Proud To Be A Sex Worker

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Proud To Be A Sex Worker

Ssssh don’t say it…. Sex Worker

I make no secret of saying that I hate the term SW. It’s alright... I don’t need the stern talking to about it, I am a Sex Worker. I can say it aloud (in a group of understanding peers of course) without shuddering. But still, the seedy connotations of it echo. And this irks me.

I am a lover of words you see. And words are powerful. And I feel the term “sex work” does not do me or any of my fabulous peers justice. Yes, it is an umbrella term that covers the spectrum of this lascivious world. But oh to unpick that. Because between us all here on ATW, there are befrienders, pick~me~uppers, confidence builders and boosters, keepers of secrets, mistresses, satisfiers, advisors, pleasure seekers, givers and takers, councillors, comedians and shrewd business people. All terms that I do not see in the dictionary to define sex workers.

More Than Just a Sex Worker

That little message you send to a client may be the only check-in they get that day. The photo you share on the feed may lift more than someone’s spirit. The customs and wears that you sell, provide a release and an electric pleasure for another human. The impact that online sex workers have on others varies from a pleasant interaction to a lustful luxury. A positive impact. Sex workers should be celebrated and still, they are not.

A Little History on Sex Work

Several periods throughout history around the world respected and celebrated their sex workers. The Auldtrides of Greece, the Oiran of Japan, the Italian Courtesans and the Ganika from India. All were revered as they were not only sex workers but they had talents, they were permitted to study and were able to secure positions to influence those in power. And of course, they had wealth, not the wealth of men but their own independent earnings.

Why Are We Judged For Being Sex Workers?

So why in 2022, in a world where you can be anything, wear anything… are we still judged for working in this field. Celebrity backsides are celebrated in the mainstream media earning them tens of thousands of pounds. Society scrolls through their feeds to see each cleavage snap, thigh-high slit or bikini shoot and this is considered acceptable…. So where is the line? When does ok become not ok? When does confidence and beauty become seedy promiscuity?

Work is work. Work is often challenging, tiresome, boring, and fun. We work to earn money. Sex work is no different. No matter your principles, whether you insert objects into your vagina, rub one out on camera, send a sexy message or post out your chewed fingernails… If it relates to the buyer’s kink or results in them getting hot under the collar, then it’s sex work. And no one is posting out a pair of panties to a stranger here just for “the fun of it”.

One might be selling to make their living, to pay a debt, as a side hustle, or to pay for the rising cost of utility bills. Regardless, it is out of a need for cash.

Work is work. Not all work is good work. Some days work can be decent, and positive, some days not so much.

We provide relief, counsel, company and joy to a wide audience for a fee… whether we enjoy it that day or not. We deal in intimacy. We recreate scenarios that many wish they had with a real lover or spouse.

Buyers here on the whole understand this. The relationships and connections we make here can often be as valuable as IRL friendships. It doesn’t negate the fact that we have a buyer/seller relationship or that money is exchanged for a service.

However, it is two people respecting one another, aiming to fulfil their needs. But those who look in, the outsiders, the non-participants, they hold the majority of the judgement. Are they misinformed, narrow-minded, or driven by what their religions preach?

Barriers to Sex Work

Perhaps part of the issue is the laws and barriers that we encounter in trying to sell our services. you can’t have an app for a risqué site, you can’t use certain payment services. We are surrounded by red tape that deems Sex Work as something to be hidden, to be forced into the shadows. This allows the righteous to judge.

Until the world becomes as refreshing and as open-minded as this community, I think I will always cringe at the term “sex work” because I know that some of the world perceives it differently. That’s why I’m so grateful to have a platform such as ATW to play from, engage with and to meet my tribe.

It pleases me to see it grow each day because with growth becomes mainstream acceptance. So thanks @admin... thanks for letting me be kinky and for it to be more than just sex work… it is good sex work.

I’m Gia. SomethingSweet. Keeper of Secrets. Fulfiller of fantasies. Wordsmith and sex worker. “

By SomethingSweet

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LeeH69 Well put! If we had any interaction on here in a "real life" relationship we'd arguably pay more emotionally and financially than we would on here yet that would be known as a relationship and not sex work despite realistically having actual sex there but fill a vois here and it's seen as seedy, hypocrisy screws with my head so thanks for some common sense!!

SomethingSweet Thank you so much for reading my wittering and for all the lovely comments and messages 💜💜🙈🙈

Blackfairy127 Amazing read 😍

Hannahhotpants1 I also highly dislike the SW term & agree with what you wrote here, but yours is beautifully articulated ✍️😘

MissTinkerbell_Tinks Amazing piece of writing from an Amazing Woman xx 😘

MidwestMom Fantastic blog! I love a thought out and well writen peice. You make a lot of great arguments ❤️

Bentleebabe Loving this read!!!

Flex73 Great read

Kisskissbang That is actually one of the best things I've ever read. I hate the term too, and don't feel that it even slightly represents the context, situation or service (for lack of a better word) provided. Thank you this writing. Mind if I share it on Instagram?

Princess_Feet99 Absolutely love this! Fantastic read ❤

SteelEyedPawg Absolutely fantastic blog!! 🖤❤️

AngeliqueDay Amazing blog post! Thanks for sharing! 💕💕

SqueaksXO Absolutely brilliant 👏

XxForYourPleasurexx @SomethingSweet ... Perfectly put!!💋💋🙌

Thatbootytho Sending this to mom lol!

Bingbong That was one hell of a good read!

Momma19 Love this!! 🥰🥰

HippieGoddess ❤💜❤💜❤💜❤💜❤

SoftieSimps I loved this read ❤️ ♥️ made me feel proud 🥰

Letti This is so incredibly brilliant! Thank you so much ♥️

CheekiesTheBBW Absolutely love this read! Thank you for sharing with us! 😘😘

Alexibun Love this. 💖 Wordsmith indeed!

Johnnyboy15 Such a passionate read from a woman with a true heart and soul ❤

Twinkle_toes27 That's amazing 👏👏

Lucillebells Great blog!!! 💕💕💕💕💕

Mp1401 Wow! This brilliant. Thoughtful, powerful, and insightful. And as others have said, it's incredibly well-written. Chapeau!

Candy_Blonde Well said! 💕

Astoria 😽😽😽😽😽😽😽😽

Yourmoonlillie true words have been spoken! <333

SmokinBaddie Love this 💖

Crazybaby You couldn't have said it better sweetie!🥰 Thank you! I hope buyers read this!❤💯

BrookesBottoms Love love love. 💕

Slvttybaby Love this so much 🙌😍

Knickerbockerglory Amazingly written and what I really needed to hear today, thanks lovely 🙌🥰 xx

Chris44g Well done hun, so well written 💕💕💕

SomethingSweet @Gusset_Goblin aww thanks xxx

Gusset_Goblin Great read!

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