Showing Some Support

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Showing Some Support

It isn’t always financial.

Of course, sales and money are a huge part of the support here in terms of keeping us on the site as sellers that I don’t dispute but it’s not the sole way to support not just sellers but everyone here.


Get liking those posts, polls, listings and photos. It’s all part of the engagement. It also helps encourage engagement, who’s going to post and make effort if it’s not supported in some way?

Likes are a way to show some love and support, but I will say this (because I feel it’s important) allow it to be love and support and don’t take it out if context, if a buyer is liking your things, it’s not an automatic show of interest in buying (the same applies to comments).


Think someone has a cool idea? Love what they are talking about? Let them know, get some conversation going, drop a compliment, ask questions.

Encouragement and engagement

Engagement is so important here, in fact it’s vital! We need to know as sellers that ourselves and what we are offering are getting noticed, we need engagement to do what we do and sometimes encouragement, it’s nice to know that we have support.

It’s also important for buyers to feel supported and encouraged.

Engagement is something that we can get involved in, it’s not only supporting each other but the site as well, it costs nothing to engage on the dash and it can really give a boost.

Offering a chat

Knowing that you have someone to talk to is important, sometimes selling and buying can feel lonely. If someone is having a bad day or needs some help with a query comment on their post if you’re able to help or maybe send them a message.

Honestly the kindness and support I’ve received and knowing I can reach out to someone has really helped me, it’s made those days where things seem negative a lot better.


One of the easiest and best ways to support sellers is to recommend them.

If you know someone who is offering what a buyer is looking for tag the seller in the post, if someone reaches out to you but you don’t offer what they seek give them some names of sellers that do.

Buyers you can also get involved in this.

It’s so appreciated and a lovely way to support each other.


Some great ways to support buyers can include recommending sellers, offering advice, offering to help them navigate the site if they are new.

I see buyers supporting fellow buyers as well.

I think one of the best ways to support buyers is by giving them a safe space to play and to engage in their kinks, letting them take things at their pace.

Support their growing confidence by being that safe place to play.


A review is much appreciated and a great way to support us as sellers and of course the buyers as well.

For example, leaving sellers a review, by leaving a review you’re potentially helping others make their choice, I know that not everyone is bothered about them but for those who read them and take them into account it really does help.

Providing a safe space

I feel very passionate about providing a safe space to talk and play. By providing this you’re providing support and allowing someone to grow in confidence, to explore their kinks.

Polls and opinions

I enjoy doing polls because it’s a chance to gage interest and ask for opinions. Sometimes I want to try something new, and I want to know if anyone’s interested, but for whatever reason I’m doing a poll each vote helps.

Opinions, thoughts and comments also really help, it all helps make me a better seller.


While this is a buying and selling site it’s also a community, one which we have built together, one that we want to be inviting and welcoming.

Showing support is vital and it keeps the positivity flowing.

Cheer each other on, help celebrate each other’s achievements, offer advice, get liking, engage and chat.

As I’ve mentioned at the beginning of this blog it’s not all financial and while again, I must stress this is a buying and selling site thus making spending crucial there are so many ways in which we can support each other.

Selling and buying is only a small part of the support in my opinion, the support I’ve had on bad days is what keeps me going, yes I mention that a lot but it’s important to recognise it because I’m grateful and also I’ve had support from both sellers and buyers , not every buyer that has supported me has done so in a financial capacity but it doesn’t make their support and less valid.

Thank you for reading.

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