A Little Help from My Friend: How a Lover Got Me into Selling My Panties

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A Little Help from My Friend: How a Lover Got Me into Selling My Panties

I’d bet you 5,000 Kink Coins I’m not alone in this statement: if you’d asked me a year ago to imagine myself here selling my panties and other wares all across the world, I would have never believed you. This blog is my story of how my experiences with a past lover inspired me to let go of my false and limiting notions about my sexuality and kinks and start sharing them with the world and as a result experiencing and spreading pleasure, satisfaction and self-acceptance.

The Insecure Beginnings

I grew up in a Catholic family where everything about the enjoyment of sex and the body was considered immoral and sinful. Of course, my interest in boys starting in Kindergarten could have told me otherwise, and most definitely by age eight the warmth I’d feel between my legs when I’d get ahold of the Playboy and Hustler magazines my older brother had pilfered from our oldest brother’s bedroom could have told me that sex is pleasurable and enjoying the body is fun.

I was a timid and insecure girl, and I carried my insecurities from adolescence long into my adult life, never believing I was beautiful or sexy or desirable and never feeling uninhibited during sex. I wasn’t a ‘keep the lights off’ kind of gal but definitely never explored any kinks or non-vanilla sex outside of being highly turned on at hearing ‘Good girl’ and calling all of my lovers Daddy (keep your eyes out for a future blog on my shift from being a submissive to being a Domme). Not even the attention of countless men throughout my 20s when I was a prominent competitor and instructor in the international Salsa dancing community convinced me that I was the Goddess that I now know I am. I thought that my face was plain, my stomach not flat enough, my hair too frizzy and my thighs too thick compared to other women, and I definitely thought that my pussy was unattractive and dirty.

Add to that having a decade’s worth of partners obsessed with hygiene, including spending seven years with one who showered 2-3 times a day and wouldn’t be intimate with me unless I was fresh out of the shower myself, and you can imagine how unfathomable it was for me that anybody could possibly actually WANT to enjoy the scent and taste of my pussy.

Embracing Myself

Fortunately, in my late 30s an existential (AKA, mid-life) crisis led me to do a lot of work on my relationship with myself and I finally realized how fantastic and desirable I am, both as a woman and a human being. (I must say, if you struggle with insecurity, the work on my self-esteem, while very difficult, was utterly worth it, and not just because of how much I enjoy my body, my sexuality and the blessing of my good looks nowadays, but because I live free from self-criticism and fear of being who I truly am. You are most welcome to reach out to me any time for loads of resources, advice and support around this.)

I went from serial unhappy long-term relationships with incompatible partners (Mr. Shower Thrice a Day was also Mr. Sex Once a Month) to 2-3 or more exciting Tinder dates per week for a time, to eventually finding a very caring, loving and accepting partner who has a good sex drive and with whom I’m more compatible sexually (not in the scent department, I regret to report, but all the good outweighs the few areas where our kinks don’t align, and I have ATW to satisfy my desire to make men delirious with my scent).

Despite the years of self-work, I still wondered whether my pussy was ‘normal,’ let alone delectable, and I still had insecurities that lingered from my past relationship experiences.

Meeting Bobby

Then I met Bobby, and my eyes were opened. Bobby, as you can read in my erotic story “Thank You, Bobby”, was positively intoxicated by my scent, my taste and with Her (that’s how he referred to my pussy). Sex with him was truly an experience of being worshipped with primal desire, along with all the sweaty, breathless, growling, groping, hair-pulling lovemaking that went along with it. He was by far not the best-endowed, most handsome or highest stamina partner I’ve had, but I’m not sure I can say I’ve had better sex than the sex I had with him. (If there’s a golden nugget for you to take home from this writing it’s that expressing your desire and attraction toward your partner is one of the most arousing things you can do to make sex better, and that the nonverbal expression of it outweighs the verbal in leaps and bounds, at least for this gal.)

Bobby wasn’t exactly a panty thief, but he was a panty seeker through and through. When he would inhale the scent of my worn panties it looked like he was literally sucking the life out of them. And oh my god, the moans he would let out when he did.

He would ask if he could keep my panties after we’d had sex, a request that made me drunk with pleasure and gratification. On days he came over to see me when I hadn’t showered for a few days (I hate showering) and I’d meekly apologize for it, he would thank me and immediately ask to smell and taste me. I started wearing the same pair of panties for days at a time and would drive to his worksite unbeknownst to him while he was directing high rise cranes to find his car and leave them tucked under the windshield wiper for him to find when we got off work. (And let’s not talk about the time I got him fired from a job when I told him to meet me at his car for a lunchtime fuck and he failed to correctly program the crane’s operating directives in his rush to go find me.) To this day, more than a year since we stopped dating, I still venture out to leave him these little gifts on his birthday and Christmas.

Because of his reverence for Her, Her scent and everything about Her, when I found out that sites like ATW exist, I knew I should share myself with other people who are equally brought to their knees by the essence of a woman.

Thank The Maker you all exist. I can’t tell you how much delight, satisfaction and contentment you give me. I hope that the scent of my and all the wonderful Sellers’ panties and socks here make you as delirious with pleasure and lust as mine did for Bobby.

If you’d like, go read the erotic story I wrote about one of the many visits I had from him “Thank You, Bobby”). I hope it adequately portrays to you what I feel and think about when I send a pair of panties to you, and I hope it gives you loads of dripping hot pleasure.

By LeonaDeFuego

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