A Sellers Guide to Fulfilling Your Buyers Needs

Seller Tips For Sellers Buyers’ Perspective
A Sellers Guide to Fulfilling Your Buyers Needs

What do buyers actually want to see?

For the short time I have been here, There were a few things I questioned. Such as what do the buyers actually want to see and what bothers them about sellers? I read a few blog posts, but none of them really seemed to really get all the needed information. I spent the last week messaging and interviewing buyers with a series of questions to see what they look for and what they like about sellers on ATW.

Question 1: What do you wish sellers did more of?

Of course, there were many varieties of answers such as wanting more chats or requesting to see more of a certain item, and things such as deals. One buyer went into detail and I believe his response was very helpful.

“I wish they would take more control and add as much information about themselves or an item as possible, this makes them more appealing. Don’t just rely on buyers to approach with “special requests” to tell you what they want.

For a video, say how long it is, with a brief breakdown of what happens.

For wearing an item, state all of the information for a standard wear so buyers know what they are buying, like how many days of wear, what you are doing in it. Maybe working? Exercising? Masturbating? Then add what exercise you normally do, or add-on extras you are willing to do and their respective prices.

I wish they would add items they say they sell! It’s so annoying to see they have chosen the “video clips” or “photo sets” tag but don’t have anything listed in their store.

It’s very helpful to state what you are comfortable with in your bio, what you like and what you don’t, some sellers are happy to show their tits but not pussy, some only implied nude and it’s ALL okay, but please make your boundaries clear - Nudity? Face? Hardcore? Softcore?”

This buyer went into complete detail of what would help if sellers did more of it. It states problems that occur and how to solve them. With a much clearer description on what and what not you are comfortable with will definitely help buyers know exactly what it is you offer. Another buyer wishes that sellers were more comfortable with “Engaging freely with buyers without pressure! I like getting to know sellers without pressure if buying something.” One thing many buyers asked for was for the sellers to offer more angles of the items they are selling. With a premium membership, sellers can offer more than one photo. This can help buyers determine if they really want the item or not.

Question 2: Do you like when sellers message you first?

Do you like when sellers message you first?

From this, it shows that more buyers prefer when sellers message them first, although there is a small percentage that do not like it. In this case, I say just go with it because the majority of the buyers do not mind but be aware of some comments you might get if they do not like it.

Question 3: What do you look for on a sellers profile?

15 Buyers filled out this question. They were able to choose more than one.

What do you look for on a sellers profile?

From these results it shows that the majority of buyers look at the About Me, Photos, Listings and Ratings (reviews). So it is good to have all these filled out to an extent. There were two buyers that clicked the other option and one said they look at how active the person is and the other looks for personality.

Question 4: What do you like to see from a seller?

Here are some of our responses:

  • “Effort & personality....there is nothing less appealing than looking at a profile which is basic and bland.”
  • “Enthusiasm, open-minded, willingness to get to know me, easy to work with, consistency, professionalism, sense of humor, being genuine and honest about products”
  • “When they get to know the buyer”
  • “Posts engaging with everyone, just for fun”
  • “Chat before buying”
  • “Posing in items that they are selling, flirty messages. I like it when sellers are enthusiastic and seem to be having fun.”

Question 5: What is the best form of payment?

What is the best form of payment?

From this pie chart it shows that most buyers prefer Cashapp or PayPal. Every seller should consider accepting one or both of these. Accepting other payments is fine, but these are the ones buyers tend to favor.

Question 6: How do you choose who to buy from?

With a question like this, answers differ based on what the buyer personally likes, for example, the type of woman that they look for based on race, age and many other factors that a seller cannot change about themselves. There were still some responses that the sellers can try their best to do in order to attract more buyers.

  • “It depends, as a loyal customer, one has to have the right humor and character for me to make a long committed business relationship.”
  • “I like clear listings. verification and positive reviews is a must. if the seller is longer on the platform it helps as well. and also how the talk goes.”
  • “I go off their WHOLE profile, so what they sell, how they look, are they active, do they make everything clear and simple to understand. I’d rather not have to play 20 questions before I find out if you will do what I am enquiring about, some of us buyers have very niche kinks.”

Question 7: Would you buy from a seller that isn’t verified?

Would you buy from a seller that isn’t verified?

Since most buyers prefer the seller to be verified before considering a purchase, suggest getting yourself verified as soon as possible. For this, all you have to do is send Admin a picture of you holding a paper with the words “All Things Worn”, your username and the date. Don’t worry, buyers cannot see this photo.

Question 8: What is your favorite thing to buy?

The following data is from more than 50 buyers, I looked at top buyers profiles as well as the dashboard post and a questionnaire.

What is your favorite thing to buy?

Hopefully, this report will help you to identify what buyers are actually looking for and help fulfil their needs.

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