My Experience of Being a Simp

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My Experience of Being a Simp

About me

My name is Ben, I’m 22 years old, and I’m a simp but I love it… kinda. I had a unique growing up situation where the majority of my life surrounded by girls older than me, plus a father who was absent week to week which in result I naturally became submissive.

I have 3 sisters, two of which are older than myself who abused me into submission but during time in my old neighborhood I was surrounded by even more girls, I’d say maybe 10 girls and 2 boys in my old neighborhood along with my 2 older sisters and my 3 girl cousins who lived next door. I know what you’re probably thinking “if you were surrounded by so many girls you had to at least have had some connection with one of them” and you’re right! But as her servant… let me tell you how it all began.

How it started

It all started from my sisters and my cousins, they’d spend quite a bit of time kicking their feet up, watching tv, and relaxing while their dear “Butler” (me) spent many hours cleaning their rooms, doing their chores, rubbing their feet, serving them sodas and snacks, etc. So with all that there have been times I’d slip up or slack in my efforts to make their lives much easier. For slipping up I’d apologize many times before getting some feet to my face, sat on, farted on, jumped on, and many more. This was my normal however them being my family I never saw it as something that could turn me on until the other girls in the neighborhood got involved..

One notable girl who we’ll call Julia, took things to the next level for me! At this time I’ve had quite the crush on sweet Julia so anytime I could I’d bend over backwards for this girl. Once she got a taste of what it was like to have a “Butler” for a period of time, I spent every day at her house either as a footstool, doing her chores, being her makeup dummy, and carrying her anywhere she needed to go. Unfortunately, that year had to come to an end and everyone started to grow up and leave all that “Butler” stuff behind them. Ever since I’ve been a Simp.

How it’s going

Being a Simp has become a major part of my everyday life, that doesn’t mean that I’m horny 24/7, it just means that treating all women like they’re royalty is just one of the biggest parts of my life. June 18th 2018 was the day I first made my way into the world of Findom. I had just turned 18 and I had a whole bunch of knowledge about the world of Findom due to researching and waiting months upon months to finally become of legal age to participate in this brand new world.

I sent years of saved up birthday money to my very first goddess in exchange for being trained to be a proper submissive which lasted for a good year and a half of obedience, politeness, mild and hardcore punishments, and a whole lot of heartbreak. After a bunch of failed Domme/sub relationships and even more humiliation and depression built up over the years fast forward to a few months ago when I found the beautiful land of ATW! After meeting some of the sweetest and most caring people I’ve ever met my whole meaning of being a Simp changed forever!

What it means to be a simp

At first being a Simp I felt ashamed in more ways than not.. seeing how the online community views simps I hated myself for it. It caused me to constantly walk on eggshells in these communities and to keep my simpness a secret.

Since joining ATW it’s become something I’m proud of and that has re-sparked my love for treating women like I believe they deserve! One person, in particular, has allowed me to simp like I’ve never simped before!

Granted a lot of negatives come with going that hard when it comes to being a simp but I’ll get into that later. With the opportunity, I’ve been granted by my “Forever Goddess” I’ve learned what’s more important to me, that being my definition of being a simp is to love, provide, and support. I don't mean “make her FEEL loved” I make it my goal to make sure she KNOWS she is loved, supported, cherished, needed, and most importantly a Goddess.

“How do you achieve that?” You ask? Well, it’s simple as an example my Forever Goddess is someone who I put as a top priority always! That comes with patience, spoiling, complimenting, learning and studying her interests, just going the extra mile for her and so on. As a simp it’s important to find someone who you click with and who treats you like a human who understands that you need love and affection as well! Trust me it’s a lot better than simping for someone who views you as a money providing creature.


For me there’s a lot of pros to being a simp/sub that being: learning and experiencing things outside my comfort zone for the entertainment of a beautiful woman, teaching myself to be more open and comfortable with who I am, being able to talk to people I’d be too scared to talk to in person, making someone feel happy and loved, feeling safe being a lovesick puppy lol, and of course being there for someone you consider to be perfect! There are so many more pros to being a simp but those are most important to me.



The sad and honest truth about being a simp is how it originated. For me it developed because of my lack of confidence and self-esteem… over the years since I was young I never felt like I was worth talking to or being with, despite how badly I wanted to have a relationship.

A series of cons could range in different areas depending on the person but for me it’s; feeling lonely, a fear of not being wanted by the person I dedicated so much time for, the perception of what people think simps are, feeling like I’m stuck being like this, lack of self-worth and confidence, feeling nervous or scared about telling people this is how I am, 22-year-old virgin lmao, the mental battles against thoughts of “why aren’t I good enough? Why am I like this? Nobody would ever love someone like me.”.

All of what I said I realize aren’t all necessarily true and that there is hope that things can change and things WILL change but as a simp it’s all about who you surround yourself with and who you build a connection with… self-love is key.


I am a Simp and I am proud. I hope that I’ve covered a lot of points people have been wondering about what goes on in the head of a Simp and what it is about it that they love! I’d love to hear some feedback and if there are more points you wish that I covered please let me know and I’ll happily talk about it or write a second part!

I want to end this by saying if you are like me and you feel like you hate yourself for being a simp please reach out to me or someone else you're comfortable with! It’s very important that we don’t lose hope, yes everyone wants that person who falls in love back but trust me when I say that person is out there! It’s just a matter of loving yourself and gaining self-acceptance before you find the love of your life! Thank you all for taking the time to read this! My DMs are always open and ready for a chat. Take care <3

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