Kinks_and_curves: the Layers!

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Kinks_and_curves: the Layers!

Let’s peel back some of my layers and let me give you more of an insight into my kinky world!

My dominant side

It’s no secret that I’m dominant, it’s something that comes natural to me. I learned a long time ago that I loved making men weak, that I like the control. I also love the power exchange!

There is something about watching and hearing men beg that I can’t put into words, but it excites me! It does something to me.

I can be a real brat!

I know what I like and what I want, and I like getting my own way, I’m very strong willed! Even when I’m dominating someone, I feel my bratty side shows up because I don’t mess about and honestly, I like attention, I like men to try taming my wild side.


Oh, how I love to tease!! I get off on it, I like getting inside your head and finding out what makes you tick! You know that feeling when you just can’t leave each other alone, you spend the day sending cheeky messages and a picture here and there, you make someone feel desperate, make them feel like they’re going to explode, that, that’s what I love, that’s what I strive for!

There is no better feeling than making someone want me.

Arousal starts in the mind, if you can turn someone on mentally it makes the whole experience delicious. As much as I love teasing, I also adore being teased, tempt me with your voice, entice me with your words.

Teasing is an art form, one I like to perfect, the little details make all the difference.

Filthy imagination

I have a very active and dirty imagination, I love trying out new listings, I’ll get something pop into my head then it turns into so much more.

I like to role play because it gives me the chance to paint a picture, to show you my filthy side.

I also have so many fantasises and ideas.


I have a really dirty, kinky side. I can appear and be very sweet, but I like having this side to me, it’s like a naughty secret. I like to shock people, if someone says I wouldn’t have thought you were like that I enjoy it!

I like to talk and write how I think and when I’m able to do so and let my filthy side out I can just go wild, it’s like I’ve contained it all and now I can just burst!


I wrote a whole blog dedicated to this, but I wanted to touch upon it again. I am keen to explore my submissive side more, it’s not something I’ve done a huge amount of because I’m particular, the same way I’m particular in who serves me, I wouldn’t just submit to anyone.

You have to crack that side of me, tease me, get to know me, bring that side of me out (if you can)

It’s part of me that wants to come out, but it takes something special to do that.

Domination from my perspective is something that takes care and attention, just demanding me to submit or do anything for you just won’t do anything for me, like any domination/ submission play it has to be fun for us both, we both have to be getting something from it.


I felt it was important to write this blog.

I wanted to try and share more about me, it’s hard to get across who I am sometimes, I have questioned myself many times, can I enjoy multiple things? Yes, quite simply, as I’ve said so many times already, I don’t like labels.

Yes, I’m dominant but I’m also many other things, I’m not one dimensional.

Why can’t I dominate someone but also enjoy some filth? Who says I can’t be bratty but also tease and submit?

I try and express myself the best I can, and kink gives me that opportunity.


Selling has taught me a lot.

I’ve explored and discovered a lot more about me and my kinks since selling, I’ve been able to chat, open up and play.

I like that I have many different layers and that I can openly be myself about it.

It’s thanks to the awesome buyers who I’ve played with who have helped me try new things and indulge my kink further.


I have a very vivid and active imagination and I feel it’s important to explore that, to share it, to let my imagination run wild and release some of this passion I have bottled up inside me.

I adore writing erotica because it’s a chance for me to express myself, to share my fantasies and give anyone who reads it a small insight into who I am.

Creating listings allows me to use my imagination and creativity and continue to explore.


I’m very passionate.

I am passionate about what I do and, in my playtime, I’m passionate about kink and helping people, I am a hugely passionate person in general.

Being a seller brings me so much joy, not because of the money or for my own gratification but because I love to create a safe space to play, I love to build a buyer’s confidence and help them release their passion.

Selling is a big part of my life and something to which I give my all.

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