A Teacher’s Lesson on the World of ATW

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A Teacher’s Lesson on the World of ATW

Let me preface this by stating that I am by no means an “expert” on being successful on ATW, or in the area of kink in general. All of the knowledge I will be sharing below has come from my almost two years of experience solely on ATW.

The experiences I reference below are either ones I’ve witnessed other sellers go through or ones I have experienced myself. The topics I’ve chosen to write about are based on issues I have seen recently and questions I am asked frequently. I hope the following will serve as a “beginner’s guide” for how to appropriately navigate being a kink and fetish seller on ATW.

About Me

Hi there! My name is Teacherbitch, TeacherB, or Teach. Yes, I am a teacher in real life. You’d be shocked by the number of times I’m actually asked this question. When I first joined ATW I was brand new to the kink and fetish world, and honestly, I had no idea what I was doing.

I was so vanilla, I made vanilla tasteless. I just thought, “Oh, this will be cool. I’ll sell some foot pics, wear some stinky shoes, and earn some extra spending money.” In reality, I have gained so much more than what I originally intended. I’ve learned to love myself better and open myself to new experiences I never thought I would try before. I enjoy being a part of this community and it is for that reason I have chosen to write this blog.


Ride the Waves, Baby

Even as a seller who has been here almost two years, you will have SLOW periods of time where it seems like no one is buying. Use those slow periods to perfect your craft, create new listings, add new content to your Google Drive, and just use this time to connect with other people and get to know your potential buyers. The world of kink and fetishes is more than just the item, or the experience being sold. It’s about human connection and intimacy.

Whenever it’s slow, whatever you do, don’t compare yourself to others. They will have their slow times too, they just might not be at the same time as yours, and they might not post about it on the dash. You’re not doing anything wrong, so don’t take it personally. Just keep at it. Use this time to self-reflect. What’s something you can do better? What’s something new you can offer? What can you improve upon?

This is hard work. It’s exhausting, mentally and physically. You will feel burned out. You may even feel depressed and anxious at times. You may blame the slow periods on yourself and think that you’ve done something wrong. I have felt ALL of these. So, during those slow times, don’t just take time to work on your page and listings, but take time for yourself. Give yourself a break. Go spend time with friends, family, etc. Log off for the day, a week, a month, however long you need, and take care of the most important person: YOU.

The “Bluebird Sales” Attitude

If you’re just joining and expecting this to be an “easy cash grab,” I suggest saving yourself the time and heartache and leaving now. It’s perfectly fine if you’re here simply to make money, and I’m not telling you to leave out of malice. This is a huge commitment and I don’t want you to waste your time and energy if you’re not ready to give it your all.

I came across a slang term used in the sales world recently that I think applies here - the “Bluebird Sales” attitude. What does that mean? A “bluebird” is an unexpected, incredibly profitable sale. Or, essentially, an opportunity that just falls into your lap, with little to no effort.

As I’ve stated before, this is not easy. It may get easier as time goes on, but it will never truly be easy. It took me three weeks to make my first sale and ever since then, I have still had to keep at it.

Want to be successful? Create your own brand. Be unique. Get creative. Don’t copy and paste a fellow seller’s bio and listings. Be inspired, but don’t be a mime. While it may seem like flattery, it is so much more flattering when you message sellers directly asking for advice, or letting them know you love their listing idea or their bio. We WANT to help you. When you do better, it makes the experience for all of us better. Taking information from others’ pages makes you seem disingenuous and like you don’t want to put in the never-ending hard work, effort, and time it takes to satisfy your buyers and be successful.

I personally don’t charge anything for seller’s advice and there are lots of lovely ladies with seller's guides available on their pages at little to no cost. I have massive respect for those that have the courage to put themselves out there and ask for help when they need it. It’s something I struggle to do in my personal life.

When you choose to impersonate another seller, in the end, you’re only hurting yourself. Not putting your own work and effort into your page compromises your integrity and gives off the impression that you will also not put in the time and effort when preparing your buyers’ orders. At the end of the day, buyers pick you not just for the items or content you have to offer, but for your own unique personality and the vibes you give off. So, BE YOU.

Educate Yourself About The World of Kink

Before engaging in ANY kind of kink or fetish make sure you do the research, especially if you’re new to all of it. Do not offer an experience you know nothing about, even if you see others offering it.

For example, the humiliation kink. I’m writing about this one in particular because I feel like it’s something I’m well-known for on ATW. It was not something I offered when I first came to ATW, mainly because I didn’t understand anything about it. Humiliation content is more than just “being mean” and calling people “losers.” There are so many nuances to humiliation and aftercare you have to provide that I could probably write an entirely separate blog about it. AND, just because the buyer states they’re into humiliation in their bio, in a post, etc. doesn’t mean you should approach them right away with it. You shouldn’t be giving those experiences away for free anyways.

Don’t be afraid to ask your buyers what they enjoy about their kinks and fetishes. Just because one person might like toxic-smelling socks, doesn’t mean the next buyer will. I don’t have any specific sites to suggest for doing your research, but I can tell you that Google will be your best friend, as well as watching and observing more experienced sellers engaging in the kinks you’re interested in offering. I’ve even had other sellers ask to purchase my content to use as a “study guide” for their own content. I think that is so responsible and admirable.

Every single experience provided on ATW should be consensual. That means not addressing everyone on the dash as “piggy idiots,” demanding someone pay your bills or sending unsolicited nudes, whether you’re a buyer OR a seller. Consent is, and always will be, sexy.

Bait Posts, Scammers, & No Intention to Buy

You see a post on the dash. It’s from a buyer asking, “What if, blah blah blah, did this, what would you do?” NOPE. STOP RIGHT THERE. This right here is a great example of a bait post. This “buyer” is more than likely looking to engage in free kinky chat with you, especially if they are a brand new buyer, whether it be through comments on a post, answering a poll question, or messages. Think of it as free sexting. Would you provide sexting for free? Hopefully, your answer is no.

Here are some examples of bait posts and/or messages I’ve run across since I’ve been here:

  • The Troll: These ones are pretty obvious. Instead of engaging with the troll’s banter, report and block. They’re looking for that attention, whether it be negative or positive. Doesn’t matter to them. It’s tempting as hell to play along, but don’t do it. Report the abuse and block.
  • The Pity Partier: Brand new buyer complaining about how people are being rude to them, or won’t sell to them? There’s probably a reason why.
  • The Sugar Daddy: “Hey Baby, message me on Snap, Kik, Telegram, etc. and I’ll pay you $1,000 every week.” First of all, when in your life have you ever gotten anything for free? NOTHING in life is free. Also, there should be absolutely no reason for you to go off-site unless a purchase has already been made. Even then, I would never share off-platform communication unless it was with a trusted buyer I have worked with for quite a while. These “buyers” are always scammers. There are no true “sugar daddies” on ATW. Sometimes, they’ll even start the message with “hi, how are you?” or “where are you from?” to seem legit. Don’t fall for it.
  • The Persistent Poster: If the buyer just joined and is posting over and over again within a short amount of time, mentioning different requests despite numerous offers, they’re just getting off to the free attention. You’ll even see them delete the post they made before and repost minutes later in order to avoid suspicion.
  • The Rick Astley: If you have already gone through almost two pages of messages and the buyer is dodging your mentions of payment, he is never gonna pay up. Almost all of the buyers I’ve worked with have known what they wanted straight away and paid almost immediately, or at least within 24 hours. Of course, there are special circumstances where a buyer might ask to pay on a specific day. In order to avoid disappointment, I won’t create the order until the day they intend to pay. Saves yourself time and the buyer a 1-star review if they decide to change their mind.
  • The Intentionally Indecisive: If you ask a buyer what they’re interested in and they say something like, “anything,” or they’re “looking for ideas,” or “what’s the grossest thing you have to offer?” they’re just looking for free kinky chat. I’ve always redirected these people to my listings to pick out what they like and every single time they’ve stopped responding after that. These “buyers” never buy anything.
  • The Picture Before Purchase: “I need to see proof or a preview before I purchase.” This person is not going to buy. No matter how many reviews or purchases he has. Don’t give them the satisfaction of free content. Just. Don’t. Never have I ever given away previews or freebies and it led to a sale. NEVER. Your “previews” and “freebies” should be the images you have added on your page and in your listings.
  • The Instagram Account: There are several “buyers” profiles that have been here for days, weeks, months, or some that join right away, and all they do is post endless selfies or other photos, over and over again to the feed for the free interaction and attention. They’ve never bought anything and they probably never will.

Dash Drains

This has been an increasingly hot topic as of late, and a kink that is unfairly being used and abused. What are dash drains? Dash drains are a findom experience where you and the buyer decide on a set amount of comments and/or likes that have monetary value for a set amount of time.

For example, you and the buyer may agree on 2 comments and a like per person on your dash drain post, worth $1 each for 1 hour. At the end of the hour, the buyer is expected to pay the total amount based on the number of likes and/or comments.

Dash drains can be thrilling and exciting both for the buyer and the seller. But, there is more to dash drains, and findom in general, than just taking someone’s money. A successful dash drain starts with establishing a long-term relationship with a buyer. I have done a few dash drains since joining ATW and they have always been with trusted buyers that I have established a bond with and worked with before.

Buyers who ask for dash drains right away after they’ve joined are not authentic, and chances are you’ll be ending your dash drain in disappointment, along with all of the people who wasted their time helping you drain. Even if the buyer has paid their deposit, that does not mean they will pay the drain amount at the end.

Make sure the deposit matches the risk. In addition, findom requires a considerable amount of aftercare. Dash drains are quite literally, “draining.” Yes, they’re fun. Yes, they’re exciting. But don’t start one, or even participate in one, until you fully understand it. As I’ve stated before, do the research. Otherwise, you’re just contributing to the disease of fake, never-ending, pointless dash drains.

You’re Worth More Than You Realize

Whether you realize it or not, the cost of your items and content is a direct reflection of the potential quality and effort you're producing. Offering $5-10 panties? Most genuine buyers are going to be wondering, “Okay, what’s the catch?” Or, “What’s wrong with them?”

Value your items and content based on the time it will take to prepare them, the amount of money you’ve spent on the item, the amount of money you will be spending to replace them, shipping costs, packaging materials, what you’re paying to be a premium seller, and ultimately, what the item means to you. You are literally offering a personalized, at times custom, intimate experience that people cannot simply go to the shops for.

“But, wait, I’m just getting started and trying to earn reviews!” While lowballing prices may get you your first few reviews, when you go to increase your prices, you’re now going to have to work just as hard to gain a whole new set of buyers at a new price point. So essentially, you just did all of that work for nothing, and potentially even lost money in the process.

I’ve seen so many sellers do this for a few months, gain a ton of reviews in a short period of time, and then just leave the site when they can’t get any new sales, or it just becomes too much for them to handle anymore. This behavior creates a revolving door of new, inexperienced sellers that sow the seeds of distrust with our genuine buyers. With ridiculously cheap prices you are missing out on working with some of the best buyers this site has to offer. The ones who know you’re worth more and will actually pay you for it!

“But, It’s so slow right now!” Consider this. Maybe your buyers have been laid off from work. Maybe they just don’t have the money right now. Will lowering your prices really bring in sales if they don’t have the money in the first place? Probably not. Don’t hurt yourself, or other sellers, in the long run by undercutting and selling items and content for less than their worth. If you need help with pricing, there are plenty of fabulous sellers, including myself, who are willing to help you. Offer deals, but don’t undersell yourself. Just ride that wave, baby.

Maximize Your Instant Content Space

This was not a topic I originally intended on including in my blog, but I’ve been asked about it and I feel like it’s a great way to redirect those freebie hunters I spoke of earlier. For instant access content, you get 5 slots to upload instant videos and 10 slots for photos. That’s it. In addition to that, videos can’t be super long and you can only have 10 photos per listing. Yeah, it’s not much, and I wish there was more pace too, but there are ways you can maximize this space and use it to promote your page.

Since you are limited on the quantity and length of content you can post, use your instant content almost as if it’s a “preview” section of the content and items you offer as a whole. For example, I’ll record short humiliation or foot fetish sessions to give buyers a taste of what I can offer them. That way they can see what my style is like at a cheaper cost before spending money on custom content.

For photos, I include pictures of my sweaty clothing or dirty gusset pictures, that way I can direct the freebie hunters to those listings when they want to see proof of what my panties, socks, etc. look like before purchasing.

Additionally, I rotate these listings out every once in a while as a means of offering new content on my page. If you have more than five videos you want to share, create a Dropbox, a Google Drive, or just create another listing under the “video clips'' tab. The only downside to using the “video clips” tab is that buyers will have to contact you first, whereas instant content they don’t have to contact you at all before purchase. Most buyers won’t mind doing that anyway if they really want your content, and some even appreciate it if they don’t want to purchase with Kinkcoins.

Be A Risk Taker, But Not at the Expense of Your Self Respect

The best buyers won’t overstep your boundaries, and you shouldn’t either just for a sale. Start small and do things you’re comfortable with and see where it takes you. Don’t try to do everything at once; otherwise, you’ll end up with a whole lot of quantity and not a lot of quality.

I started with shoe wears, sock wears, and some feet content. Now I offer tons of different experiences, but only the ones I know that I enjoy, can do well, and the ones I’ve put in the time to understand. If you don’t offer something a buyer is looking for, have a list of fellow sellers available you can pass them along to. The buyer you were talking with will appreciate it, and so will the seller you redirect them to.

One of the questions I get asked the most from new sellers is, “How do you make sales without showing your face, or providing nude content?” You don’t have to show your face. You don’t have to show nude parts of your body. I think I’m a great example of that. I’ve never done nude content or shown my face.

At the time of submitting this blog, I have completed over 600 orders, earned over 200 five-star reviews, and have almost 100 repeat buyers. Yes, I’ve had to work twice as hard. I’ve had to make sure my personality shines through in my listings, my posts, and my bio because it has quite literally had to become my face here. Honestly, I’m pretty damn proud of what I’ve accomplished. The people I’ve had the pleasure of working with have been so understanding and have never pushed me beyond my boundaries.

Absolutely no one, buyer or seller, should shame you for not showing your face, not offering nudes, or any other boundaries you’ve chosen to set for yourself.

Connect With Other Sellers

As someone who is an introvert and has always struggled with social anxiety, this one has been the hardest for me to accomplish. For the longest time, during those agonizingly slow periods, or when someone was nasty to me, I didn’t have anybody to turn to that understood what I was going through. I felt as though I didn’t want to “burden” anyone with what I was struggling with. Of course, I have friends and family I can talk to, but no one in my personal life understands what it’s like to be a seller on ATW.

Now, I feel like I have a few fellow sellers I can count on when things get rough, and even some of my first collabs planned. But, it’s still something I’m working towards improving on. Don’t do what I’ve done and try to go it alone. This community is amazing, but only if you do your part in contributing to it.

Honesty & Communication

Want to have buyers come back to you again and again? Be yourself and be honest, even at the expense of closing a sale. Be honest in your listings. Be honest when buyers ask you questions about your items, your orders, your likes and dislikes. Make sure your listings reflect what the buyer is going to receive. Don’t “layer” your wears or wear your items during certain activities without communicating with your buyer first if those things are okay.

Communicate when you’re not able to do their custom video as well as when you will be able to. Be explicit when asking if the buyer is ready to set up an order. Additionally, do not create an order if the buyer didn’t ask for it. Smell-check your items before shipping. If they’re not what the buyer indicated they’re looking for, then don’t send them. Don’t cheat your buyers out of the intimate experiences they’ve paid for.

Buyers, communicate with us when you’re no longer interested, or if the order wasn’t to your expectations. Us genuine sellers want to do better. We want to provide quality content. We want to please you. Tell us exactly what you want before the order is even created, so there are no guessing games or disappointment after the order is completed.

We can all do better, and play better, with open and honest communication.

We Are All Human

Bottom line. Period. Even those that identify as “slaves,” “pay pigs,” “losers,” etc. Most of, if not all of us, have families to take care of and bills to pay. While our personalities, our kinks, our fetishes may be different from one another, in terms of the human experience and struggle, we are no different from one another.

Sellers, don’t bombard buyers with messages asking them to buy your content or pay your bills. Instead, post on the dash often and engage in the community if you want a buyer’s attention. Treat your buyers like walking ATMs and they will walk right on by you. If they’re truly interested, I promise, they will reach out to you, or message you back. If they don’t message you back, let it go and move on.

Unfortunately, rejection is a part of life we all have to learn to deal with. There are plenty of other wonderful people who want to work with you and will make your ATW experience worthwhile. And, guess what? Sometimes those buyers that left you on read end up coming back in the end anyways. Ever opened a text message and forgotten to respond? I know I have.

Buyers, we are not robots. We do have lives and can’t always respond right away, or create your content right away. Trust me, we wish we could, but sometimes, life gets in the way. From the bottom of my heart, I appreciate each and every one of you that has been patient with me when personal matters arose and prevented me from sending out your items or content right away.

In closing this out, this is not the be-all and end-all guide of navigating ATW or the world of kinks and fetishes. I strongly encourage you to read the other many blogs available.

My DMs are always open if you have questions, or need someone to talk to. It’s up to you to take the steps to educate yourself before traversing the world of kinks and fetishes. Make sure you’re prepared before you journey out. I truly wish you all the satisfaction and pleasure this site has to offer.



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