Rules & Guidelines For ATW/MTW/FLO/DRO

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Rules & Guides
Rules & Guidelines For ATW/MTW/FLO/DRO

Hello, community! We’ve seen some suggestions from you regarding the terms and conditions of the website and we’ve decided to put up a one-stop blog post for easy reference. If you are not sure something is allowed, check this page and hopefully your answer will be here!

Here are some of the basic rules of being a member of our community:


All images posted on the site must be censored.

For instant content, the cover images must be censored. Images and videos that are only visible after being unlocked with KinkCoins can be uncensored.

For females, no nipples, anus and vulva. For males, no penis, balls and anus.

Proof of Postage / Shipping

Even if your buyers have not asked for tracked shipping, always ensure you have proof of shipping in the event of a dispute in the future. Keep receipts, screenshots of sending digital content, anything that will help you prove you have fulfilled the order. For digital content, state clearly how long the buyer will have access to your content.

Advertising External Payment Methods

Images or posts that include external payment methods such as “my Cashapp tag is £xxx” or “my Paypal is [email protected]” will be removed. You may post your payment details in your bio instead.

External Contact Details

Similar to advertising external payment methods, you may post your external contact details such as email address, kik handle etc on your bio, not on the public dashboard.

Moving Users Offsite

Users trying to persuade you to chat offsite can be a red flag. If a new user is asking you to move communications offsite by enticing you with a potential sale, this is likely a scam. Always ensure payment is received before moving offsite. Please note that we will not be able to intervene in any disputes that occur away from the website.

Please also note, that we do not allow ATW to be used to recruit members to other sites, this includes external group chats.

Order Forms

Buyers, always ensure an order form is created on the system before payment is made. Sellers, orders on the system are for you to keep track of your orders and to update buyers on the status of their order(s). Always ensure payment is received in full before starting on or fulfilling any order.


As it says every time you go to post something, the activity feed is a place to add exciting updates. Do not post grievances or engage in arguments on the dash. Do not publicly call out another user or post private conversations without permission. If you have any issues with any user, report them to Admin directly.

Fraudulent Activity

This is the easiest way to get yourself banned permanently from the website. Do not engage in any sort of disingenuous activity such as exchanging fake reviews, creating fake orders, taking an order with no intention of fulfilling them, chargebacks etc.


ATW, MTW, FLO and DRO is a safe space for everyone. We have a zero-tolerance policy on any sort of harassment and abuse. Verbal abuse, doxxing, sexual harassment, phobic comments, name-calling etc directed towards any user (including the Admin Team) will all lead to your account being banned.

Unsolicited Pictures

This goes for all sexes and genders! Do not send out unsolicited dick pics or explicit images without the prior consent of the receiving party. Remember, consent is sexy.


Unfortunately, we are unable to have raffles on the site as we do not own a gambling licence.


Offering freebies on the dash will only encourage freebie hunters, not genuine buyers. Offering free add-ons or extras to a paid order is fine, however please refrain from offering free content for nothing.

Original Content

Be you, be original! Do not copy and paste posts, bio, or any sort of content from another user without prior permission. Again, consent is key! Do not rip off images from the web and try to pass them off as your own, catfish accounts are not allowed.

Advertise Blood & Scat Products

Content including scat, blood, violence, and illegal and other offensive material is prohibited.

No Underage Items

This should go without saying. Paedophilia is illegal, advertising or looking for underage items will lead to an automatic and permanent ban.

Sellers, listings such as “socks I wore since I was ten years old” or “pre-teen bra” or “18yo selling items bought five years ago” are not allowed.

Buyers, state clearly what you are asking for. Vague posts or messages such as “ looking for young panties” will lead to Admin erring on the side of caution and suspending your account. As we are an adult website, any mention of minors below the age of 18, directly or indirectly, will be deleted.

Drug Use

Please refrain from posting content related to drug abuse.

Animal Content

Bestiality is not just immoral, it is illegal in most countries in the world. Do not advertise anything related to animal content. Posting pictures of your pets is fine, but attempting to sell animal content or by-products for sexual gratification is not.

Meet ups

This is a selling platform for physical and digital content. It is not a site to look for physical meetings. For sellers, there is a huge risk factor in meeting a stranger off the internet physically. For buyers, if this is the type of service you are looking for, perhaps a different website (Fetlife, cough cough) would suit your needs better.

Swapping KinkCoins

We do not allow swapping KinkCoins with cash. Please refrain from advertising swapping on the activity feed.

Duplicate Accounts

We do not permit users to have more than one account. Duplicate accounts will be banned. Sellers can both buy and sell from a seller account. If you are a buyer that would also like to sell, please contact us and we will change your account for you.

Hope this helps! Thank you for keeping ATW, MTW, FLO & DRO a safe and friendly fetish community

Feel free to contact Admin anytime if you have any further questions 😊

By Admin

The official support account for All Things Worn / Male Things Worn / Feet Lovers Only. If you have any questions please send us a message and our team will try...

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SadisticSoles Thank you for the tips.

Fragolina80 Thank you for highlighting very important Tips and information . @Admin thank you

TaliaTheHybrid @LatinaDirtyGirl I figured as much with that but Im just thinking as a buyer knowing my tastes, I dont want to request something like that and then someone gets in trouble over it

LatinaDirtyGirl @taliathehhbrid you shouldnt be using name calling on anyone unless the other party consents to it. A lot of sellers make that mistake of name calling buyers because they think buyers want that

TaliaTheHybrid Just recently joined and wondering if the name calling and such applies to certain orders such as ratings, or is it allowed for those if asked for or said its fine?

Smellycat59 @Demi_experience the instant content itself doesn't need to be censored. It's only if you post a photo as part of the listing. And they mean prior consent from your partner 🤗

Jade_Minx @SexyRunner you aren’t required to put a return address, they will fight you about it but you don’t I always just tell them idc if it gets lost lol

SexyRunner @CumToMami I would also like to know this! How are sellers shipping without providing their personal return address?

CumToMami @WetNsmelly86 Good point with receiving items! Thank you so much for responding 🥰

WetNsmelly86 @CumToMami I use the senders address. But p. I. Box would be best cause then they can send u items.

CumToMami Hello! Band new and getting set up. When shipping items, how do you ship without your personal home address for the return address? Is it recommended to use a P.O. Box? Thank you in advance.

BagelBoy @VeronicaVixen

VeronicaVixen @Angie666777 I sent you a message :)

Lovebigboobs I found the list of rules very helpful ty for posting them 😉

Demi_shy89 Thanks

Admin @Demi_experience hi, as long as prior consent is obtained and cover image is censored this should be fine :)

Demi_experience Hi. Can I post instant content that includes my partner.. I mean sex vids or even photos with his body/ private parts near me. Thankyou for any help ♡♡♡♡♡

ClassyFeet @WetNsmelly86 Yes both sites

WetNsmelly86 @ClassyFeet All Things Worn male and female. Make things worn and feet lovers only?

ChauffeurSubLee @AndyMcCoy I don't but in fairness I don't look at much unless I set it to following so looks like I'm completely off with that!

ChauffeurSubLee @ClassyFeet no worries and yes it is although very rarely see male seller's on here

ClassyFeet @ChauffeurSubLee Oh Ok ty , so here it is for both then

Mochamadness What is FLO?

BustyPeachDelightsx Agreed 👍

ChauffeurSubLee @ClassyFeet MTW is men only selling

ClassyFeet Can you explain the difference between ATW and MTW please

Cordelia69 agreed!

ClassyFeet @LatinaDirtyGirl Def agree

BeaTrixter You guys are awesome (Admins AND users)!! I can't tell you how refreshing it is to be somewhere with a genuine sense of community

MrsLabidoLoco @admin such a great idea making this into a blog. 💞

Gingergoods @LatinaDirtyGirl agreed!!

LatinaDirtyGirl Can we do something about the accounts begging for money?Its super off putting to get pm that someone needs help with money $$$ m. Im sure buyers are getting om more than buyers…. It sounds scammy

Smellycat59 This is great information. I learned a number of things. Thanks so much, Admin. You guys rock!!

Darkdoll @Kinksters I know right? This one is a mine of information, but I don't think it's been seen by many. Still tons of cash tags being shared 🤷‍♀️

Kinksters @Darkdoll Well shit the bed 🙄😂

Darkdoll @kinksters xx

Wetandsmelly86 @ChocolateCookie totally agree I look for stuff and just give up. I know there's a lot of good blogs I just cant find them

ChocolateCookie @Alexibun totally agree. The blog page could use a filter or catalogue function.

Mochamadness I'm new to ATW so this has been very helpful!

LatinaDirtyGirl The underage one 👏🏼 Ive seen sooo many sellers on multiple platforms selling their old items when they were kids!!! Its sooo gross

FoxyMamaM Thank you so much for this!

Alexibun @Chefsstuff Feet lovers only

Chefsstuff What is FLO

StilettoBlade Awesome Admin 🖤

StilettoBlade @AndyMcCoy you’ve got your nipples, leave our balls alone

HungCockGary Awesome

Alexibun Can this blog be listed on the FAQs page for Sellers? It would be helpful to have it there so new sellers see it when researching the site as well as for easy access to find later when it's no longer pinned. Blogs aren't exactly easy to search. :)

Kayeos_21 Awesome! First day here and already love it more than some other sites.

Darlin Amazing site xx

BigAndBusty1 Love this site!

Wetandsmelly86 @SIMPTRESS amen

Jakeswan I feel safer and safer on this website. Thanks Admin

Emeraldreign Thank you! 🌸

Paulsox80 That "Fetlife, cough cough" made my day. 😂🤣👍

Miss_Stacie_X No messing

VeronicaVixen It’s an excellent blog and everything is said clearly and needed to be said! Thank you ❤️

QuiteWry Great rules, thank you

Gingergoods So refreshing, thank you!

ClassyFeet Awesome TY

ChauffeurSubLee Quick one on grievances, are there key words You're against as there's been a good few posts I've wrote that have not allowed me to post, and this has been instantly that I've got the message to tell Me! I've alluded to negative experiences but point in post has been DESPITE THAT everything's good and overwhelmingly positive, with message always either to encourage, defuse a situation or to say that DESPITE something that was bad, it ended up with a better experience and never meant as excuse to bitch or express any grievance! List of any kind of words that are flagged as Me being seen as disgruntled or negative would be appreciated please?!

ItsAlyssaBaby @Admin thank you! I’ve not been on here much and still learning how to use this site lol

Admin @ItsAlyssaBaby Male Things Worn and Feet Lovers Only :)

ItsAlyssaBaby What is MTW/FLO?

BustyPeachDelightsx Thanks for sharing!

Y2kbby This was super helpful thanks Admin

MarieCol Amazing! Needed!

Darkdoll This is awesome, thanks Admin x

Wetandsmelly86 I haven't read this yet but thank u

DaddysLilMinx An awesome resource to refer people to

H3r3kitty Love it!!!

LuckyDuckling I love that all the rules are super succinct & in one place! Thank you for adding this admin ❤️

Admin The majority of the community sticks to the rules, but a little reminder never hurt anyone 😇❤️

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