Inside The Life of a Real Sugar Baby

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Inside The Life of a Real Sugar Baby

Hey, Hi, how are ya? I’m Keeeks from the beautiful Republic of Ireland. I’m 32, a Single Mother, and Yes, I am a Real-life Sugar Baby.

I’m here to tell you all about the life of Sugaring, (Sugaring = receiving money, gifts, support in exchange for dating). I’m sure when you picture a Sugar Baby or even a Sugar Daddy/Momma, you picture a beautiful, luxurious, designer lifestyle with fancy meals, trips abroad, and a full Bank Account, but I am here to tell you, that’s all Lies!

People assume becoming a Sugar Baby is a very easy way to make a ton of cash, but it takes time, effort, and patience much like the Panties Selling business! You will never become rich, but you might be able to buy that expensive bag you had your eye on or pay off that pesky debt earlier than planned.

From my experience, some men who are not as familiar with the act of being a Sugar Daddy, get Sugar Babies confused with Escorts. The difference between the two; a Sugar Baby is a regular arrangement, and an Escort is hired usually just for one night of dining out, one night of company or one event. This makes finding the right Sugar Daddy very tiresome at times.

I spend a lot of time educating new Sugar Daddies on what they are signing up for, and most of them realise they are in the wrong field. Which is completely fine. Most of my encounters end up with me saying ‘’Sorry babes, you are actually looking for an Escort, not a Sugar Baby’’. Now, don’t get me wrong, I fully respect and admire Escorts. Their job ain’t easy! That’s just not my field of expertise.

So, how do you become a Sugar Baby you may ask?!

Well, let me tell you. You educate yourself! You set your boundaries, you decide what you are comfortable with, and you DO NOT do it solely for the money.

If you start anything just for the money, it is no longer something fun to do. Your boundaries are ignored, and you will find yourself in trouble. And we don’t want that. My boundaries: never assume Sex will definitely happen, do not settle, only enter an arrangement with someone you Vibe with, at the 1st sign of my No being ignored I’m out, and ALWAYS do a public, casual meet 1st.

I always meet my potentials for a casual Coffee and a Chat. Before this initial meet, however, we chat a little online or via text/phone, and I lay out my conditions and I ask him to lay out his. I detest time wasters, so I always make sure I give my potential all the info so he can make an informed decision. If he agrees, we move to a meet. I will ask him his budget, what he expects, how often he expects to see me, and what he expects to do.

I will tell him my expectations. These are;

  1. Sex will only happen if there is a connection. I love Sex, love having Sex, but for me, the only time it is enjoyable is when both Parties share a connection and are 100% comfortable with each other.
  2. I am not an Escort. My private life needs to be respected. Do not call me up last minute and expect me to drop everything. I will respect your private life, please respect mine.
  3. Building a connection takes effort, I will never contact you 1st but I expect contact to be kept up. I don’t need you to bombard me with messages but let me know I’m on your mind.
  4. Discretion is not just important to you, it is to me too. Respect my privacy. Do not show up at my house or work. Do not contact my Family or Friends.
  5. My financial expectation completely depends on my potentials budget. I don’t do this for the money, I do it because I genuinely love it. But I do have a minimum amount I will not go below.

So once we both agree on our terms and conditions, and we are both happy to continue, we organise a 1st in-person meet. This meet is ‘’free’’ and is to give both of us a chance to see if we Vibe. It is a casual meet up for a Coffee and the chats. Anyone that knows me here knows I love the Chats! This is where I make my assessment. Do I actually like this person? Does our energy Match? Can I see myself looking forward to meeting this person again?

If I answer no to any of the questions, he will get a very polite ‘’I’m sorry, but I didn’t feel a connection, I don’t want to go ahead with this arrangement, but I hope you find someone suitable.’’

And that’s it. I move on to the next. And the search begins all over. The same goes for him. If he doesn’t think our Vibe works, I would expect him to be honest, let me know straight away, and we cut all contact. You need to be fully prepared for a let-down. Do not allow your feelings to get hurt, just because he doesn’t Vibe with you. Girl, we dust ourselves off, pick up our bags and move on!

Now, how do we find such Sugar Daddies?

Well, let me tell you, they do not slide into your DMs offering you $3,500 straight off the bat, that’s for sure! Real Sugar Daddies are discreet. They don’t advertise the fact they are Sugar Daddies. They are busy individuals who live by the mantra ‘work hard, Play hard’.

There are reputable Online platforms to find your Sugar Daddy/Mamma, or Sugar Baby, that go through endless verification processes and ensure everyone is who they say they are.

Real Sugar Daddies never want to keep things online for too long. You meet online and they will want to meet you in person and see if the Vibe is right pretty much straight away. They don’t have time to spend messaging back and forth. It can sometimes feel very like a Business transaction, but remember, these men are usually tied up in the Business world. Everything is about closing the deal, and getting things moving a.s.a.p.

This brings me to the Sugar Daddy Scammers!

The pesty fake profiles that show up on every single social media platform. You know the ones…. ‘’Hi baby, do you want to be my Sugar Baby…???’’ they disappear for a while, but always make a return. Now, let me tell you exactly how to spot them quickly so you don’t waste your time on them.

When a strange old man’s profile slides into your DMs, and he hits you with ‘’ You are so beautiful, I would love to make you my Sugar Baby…’’ Block and report. He is fake.

If an older man’s profile slides into your DMs and within the 1st 6 sentences he asks you for KiK, Block and Report, he is fake.

If a profile shows up here on the Dash, and it says something like, ‘’message (insert a ridiculously perverted profile name) to be taken care of…’’ Report and Block. He is Fake.

If someone slides into your DMs offering you a crazy amount of Money, or Bitcoin Block and Report because he will follow this with ‘’….please top-up this card with $100 or $50 so I know I can trust you…’’ Block and Report. He is Fake!

No real Sugar Daddy will offer you money randomly on social media. Most of them don’t even have a Social Media account. If they do, it is on Private, and he has a very low number of followers.

The Sugar Baby world can be exciting, and actually very empowering.

I have met some amazing men, and I am still in contact with some of them today. Some have become mentors, and I turn to some of them for advice when it comes to financial opportunities. But it is a very tedious process finding the right one, who will respect you as an individual, respect your boundaries and not treat you like property.

You need to be very confident within yourself, trust yourself fully and always protect yourself first. Be very clear on what you want, what you are open to engaging with, and how far you are willing to go. And ALWAYS remember, this is an arrangement. Feelings are irrelevant, do not blur the lines.

Once your meet or date is over, you return to your regular scheduled programme. I have met girls who tried their hand at Sugaring, caught the feels, and ended up heartbroken. Don’t let that be you!

I really hope this blog gave you a little insight into my Life as A Sugar Baby. It’s a short snapshot, and I could write for days, but I will stop here. If you got to this part, I appreciate you sticking around. I hope you enjoyed reading it, and it answered at least one question you may have had.

Until the next time.

Keeeks_afterDark X

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