Watching Her - Erotic Story

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Watching Her - Erotic Story

It’s been a week since I last managed to catch a glimpse of her.

That shapely frame and a stride so seductive I could come on the spot just from watching her walk towards me. So like the pathetic masochist I am, I sat in the hotel bar, the same dark corner as last time. It’s about half an hour before the hair starts to stand up on the back of my neck. Like I’ve got some sort of sixth sense for the mere presence of this being. I tilt my head just slightly and see her.

Alone. Normally she’s accompanied by a giggling gaggle of women treating themselves to cocktails after a long day at work. Despite the fact they always look like they’re having the best time she would always be hanging back slightly with some faraway look on her face. Still, once sat she would join in on their conversations and seemingly have fun.

But tonight. Tonight, she’s alone and dressed in a dark forest green velvet dress hugging her figure tightly, giving me a very good idea on the round shape of her ass and tits threatening to spill out with every step she’s taking. The colour complimenting her fair complexion and red hair so well. So confident that she doesn’t spare anyone a look. Head high as she takes a seat at the bar. Sitting astride it before turning slightly crossing a leg over, dangling her black heeled foot. The dress hitched up giving me and everyone else a peek at the tops of her stockings.

Her curled hair cascaded down her back in waves and she looked over her shoulder. Directly at me. She didn't break the stare, but met it boldly refusing to look away. So I did what I’ve been hyping myself up for weeks to do. I stood adjusting my tie and smoothing at any wrinkles in my suit.

She continued to stare, taking me all in, her eyes growing brighter. I felt like I was stalking my prey edging closer and closer to her, getting ready to pounce and make the kill.

I placed my empty glass on the bar as I stood there, also examining her facial features up close for the first time. A round face and light but defined eyebrows, heart shaped pillowy lips and big eyes the color of honey. Make-up clearly applied with an expert hand, a brown smokey eyeliner and a red gloss. The image of her was like old Hollywood, something so classically sexy.

“I’ve seen you watching me.” Her voice was throaty and light at the same time, the words that left her mouth like a melody falling on my ears.

I smirked. “Does that mean you’ve been watching me too?” A glimmer of hope in my belly that she had noticed me after all this time.

She smiled and took a sip of her martini. Her other hand reached out to shake mine. “Until next time, now If you’ll excuse me.”

She moved away, brushing against me and letting me get a whiff of the rich but always fresh scent of her. It always lingered wherever she had been.

Greeting a man behind me that I didn’t turn to look at, they walked away taking a seat in the restaurant. I looked down to my hand and there was a delicate white lace thong.

My cock stirred and I found myself practically running to the bathroom, locking myself in the stall. It was empty in here and so I pulled out my dick and brought her panties to my nose inhaling as I stroked. Her scent was so musky I could only assume she had masturbated in them before handing them over to me.

Picturing her with her delicate hand between her thighs as she rubbed that clit, dipping a finger into herself, spreading her wetness around and around as she brought herself closer and closer to climax. Was she throbbing from need like I am now?

Did she picture my hand fingering that sweet pussy instead of her own? Was she waxed or natural? What is the color of her nipples and the shape of them? Questions I desperately need to know the answer to, images I wanted to ingrain in my mind. God, I have spent far too long fisting my own cock to the mere memory of her and here I was doing it again.

I draped the thong across my face getting another whiff as I came into my hand, my ass lifting off the seat. I cried out wishing to know her name so it would be that that left my lips as I came. I wanted to speak her name like a prayer to whatever god was listening.

I would find it out next time and next time she would be coming on the end of my cock instead of by her hand.

By Raw_siren

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