Thank you, Bobby

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Thank you, Bobby

“Let me see Her.”

“Yes Bobby,” I said as I felt a wave of heat and desire rush through my body.

…It was the way he said it. That desperation in his voice that made it sound as if he wasn’t sure he could go on if he didn’t get what he hungered for.

Yes, that’s it. Hunger. Insatiable hunger oozed out of his words. Desperate, primal hunger that drove him to implore his Goddess to grant his singular wish.

I closed my eyes to maximize the only sense that mattered at that moment: the heat that washed through me in waves and concentrated itself between my legs. The euphoric gratification of feeling like my pussy was the most perfect one he’d ever seen. Like I was the most captivating creature he’d ever met.

He came into the bedroom where I was standing naked and knelt on the carpet in front of me. A soft moan escaped his lips as he stared at Her, his mouth agape and his eyes ablaze with awe and lust.

“Have you missed Her?” I asked.

“Yes, Goddess. So much.”

I closed my eyes again to enjoy the extreme satisfaction of his words. Then I felt myself falling suddenly as he pushed me backwards onto the bed.

“Open your legs please. I need to see all of Her.”

So I did. And I watched him. And he stared. And kept staring. And came in close, his face inches away from Her, and just stared.

By this time the waves going through my body had become like a heartbeat around my clitoris and inside my pussy - a pulsating ache for Bobby to stop staring and start doing something more.

At that moment he did do something more. Something unexpected that I’d never experienced with any previous lover and that I will never forget. He looked up at me and implored, “May I smell Her, Goddess?”

The heat between my legs doubled and I felt a pulsation that made me think, “If I’d still been standing, I think my knees would have buckled.”

“Yes, Bobby,” I said in that tiny little girl voice that came out whenever I was around him.

He buried his nose into Her, inhaling deeply. His forehead was cool on my clitoris I briefly wondered if my pussy felt as hot on his forehead as it felt to me inside my body. Then I wondered whether the pulsations I felt were palpable to him around his nose or just in my head, and as I was thinking all of this, I heard another one of his moans, this one much louder and even more desperate than the little whimper he’d uttered when he entered the room. My body involuntary shuddered this time and I felt my vagina contract around his nose.

“Well, I guess that answers that question,” I thought.

He stayed there inhaling my scent as deeply as he could for a few moments, then he pulled back from me and sat kneeling on the ground in front of me like a man about to bow down before his God. But instead of prostrating himself, he just sat there, staring.

A couple of moments passed. He didn’t take his eyes off Her for even an instant, though his expression constantly morphed, from awe to desire, to a look of primal need, to reverence and gratitude, and then back to awe.

I couldn’t stand the silence anymore and started to say his name. (I loved and to this day, years since our tryst, still love saying his name and experiencing the feelings that come over me. ‘Hello Bobby.’ ‘Thank you Bobby.’ ‘Yes Bobby.’ Those phrases have an indescribable effect on me and carry with them countless memories of worship exchanged equally from one to the other.)

“Bobby…?” I started to say, but he stopped me.

“Shhh. Don’t speak. Just let me look at Her.”

“Yes Bobby,” I said in that quiet, whispering little girl voice again.

I sat quietly and watched him as he watched Her.

He watched Her for a long time, and I watched him, the heat in my body rising with each passing moment.

I could feel myself getting wetter and wetter, until I finally felt a trickle of my wetness run down my taint and into my asshole. It felt cool and made me clench, producing an audible sound from my pussy and once again from Bobby’s lips their escaped to deep, guttural “Ooooooh.”

That was apparently his breaking point and he stood up, grabbed my hips, scooted me toward him until my ass was hanging a little bit off the edge of the bed and kneeled back down on the ground, this time leaning forward to lick my wetness, starting at my asshole where the trickle had stopped and running his tongue over my taint, up the crevice between my labia and then gently flicking my clit a few times with the tip of his tongue before sitting back again and looking me in the eyes. It was the first time he’d looked in my eyes in almost 10 minutes and my body once again convulsed.


“Yes Goddess?”

“Please fuck me, Bobby. I’m dying.”




“…Damnit Bobby!” I said in a pained, angry voice.

“Stand up and turn around.”

“…Yes Bobby.”

I obeyed and as I turned to face the bed, he took my hips in his hands and gave me a quarter turn so that the bed was to my side and there was space in front of me. Then he stood up quickly, put one hand on the front of my hip and with his other hand powerfully pushed my head toward the floor, folding me in half.

He kneeled back down and putting his hands on my round, firm ass used his thumbs to spread open my pussy.

The cool air contacting spaces that had been concealed and the sound my pussy made when he opened my lips confirmed how wet I was.

As I was thinking “God, I don’t know if I’ve ever been this wet“ I felt Bobby shove his tongue as deep into Her as he could and start tongue fucking me.

He tongue fucked my asshole too, alternating between my holes and occasionally burying a finger into Her in rhythm with his tongue thrusts in and out of my asshole.

This went on for a handful of minutes until he stood up again, pulled me upright, turned me to face away from the bed and for a second time shoved me backwards onto it.

He stood over me. “What do you want Goddess?”

“…I want to suck your cock Bobby.”

“Good girl.”

Another set of convulsions.

He came around to stand at the side of the bed next to my large 5-foot by 5-foot mirror – the one I would naughtily refer to as the best artwork in my home – and started unbuttoning his jeans. I shimmied over as he got naked and started sucking his cock, looking at us in the mirror as I did and getting even more turned on.

“Turn around so I can see Her in the mirror while you do that.“

I gargled out agreement and he positioned us so that we both could see what was going on in the mirror. He held a handful of my copious, curly brown hair and moved my head forward and backward along his cock. I stared at his cock going in and out of my mouth and then stared at my dripping wet pussy, watching Her open and close as she throbbed.

Seeing Her throbbing reminded me of how terribly turned on I was and how badly I needed his cock inside me, so I pulled my head back and said “Bobby…?“

“Yes Goddess? “

“Will you please fuck me, Bobby? “


“But Bobby!“ I exclaimed hotly.

“What, Goddess?“

“I need your cock Bobby! I need it so badly!!“

“Not today, Goddess. “

“BOBBY!” I yelled in an anguished voice.

“Quiet!” he said as he pushed my head forward so that my mouth went back over his cock.

I struggled a little, then felt his other hand glide down my thigh and felt his fingers push their way into Her.

He used his middle two fingers and went hard, his hand making wet sloshing noises as he stroked.

I pulled off and said, “Harder please, Bobby,“ and he went harder.

“Deeper please, Bobby.“

At that, he took all four fingers and started pounding me hard and fast, all the while holding my hair tightly and thrusting his hips to fuck my throat in time with his hand.


I gagged as I tried to utter back a “Yes, Bobby?”

“I’m close...“

My excitement hearing that must have made me suck harder and he groaned as his body began to shake.

He pounded my pussy as hard as he could as his body shuddered and bucked more strongly, then finally he rammed his hand into Her as he rammed his cock into the back of my throat and unloaded his lust into me, pulling back just slightly as he did so I wouldn’t throw up and could hold his cum in my mouth for a moment before I swallowed.

“Ohhhh Bobby,“ I said as I laid my head back onto the bed and let my legs go long and limp.

“Good girl.“

“Thank you, Bobby. “

“That’s a very, very good girl.“

“Yes, Bobby.“

By OneTitWonder

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