The Misconceptions of Selling Used Items Online

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The Misconceptions of Selling Used Items Online

I have being selling for over 5 years now and have come across various misconceptions around selling, kink and fetish that I hope to address in this blog.

Selling is easy

This is a common misconception, selling is in no way easy. I think a lot of this comes from articles and videos published online, how to make X amount selling your used panties, however, they tend to miss out the parts about building relationships with buyers, the time and effort required, your own financial cost and so much more

I am not saying money can’t be made or you shouldn’t try but a lot of stuff you read online can be misleading. It is not as easy as putting on a pair of panties, posting a picture and getting flooded with requests. We all have to start somewhere but it is not easy and even after doing it for a while it can still present challenges.

Submission is weakness

Another common misconception is that somehow if you are submissive in any way or enjoy being dominated you are in some way weak. I have said many times it is the total opposite! Being your true self , opening up and expressing that submission takes confidence.

But no one would buy my stuff

Selling is for everyone! One important thing to remember is you offer something that no one else can and that is being you. You will have something someone wants, no 2 buyers are the same just like sellers. You just have to give it time and remember your worth. This goes out to the male buyers who want to try selling as well the beauty of All Things Worn is they have a site dedicated to male sellers called Male Things Worn.

I am weird because I have a kink/fetish

It is not unusual to question your kink but you are not weird because you enjoy it. We all have things that turn us on and of course, that varies from person to person. Don’t compare yourself to others and don’t look at things as normal and weird, for example if you get turned on by feet but know someone who thinks feet are gross, that does not make you weird.

Domination is just being mean

No, it is not as simple as that. Name-calling and being mean may well be part of a relationship between a dominant and a sub or part of a role play but it is way more than that. Are you familiar with the limits of a sub? Have you discussed boundaries? Domination is a broad thing with multiple kinks and fetishes that come alongside it.


I know I talk about this a lot but I feel it may also be a misconception, what I mean by that in the context of this blog is you may feel you need to label yourself to sell or to enjoy something, for example you feel you can’t try a submissive task because you label yourself as dominant. You don’t have to label yourself as anything to sell, you don’t have to do it in order to enjoy yourself or try something new. You have to learn to just be yourself and be happy and confident in who you are, I know that sounds easy but give yourself time.

I have to do what buyers want

No, you do what you are comfortable with. You don’t have to send pictures because a buyer has said they won’t purchase unless you do. You don’t have to send freebies, examples and so on. You have to be honest with yourself and be clear on your limits, don’t offer something that makes you uncomfortable just because you will make money or potentially make a sale. You are in charge.

By Kinks_and_curves

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