Body Insecurities and Mental Struggles as a Fetish Seller

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Body Insecurities and Mental Struggles as a Fetish Seller


Since puberty I have struggled with how I look.

Jaw too square, hands too big, too tall, not skinny enough etc.

Through school hearing names, man hands, fugly, fat and so many more.

I know I’m not the only one. So may here have has bullies in their lives, maybe still do.

Since Joining

I joined ATW before but left after a year because I wasn’t hitting goals, getting enough sales to even cover premium membership and ended up feeling really defeated.

I gave up. And yes... I regret that decision.

I had so many reviews on that profile and now I’m struggling to get sales and reviews since coming back.

Since becoming a seller on ATW my confidence has increased, slightly.

Coming back to ATW this time is different because I am unavailable to Customs.

Real life still exists for Sellers, we have family problems, work issues and all sorts.

Customs used to be a big part of my sales and since being unable to do them, they have dropped drastically.

I am in no way “confident” or “comfortable” in my skin.

A lot of us here struggle with mental health and body image.

I am one of them.

Having suffered with anxiety and depression for many years means when I take a photo for a sale…

I take 10

When I make a sale for a video

I make 3

When I send the “best ones” or the ones I like most… my anxiety kicks in yet again and instead off 2 photos, I will send 3 or 4 just in case you don’t like them.

I am a people pleaser.

That is a hard thing to be here.


Being a people pleaser here is hard because you never know if your work is “good enough” or what the customer was wanting exactly.

The anxiety gets worse when they don’t give you any feedback or leave a review.

My anxiety won’t allow me to message to see if things were ok because what if they’re not?


My goals for being here is to become as confident in photos/videos as I am sexting.

Because that is something I am good at.

But being here means I have to go out of my comfort zone and most of the time everyone is so amazing and uplifting.

But I always choose my photos carefully.

I am not skinny, slim, athletic, yet I am also not curvy or bbw.

Most of the time I’m bloated and hide it as best I can.

ATW shows what we want to show and hide what we don’t.


Because I lack a lot of confidence in my appearance, I always end up comparing myself to others.

I know every body is different and beautiful but saying that to myself doesn’t always work.

I scroll on the dash and admire the ladies here that are so confident in themselves – then I remember we’re not always confident.

But seeing sellers getting the sales while I struggle through can go one of 2 ways…

  1. They can make me work and push myself harder.
  2. They can make me wonder what is wrong with me that I’m not getting the sales.

None of these are healthy options, I know, and I shouldn’t compare myself to anyone because there is only 1 of me,

On the days I feel good I know I am incredible and capable of so much… I just have to hold on to those days.


The main reason for me writing this is to give you a little background on me.

So other people that also struggle know they’re not alone.

(my messages are always open for any reason)

But mainly, if you work with someone, me or any other Seller… please, please leave feedback or a review.

Communication doesn’t end just because you’ve got your item or had you session.

We rely a lot on reviews.

Even if things aren’t exactly what you were hoping for, drop us a message and tell us!

And I want to thank Sellers who have shown me kindness and support when I’ve needed it.

I hope this helps other sellers get more reviews too.

Give these hardworking sellers’ shops a look, read our carefully crafted bios and don’t be afraid to message us.

I would say most of us don’t push for sales, we’re happy for a chat but for most of us this is our second job so please either tip or don’t expect constant free chat as we have to prioritise those that pay.

No that doesn’t mean we’re “money hungry” ... it means we’re WORKING.

Your jobs don’t expect you to work for free so please treat us with respect and don’t waste our time.

Stay Kinky

Sasha Star

By SashaStar382

Hello and welcome to my profile! Tired Mama W/L [email protected] UK only for physical orders 🇬🇧 First a little about me; I'm 32 5ft7 Curvy Brown hair Blue eyes Gamer (mainly fortnite) Crafter Yummy Mummy Single - not looking Work from home Home...

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SashaStar382 @Goddessoftemptation ❤️❤️❤️

SashaStar382 @MarieRose ❤️❤️❤️ thank you lovely xxx

Goddessoftemptation I love this ♥️

MarieRose Love this blog! You are gorgeous!

SashaStar382 @Aura I appreciate that so so much!! Thank you gorgeous 😘 xx

Aura This is such a lovely read because I can relate to so many parts of it 💖 I really hope your confidence grows because my god you’re stunning !

DaddysDumDoll 🖤🖤🖤

SashaStar382 @LeeTheBoneRanger couldn't agree more 💋❤️

LeeTheBoneRanger @SashaStar382 No deadlines for journeys, safe and comfortable arrivals are most important Xx

SashaStar382 @LeeTheBoneRanger I know it's a journey... I'm getting there ❤️❤️

SashaStar382 @WetNsmelly86 ❤️❤️❤️❤️

LeeTheBoneRanger Real raw, honest and refreshing read. Hope you get there in seeing what other's see Xx

WetNsmelly86 @SashaStar382 I am those two things LOL but I know that some people are interested in that and some are not but mentally it's just hard not to compare yourself

SashaStar382 @Nick352388 that's awesome! I know I'm not the only one who appreciates reviews x

Nick352388 As a buyer I always appreciate the work sellers do behind the scenes. You are taking time away from your family and other things you would like to be doing. Lastly I always post a review and thank the seller telling them how much I appreciate their order.

SashaStar382 @WetNsmelly86 lives are a huge no for me because my anxiety says a huge fat NO haha 🙈

SashaStar382 @WetNsmelly86 amazing!!! Thank you xx

WetNsmelly86 @Lucky13th I feel that way about live calls I can't do them really no matter how hard I try. Custom videos I can make like premade but not live. I'm also afraid of this and it's sad but I'm glad my feelings are validated

WetNsmelly86 I want to thank you for this and I wanted to write something similar. So I also send more than I'm supposed to with customs because I'm afraid it's not got enough. I'm also always worried that I didn't do my best. But then sometimes I get made at myself because they have all these extras. Then they expect it next time or don't seem greatful. I rarely am able to do customs so I understand. I have always been a thicker thin girl until 6 years ago then I blew up. I'm learning how to love my body the way it is. What I just want to add to what you said because too struggle from Mental health issues and learnes the hard way my first year here and got blocked by many buyers that are now popular on here!... Make sure that you take a break when you need to. I learned to do that am doing so much better in here. When someone on here bullys or hurts my feelings somehow I need to learn too get offline and take a break because that can snowball into me getting mean and that's not fair to anyone. I try to now be a positive person on here (the best I can be). I feel like I'm rambling. Just mental health is important you will not miss anything if you take a day off! Take care of yourself first!

SashaStar382 @Panthero you're always so sweet 🥰🥰🥰 thank you xx

Panthero I love and admire your honesty and bravery in writing that! Body image issues is something I completely understand and struggle with as well but please, please, please know that you ARE absolutely beautiful SashaStar!!! And I'm not saying that to be nice or to 'get' anything, I'm simply saying it because it's true!!!

SashaStar382 @ToeDoe 🫂 it's so hard to be a People pleaser xx

SashaStar382 @Rubylovexxxx thank you x

SashaStar382 @GoldiesTinyToes ❤️❤️❤️

ToeDoe when I take a photo for a sale… I take 10 When I make a sale for a video I make 3 When I send the “best ones” or the ones I like most… my anxiety kicks in yet again and instead off 2 photos, I will send 3 or 4 just in case you don’t like them. I am a people pleaser. This hits so hard, because I'm like that!

Rubylovexxxx This was an amazing and relatable blog, thank you ♥️

GoldiesTinyToes Yes this!! This is how I feel at times. Thank you for sharing.

SashaStar382 @Mistress_Ivy51 🥰🥰 thank you so much x

Mistress_Ivy51 What a fabulous blog! Thank you for putting your heart and soul into it and I hope your confidence grows and sales increase! 🥰☺️ Xx

SashaStar382 @Lucky13th yes!! This!!! ❤️❤️❤️

Lucky13th Thank you for sharing. For me, I stopped making custom videos because the anxiety of it made it too hard for my mental health. I was so scared to look unattractive from an angle and turn the person off. I’d rather make pre-made content to ensure I feel more in control of how my body looks. It’s hard, but you’re definitely not alone.🖤

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