 minutes) - £30-60/$40-60/€30-50

Domination/ownership (1 week) - £150-250/$200-300/€170-270

Hair/nail clippings/vials - £10-15/$15-20/€12-18

Lollipops (each)- £5-10/$10-15/€7-10

Gym wear - £20-45/$25-50/€22-47

Sex toys (depending on toys) - £25+/$30+/€25+

Never undervalue yourself

This is just a very short and basic summary of prices, and obviously does not cover absolutely everything that is available on the website. I am always here in messenger to help if anyone has questions, and always remember: You know your worth, and never undervalue yourself to try and make a quick sale. If the buyer likes your items and you, they will respect your prices. You will make sales and do well, these things take time sometimes.

Feel free to message me about anything, and if you have any other pricing questions. I have gotten my prices from average pricing on ATW/MTW as well as through experience doing online sales and with people who have also done kinky selling for a long time. You may not completely agree with these prices, but as I said these are a guide, not mandatory pricing for you to use.

Know your worth, never undervalue yourselves, your amazing and will do so much here <3 And remember, you are #OverAFiverAndWorthIt


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