5 Things I've Learnt During My First Month on ATW

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5 Things I've Learnt During My First Month on ATW

Hello Kinksters my name’s Dru and I joined ATW around 4 weeks ago... WOW what a roller-coaster ride it's been. Firstly, I'll give you a little background on why I joined and more importantly why I stayed!

So I originally joined ATW after following a link through another sexy lady's social media. I've always been super intrigued about the idea of selling my used, old and loved clothing to sexy strangers.

The first time I encountered the idea was about 10 years ago when a friend told me they had 'Dirty Panties' vending machines in Japan and the thought absolutely fascinated me! Because of this, I've always had a quiet eye out for a platform to explore my fascination... Enter ATW!

All Things Worn was the first and last platform I'll come to. I've found the community here to be absolutely amazing, inclusive, kind and helpful and I have no desire to take my wares anywhere else!!

So let's get into those 5 things I've learnt... Although I've learnt many more just these are probably the most prominent!

1. ATW is NOT 'just' a place to sell your dirty knickers.

I'm guessing this is similar for most sites but I honestly naively came here thinking it was a platform to sell and buy used items of clothing.. . After browsing through multiple buyer's and seller's profiles I was a little shocked about just HOW MUCH of themselves people were selling .

I nearly deleted my account straight away when I realised what some of the code words were but I had made a promise to myself to never yuck any person's yum and decided to stick around and find out more... Gosh am I glad I did!

2. The ATW community is absolutely amazing

Hands down the community I discovered here is the reason I stayed!! The blog posts, podcasts and interactions I've had with buyers and sellers alike have all been incredible and they enriched my life in ways I can't even describe.

Primarily the boost in my crippilingly low self-confidence has been astounding I can't thank the sexy people enough for allowing me to explore my own kinks and desires with them .

I think you will also be as surprised as me by what turns you on here as well!

I absolutely love the dash and have had so many interesting conversations and some of the most fun requests/experiences with buyers and sellers alike there

3. Take the time to make GENUINE connections with your buyers

I think this one is extremely important. This isn't always just a place of exchange.. both buyers and sellers are real humans with real emotions. Most do not want to make an outright sale just from stumbling along your profile/listings.

I think if you were to operate solely this way it would take a long time to make consistent sales. It's also something to bear in mind that there are many more sellers than buyers and copy and pasted messages/no personal touches are not going to stand out from the sexy crowd. (no matter how sexy you are!!)

4. Always take payment before making content

This applies to all content that resides on ATW but primarily in my experience, for custom content always get payment before creating. It's also super important to check the payment before sending your content!! I recently made some content before agreeing on the price properly and it went quite sour for me!!

It's always best to make sure you and the buyer are happy with the price and confirm the method of payment/currency before creating the listing to save the back-and-forth interactions.

To ensure an easy transaction first agree on the listing, check what their requirements are and that you are happy to do it, discuss payment type and then set up the custom order. From there wait for payment and check it before starting work on their order.

5. Set your limits

This one applies to absolutely everything you do here!!

Firstly, you should set your limits on what you want to sell here and how. Take some time to browse other sellers and get a handle on what sort of content you're happy to share. Don't rush into listings just because you feel you have to!

Next, limit the amount of time and stress you put into your work here. This can literally be a full-time job if you let it! Work out when is best to post and be active on the dash and when your favorite buyers are awake.

I've found there are lots of middle-of-the-day new unrated buyers that can waste a lot of your time by not knowing what they are doing or what they desire/how to ask for it! Don't worry though they are usually reported and banned by Admin within half an hour!

Then think about limiting how much of yourself and your personality you want to show through your activity and profile. I have chosen to be a secret seller here so I've limited my payment options and the platforms I'm willing to arrange orders on. It's really good practice to take some time to really think about what you want to include. I didn't start listing until a full week after I joined and built my profile and portfolio in that time instead.

This was based on what I'd learnt and decided I was comfortable with listing/revealing about myself and from the information I received from buyers and sellers that I'd connected with.

Finally, limit what payment options you want to use and the wiggle room you have on your pricing. Do your research on this (there are some fab blogs) or go scrolling through similar listings to get a better idea, taking cost/shipping/effort into consideration. Do not budge once you have decided and only give discounts or freebies on your terms!

And most MOST important is to have fun!

With everything you do here it should be enjoyable and the buyers want you to have fun with them .If it's not enjoyable or something’s making you feel uncomfortable do not waste your time with it!!

And never forget there is a difference between disrespect and desire so do not allow yourself to be shamed or bullied into anything! You are a beautiful star seed and no one can ever take your shine!!

My inbox is of course always open if you ever want advice or just a chat - I'm up late, awake early and always horny! Dru xx

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