What Do Buyers Like To See From Sellers on a Fetish Selling Site? (Part 1)

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What Do Buyers Like To See From Sellers on a Fetish Selling Site? (Part 1)

Let's talk about some of the more common questions that are frequently asked. What do the buyers want to see from the ladies and gents of ATW/MTW? What do the sellers want to see from the buyers? So what can we all do to improve ourselves?

In this 3-part article, one of our Sellers investigates these questions...

I spent the last week gathering information from both buyers and sellers. I asked the buyers what they'd like to see from the sellers, and I asked the sellers what they would like to see from the buyers, and if they had any useful information for Baby Sellers like myself. I hoped to compile information to make a better-informed article on what everyone would like to see, or what you can do to be a better patron on ATW or any selling platform.

Let's start with what our buyers had to say.

“Well, this is what I normally send to new sellers Ma'am:

It's good you have put a bit about yourself on your profile. Try to put a little bit more about yourself (only what you are comfortable with). Just general stuff like “I love cats, animals and slaves”, or “I like walking all over men and having my feet licked”. Anything that might make a potential buyer feel like they are getting to know you.

Also, put your shoe size, height, dress size, that sort of thing. Men use imagination a lot and it helps them to build a picture. Plus, if You are selling shoes, we like to know how big your shoes are!

From a foot fetishist point of view, I like to see 3 pictures of any shoes I am interested in. One of the tops (inside if possible), one of the sole, and one with your feet in them. In this way, I can better say if they are the type I want and if they are dirty enough (or clean enough) for me.

Fill your shop with as much as possible. The more you have in your shop, the more browsers you will get. Have a look at more established sellers and see what they are offering (but only offer them [the items] if you are completely comfortable doing so). If you are comfortable offering things like pots of foot dust/toenails/bathwater/piss/spit or [these] sorts of things, it helps fill your shop up and is a fairly permanent listing. You [won't] have to keep changing [your listings].

Other than that, put some good photos of yourself up, which is essential (so we can see who's sweat we are enjoying lol). Put lots of pics up, even if they seem boring to you. Again, it lets buyers think they know you better (only put face pics up if you are happy to do so). If you've been for a walk and have dirty feet – take a photo. If you are having a bath – take a photo (of your legs or arse, whatever). It all gets potential buyers looking.

Finally, once your page is done: advertise. Post on the community forum daily, so it gets your name into buyers' heads. Just make comments like 'Hello lovelies' or 'good morning' or whatever. It gets your name out there and shows you are real. Contacting buyers is okay, but I get about 20 messages a day from new sellers, so You need to stand out.

Personally, I like it when a seller has actually read my profile, and [thus] knows what I like. It shows You are actually interested in me, rather than just trying to sell things. When contacting a seller for the first time, don't mention your items or your shop. Just be friendly, ask how they are or how they are enjoying the site etc. I hate it when ladies go in for the hard sell straightaway.”

- @Bacchus_Plateaux

While what Bacchus had to say was mainly geared towards people looking for feet-related items, it is good information to keep in mind for any sort of kink our sellers intend to cater to. 

What makes a profile more appealing to you?

I asked multiple buyers this question. From my survey, several points jumped out at me:

  • Profile Photo and photos on your profile. Buyers want to see good photos of the items. Personalized photos that represent you and what you are selling.
  • Reasonable and detailed prices. Do not be afraid to list a price that you are willing to sell an item for, but also be transparent. If you are adding extra money for extra days, then tell them. Don't be afraid to negotiate, but also don't go lower than you're willing to go. Never compromise yourself for the sake of a sale.
  • A detailed bio. The buyers want to know who they are buying from and what they are like. You are not just another faceless Amazon seller, you are a real person with a history.

“A profile photo. A detailed profile caption vs. ‘Tell me what to do and I'll decide whether to do it'. How about a section where add-ons (and possibly rates) can be listed? I've had prices triple for goods on 2 items that completely surprised me.

With experience under my belt, I typically gravitate towards profiles with pricing details. I've been ghosted by empty "about me" sections asking what I want, but when we get to my request, they read it and never reply. I respect the ones that state "I will only do this or that" as it makes both parties comfortable.

One that looks like the sellers have taken the time to fill out and put effort into. No verification, little to no photos and shop items, empty bio. Photos that aren't stock. Anything that makes it look like it has personality.”

- Anonymous

What sort of things appeal to you when you are buying an item? What do you look for in a listing? Photos, angles, description?

  • Description: Buyers like to know what you are (or were) doing when you're wearing the item. Did you go for a walk in these socks? Did you work out while wearing these panties? Add it into the description! The more information you give, the higher the chance a buyer will come back.
  • Photos: What can I say? Everyone loves high-quality photos. They want to see more than one photo on a listing as well as various angles of the item. You don't have to go crazy and list a million photos of what you're selling, but consider photographing the top and bottom of a shoe or sock, the panties on and off your body, or just you wearing the item. A picture of the item being worn was one of the most mentioned details in my responses.

“Ongoing contact between buyer and seller. If they keep me up to date on progress, that's great! If I hear nothing between payment and receipt of [the] item, it's not the same. As said elsewhere here, good customer relations make me more likely to want to return to a seller.”

- Anonymous

What could sellers do to make the shopping experience better for you?

    • Respect: The buyers want respect sometimes. Yes, there are a lot of time wasters out there. But just because someone did not reply fast enough doesn't mean you should go off and leave a nasty review. Things take time.
    • Be helpful, clear, and concise on your pricing, and when assisting a buyer in purchasing a product. Nothing is worse than trying to buy something, and then not hearing from the seller for a few hours or a few days.
  • “Including tracking would be nice, but now I just ask: Please stop sending discreet packaging with your username like ‘AssMaster69' as the return addressee. My doorman has given me two packages like that, so now I politely ask other sellers who know better [than to do that, and they] probably think I'm nuts.”

- Anonymous

If anything, what makes a seller stand out to you?

  • Buyers like to see something different. They want you to stand out from the crowd.

“Profile pictures of users [sic] accounts are what we're first introduced to. So, what tends to catch my eye is a good profile picture. At other times it is the user's username that grabs my attention. A good combination of the two would be effective.”

- Anonymous

  • Be friendly! Don't go in for the hard sell. I hate it when I walk into a store and someone immediately starts pestering/badgering for my information and then transitions into using whatever I told them to sell something new or 'better' to me. It's uncomfortable at best and it makes me incredibly disinterested in what they are selling.

“Those that don't go for the hard sell immediately. Friendly chat goes a long way and even if it takes a while to get round to it, I'd be more likely to buy from a friendly guy than a rabid salesman. After all, I may have sales in hand and [may] not [be] looking to buy immediately or may just be chatting to guys I've got to know on the site.”

- Anonymous

“I'm all about details. My repeat sellers have multiple photos of them or their items, a detailed profile, and give details when chatting. I'm not looking for a pen pal, but I'd like [to have] some interaction and intuitive questions so that we can get a decent product. I've had someone making a quick sell send me something old and prepackaged. That was their one shot and I'm very loyal to thoughtful sellers.”

- Anonymous

Would you prefer for a seller to contact you, or would you rather contact the seller? If you'd prefer for the seller to contact you, what would you like them to say when they do contact you?


- Anonymous

A short but sweet answer and some others responded the same way. They like to contact some sellers, but also enjoy it when sellers contact them. What you must keep in mind when contacting a buyer is: DO NOT be pushy. Don't assume that just because you reached out to them, they are going to purchase from you. Never assume a sale. It can be a tedious process, but one that can end up in a long-term fruitful relationship with one another.

“I have a LOT of sellers contact me. I've gone “quiet” a few times to see if it might help. Most are nice but a few can be annoyingly persistent. I am aware of the block feature, but save that for extreme cases. I often get, “How are you?” and “Please check out my profile”, which is nice, but when I do it's empty. If they want to stand out,  then don't have a bare profile.

Unfortunately, many can also perceive a “like” on their dashboard post as being interested in buy[ing] something. So even if I want to support their post or message or simply enjoy the photo they posted, I won't actually click the “like” button because it means another message in my inbox. It's easy to say, “Well, you can just reply saying no thank you.” and yes you are right, but how [would you feel] about doing that multiple times a day....or [an] hour. The site is for fun not having a lesson in administration.

I only instigate a conversation with a seller if I have seen something I want to buy or if they appeal to me, as I feel if I messaged them with no intention to buy only to chat, I'm basically taking their time away from a buyer who is going to buy something. I don't mind getting the messages from sellers, as it does help me discover new members I may want to deal with, but if I receive a mass of messages at once or overnight I won't pay much attention to each.”

- @Bingbong

Some sellers prefer to be left to their own devices. When you don't get a message back from a buyer, don't be disheartened. The reality is: You are not for everyone. And that's okay! There's no need to apply pressure. Keep in mind that some of the buyers on the “Top Buyer” list are there because they are generous, but that does not mean they will buy from you specifically.

Something important to keep in mind is that the buyers on the “Top Buyers” list is that, because they are featured so predominantly, they are often inundated with messages. It can become very tiresome very fast.

There were quite a few, useful responses to this question. So, I would like to quote a few of my favourites:

“A little of both, but if they contact me and haven't read my bio or it's just along the lines of “come buy something”, it's an instant turn off for me.”

- Anonymous

“Personally, I'd prefer to contact the seller. However, I understand that there are likely more sellers than buyers and, so, it makes sense for sellers to reach out to buyers instead of waiting to be contacted by someone who'll never contact them. So, I support sellers reaching out to others rather than waiting for a response that may never come.”

- Anonymous

“I'd rather contact the seller. Too many messages on this site, I've gotten to the point where I don't log in anymore to avoid being bombarded with messages from sellers that mostly [say things like], "BUY FROM ME!!!" with no personalization or time taken to look at my profile and learn anything about me.”

- Anonymous

“I like sellers who contact to ask me how I'm doing, what I'm interested in, what brought me here and, most importantly, knowing they're verified is a must. It shows a seller is serious about being a vendor, even more so when I'm contacted by a seller [who] is well-reviewed already. Everyone needs a chance, but verification is a needed step before contact.

- Anonymous

“I don't mind either way. But, if I had to make a choice, I'd verge on me contacting the seller. I'm not keen on them going for the hard sell in the first sentence. I understand they want to sell, but buyers also like to browse without the hard sell. It's like window shopping. I'd prefer a seller who likes to chat and play the long game, as I feel there's more than just the sale; that's important. Friendly banter would make me more likely to buy after a bit than an immediate sales pitch.”

- Anonymous

Now, this article is a two-way street. We covered what the Buyers would like to see from the sellers, so now I'd like to get into our seller's thoughts on the buyers.

By PatronSaintofFata**es

Hi! Sorry if I don't reply, I've lost access to my ability to pay for the membership. I haven't been able to fix it so here we are!...

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