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About LeonaDeFuego

Below: quick summary, about me, policies, what I offer and rates (scroll to bottom) and a little gift tucked in there somewhere for you to hunt for. 😁🤩😘

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f**king fantastic to work with. Professional, mature, friendly & kind. Patient, not pushy, happy to fulfill your desires & happy to see you get your desires fulfilled elsewhere if what I offer doesn’t fit your needs. A wonderful woman trying to be the human I wish to see in the world.

TLDR: Genuine, generous, articulate & congenial Goddess who loves a good conversation (and a good s**t 😁), takes incredible care of her loyal buyers, has a strong intoxicating scent (very potent for orders with a workout add-on), takes great care in producing her orders, consistently exceeds expectations on customs (taboo included) & knows her worth. Personal trainer, fitness instructor, cyclist, Spanish speaker (háblame en tu lengua nativa cariño) & former world championship salsa compet*tor. 💃🏻🚴🏻‍♀️🏋️‍♂️😎 😁

You may address me by any of the following: Leona, Goddess, my Goddess, Mommy, my lion goddess, my fire goddess, Beautiful, Gorgeous, mi reina, mi Diosa, mi tesoro, amor/mi amor, Hermosa, cariño, s**y, Momma, Mama, Mistress, Master, Ma’am, or Miss. Mind which ones I like capitalized & which ones I don’t. Don’t bore me by using just one.

I get asked, what does my name mean. It’s Fire Lioness in Spanish. Explanation: isn’t it obvious? 😏🔥🔥🔥 If it isn’t, get to know me a little and you’ll find out it’s not just my luscious mane.


About Me:

Personal trainer/fitness instructor, sober woman, cyclist, former compet*tive dancer (salsa), humanity-loving Buddhist who is loving the sh*t out of this incarnation & advancing along the path to enlightenment. 💪🚴🏻‍♀️💃🏻✌️

I shower 1-2 times a week generally - I consider showering a chore & would do it once a month if I could get away with it. I absolutely love my own scents, both my pu**y and my armpits.

I’m a heavy sweater when I exercise - thank you genetics! 💦💦 Panties with a workout add-on have been described as quite potent.

Honest & direct, genuine, trustworthy, respectful, mature, articulate. I like interacting with people who are also these things. I am a very kind, caring, understanding & non-judgemental gal. I am also a natural Domme & I know what power I possess and adore my subs, especially the ones I’ve built long term relationships with. I will happily tease & torture you 🤩, command you, degrade you or humiliate you if you wish, however these services are not free.

Down to earth, friendly & show the real me. No filters, no photoshop, no makeup except mascara some of the time.

I always follow through on my promises & expect you to do the same. I take exceptional care of my loyal customers & subs.

I ❤️❤️❤️ s**ting & I love making custom video & photo content.

I ❤️❤️❤️ providing Domme as well as girlfriend experiences & you will too.

I give & expect respect. Zero tolerance of objectifying treatment or flakiness/lack of follow through. I’m very friendly but will not chat endlessly if a purchase isn’t being discussed.

Respect = seeking consent. Don’t send me images without asking first.

Respect = honest communication. I appreciate hearing “no thank you,” “I’ve found another seller to purchase from at the moment” or “that’s out of budget for me” & prefer you communicate that versus going silent.

Don’t ask me to lower my prices. I put great effort and time into fulfilling your desires, I am very generous and I know the quality and value of my wares and services. If what I charge doesn’t match your purchasing ability please search for what you need elsewhere.

Soy latina por inyección 😉 y me reencanta comunicarme en español con mis clientes de habla hispana.

Buyers have on occasion asked where they can send me a tip for my generosity, my caring, genuine nature & my s**iness. I happily & gratefully accept tips and gifts and always express my grat*tude in ways pleasing to my patrons. 🙏❤️😘 You can find my payment app and Amazon wishlist links here:

Did I say I’m caring, kind & giving yet? I thank anyone who Follows me with two complimentary nude photos, so go hit the Follow bu*ton for my grat*tude in the form of pleasure & t*tillation. (Congratulations! You found the hidden treasure in my bio!) FYI, I don’t send photos, especially nudes, until consent is given & you shouldn’t either.

Buddhist, a bright shining soul touching lives & making the world a better place, very grateful for where my soul is at in its evolution & hope for personal growth throughout my lifetime.

My purpose in life is to help other people feel better about themselves, their fellow humans & the world we live in.

May you be happy. May you be at peace. May you be free from suffering. 💜🕉️🪷

And may the Force be with you!



⚠️Payment for goods & services up front: I will not wear items, create content or engage in experiences without pre-payment.

⚠️ALL CONTENT IS FOR YOUR PRIVATE, PERSONAL USE ONLY. Images are the property of LeonaDeFuego & may not be copied, reproduced or distributed. Violation of these rules will incur legal action. I remain the sole owner of my content & may revoke access at any time.

⚠️As the sole owner of all of my content, I reserve the right to use custom content as I wish after creating it, including marketing it to a larger audience or to other buyers. I generally allow a grace p****d to pa** before doing this as a courtesy.

⚠️Communication: I do not communicate off this site before a purchase has been made. No exceptions. Multiple requests for communicating offsite will be reported to admin & the buyer blocked.

⚠️Respect: I only work with buyers who respect me & my policies & who value integrity as I do.

⚠️Payment memo: Either do not write anything in the memo/reason line on payments to me or put “To my love, “To my friend” or “Gift” in the payment memo.

⚠️Once a package is put to post it is out of my control. Tracking numbers provided whenever possible.

⚠️No refunds.

⚠️You have 48 hours to complete a purchase once an order has been created for you otherwise the item becomes available to other interested parties.



**CashApp is preferred. PayPal or KinkCoins accepted with a $3 added fee. For Wishtender/Amazon Wishlist options please inquire ($3 added fee). LEAVE NO NOTE on payment memo**


🩲 Panties: $25+shipping (silk, satin or other high cost panties $35+shipping)
🧦 Socks: $15+shipping
- Pantyhose: $20+shipping
- Bras: prices start at $40+shipping
👟 Shoes: prices start at $50+shipping
💦🍋 Vials (sp*t, creampie, lemonade): $15/10ml+shipping, $10 for each additional vials, 5 vials for $35

Worn item pricing includes 24hrs wear, two photos, and for panties 30min stuffed up my pu**y before being vacuum sealed & shipped. $10 for add-ons like additional days, workout, orgasm, creampie, no wipe p**, no shower, etc. Combine 3 or more add-ons for $7 each.

Video add-on with order for a discounted $5/min (the deepest video discount I offer).

Shipping options for panties/small items are $6 for 4-5 day delivery or $10 for 3 day delivery. International shipping available (rates vary).

CashApp is my preference for payment. I also accept PayPal or KinkCoins for a $3 fee. Ask about Wishtender or Amazon gf options. LEAVE NO NOTE on payment memo.

*Video, photo or audio content includes one month access and is sent via Google Drive.*

🎥 Custom videos*: $5-$10/min depending on content (20% discount for videos 6min or more)

🎥 Pre-made videos*: $3/min for videos up to 6min (20% discount for videos 6min or more)

📸 Custom photos*: $4-$8/pic depending on content (20% discount for bundles of 5 pics or more)

📸 Pre-made photos*: $3 each (20% discount for bundles of 5 pics or more)

🎧 Audio JOI $7*/5min, $13*/10min
🎥 Video JOI clothed: $15*/5min, $20*/10min
🎥 Video JOI naked: $20*/5min, $30*/10min*
*Customize with your name mentioned for just $10 more!
🎥 Via live videochat: scroll down for videochat pricing.

🏋️‍♂️ Nude workout videos*: 15min video for $25, 20min video for $30, 30min video for $40

🍫 p**ping videos*: $13 ($10 each* with pre-purchase of 5 or more videos, $7 each with pre-purchase of 10 or more videos)

🍋 p**ing videos*: $5 ($4 each with pre-purchase of 5 or more videos, $3 each with pre-purchase of 10 or more videos)

💨 Farting videos*: $2

You may bundle multiple experiences for 20% off if you prepay for 3 experiences or more at a time, which can be scheduled out as you wish. You may also mix and matching different experiences to create a bundle.

🤤 s**ting (my fave❤️😈): $15/15min, $10 for each additional 15min increment. Add photos during session for $10 for every 4 photos.

🎥 Videochats clothed: $13 for 5min, $8 for each 5min increment after that.

🎥 Videochats naked: $20 for 5min, $13 for each 5min increment after that.

🏋️‍♂️ Nude online personal training: $75/30min.

-d*ck ratings: $10 via text, $15 via voice, $20 via video file, $25 live videocall (5 minute maximum)

-Mommy/Mistress/Domme experience: be my sub, sissy, slave, little or pay pig. Address me as Mistress or Mommy when you inquire. I am an excellent Mommy or Nurturing Domme and Task Domme, and also do well as a Humiliation/Degrading Domme. Interview process ($25) includes discussing your wants, experience, preferences and more. Weekly tribute is established as part of the interview process and is determined with input from both parties. Long term arrangements preferred, primarily for your benefit and betterment. References available and you may also peruse my reviews.

-A la carte Mommy/Mistress/Domme experiences available. Inquire with your request for pricing and parameters.

-Girlfriend experience (no photos): $30/day or $125/week

-Girlfriend experience w/ photos*: $65/day or $275/week (3 videos added to week-long GFE)

-Dash drains: $40 deposit required pre-drain. $2/Like, $2/Comment or $1/$1 options available.

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Age: 30-40

Ethnicity Caucasian (White)

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Panties & Knickers Thongs Lingerie Bras Trainers / Sneakers Socks Pantyhose & Tights Tops Gym Clothes Accessories Photo Sets Video Clips Experiences Instant Pics Instant Vids

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My partner gave me permission to have my former lover over. The lover that was so obsessed with...

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Available for customs, sexting, videochats! Who’s hungry? 😋


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Had a FANTASTIC sexting/storytime session with a special buyer tonight. Highly satisfying for both parties. 🤤😈🥰


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Accepting applicants for Locktober. Let Mommy hold your key and put you through absolute hell for the month. 😈

Message Mommy for details.


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Buyers, take a browse through my listings! I have something to please everyone, including some things I can’t make listings for but will happily provide. 😈😈😈 All orders over $20 get access to my deepest discount on custom videos at $5/minute, and all orders over $30 receive a thank you of a set of 5 pre-made photos curated by yours truly! 😘

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Mommy has the next three days off and her partner is working all weekend so she’ll be all by her lonesome - who is going to keep me occupied? And entertained? 😈😈😈


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Added a new photo > My enthusiastic and repeat nude workout video buyer @DodgyBob being very observant of Mommy’s nip slip in the first part of the most recent video she recorded. … The lingerie came off for the second set. 😉🤤 … HMU if you’d like your own video of your Goddess lifting weights naked and teasing you.


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Added a new photo > Threw on this little number (my partner’s favorite color) and am going to drive to his house for a little fuck before he goes to work for the weekend. Can you tell whether I’m wearing panties under it? … Want them after we finish? HMU 😈


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