What is a Sugar Daddy Scammer & How do You Spot One?

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What is a Sugar Daddy Scammer & How do You Spot One?

What is a Sugar Daddy?

A sugar daddy is someone who likes to take care of his “babies’ through gifts and donations. Sounds great hey?! Who wouldn’t like to be treated?! But unfortunately, like most things in life, if it sounds too good to be true… it normally is!

What is a Sugar Daddy Scammer?

A sugar daddy scammer offers large amounts of cash for things like feet pics. These users will try and take you offsite to platforms like KIK, Telegram and Snapchat and then try different tactics to try and take money from you.

A common method is to promise a large amount of money once you have proved you are trustworthy. They will give a sob story that their last sugar baby scammed them so they need you to send them $50 to prove they can trust you then they will return your trust with $1000. Please don’t ever pay a buyer, you’re here to make money, not send money!

Another common method is to claim they have tried to pay you via your payment method, however, it hasn’t worked. “I tried to pay you via PayPal but it didn’t work. If you send me your login details, I can sort this for you and send you the money”. Please don't ever give your detail to anyone that you don’t know.

These scammers will copy and paste the same message to many users until they get banned. Real sugar daddies do exist, but they like to build a relationship with their babies first. They do not go online and give money to the first person to whom they speak. A genuine sugar daddy will never ask you to send them money.

How to spot a Sugar Daddy Scammer on ATW/MTW/FLO

Scammers usually always follow the same obvious pattern and are easy to spot once you know what to look for.

  1. They may ask for a loyal, honest, loving sugar baby to apparently spoil and give a huge allowance to weekly. This is a lie, there is no money, they just want your money.
  2. They will ALWAYS say you have to message them offsite. This should raise serious red flags. There is a reason we advise keeping all communications onsite. This is to keep you safe. If a buyer demands you message off-site only, report and block them.
  3. They mass comment on almost every post with their usual message me on Kik, or their generic looking for a sugar baby, message me on Kik, again a genuine buyer would never mass comment the same thing on dozens of posts, they would message you directly or put a post up with what they are looking for.
  4. They normally have the same names/similar names, because as soon as one account is banned and removed, they make a new one just adjust slightly to use their scam paragraph eg ScottGreen would change it to JamesGreen3
  5. They will often try and write kik in different ways to try and go undetected, eg. message me on K.I.K, {k¡’k}, k…i…k. Ask yourself if they are trying so hard to go undetected there must be a reason for it.
  6. Another common method is to attach an image to a conversation with instructions on how to contact them offsite.

Common phrases used by Sugar Daddy Scammers

“ let talk better in snap or K I K cause am not comfortable talking to my baby here”

"Hello I saw your pictures you're so attractive I'm looking for honest and trustworthy sexy gal ❤️someone I can take good care of her...all I want is exchange of sexy pics and videos 🖼 with maximum attention mind you I'm not asking for nudes and I'll be sending a weekly tip of $$ if you’re interested added me on{k¡’k}"

“Hey babes, I seek a loving and caring sugar baby to take care of in return for a generous $500 weekly allowance, contact me on KIK”

These are real phrases copied and pasted by these scammers (The Marketing Team can’t be blamed for the poor grammar and punctuality 🙈)

So what can I do if I spot a scammer?

There are a few things you can do to keep both yourself and the community safe

  1. Report the account to the Admin Team using the report function (click on the 3 dots next to the user’s profile. The more users who report, the quicker they can be flagged and banned.
  2. Keep all communication onsite. The Admin Team moderate the platforms and are able to quickly ban users once brought to their attention. Unfortunately, we are unable to control external platforms like KIK, Snapchat etc.

As stated before, no genuine sugar daddy would add a random user and instantly want to send them money, nor ask you to send them money first.

We have methods in place to detect these scammers and methods to autoban them. We can’t tell you what they are (if they knew our methods they’d be able to get around them). But please be assured that we try our best to protect our community behind the scenes.

We hope this advice helps you to be able to spot disingenuous users and know how they operate so that we can keep our community a safe and happy place to buy and sell. If you ever have any concerns please just message Admin and a member of our team will be able to assist you 🙂

Remember… if it’s too good to be true, it normally is!

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