Why Am I Not Making Sales?

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Seller Tips For Sellers
Why Am I Not Making Sales?

Don’t compare your sales!

It can be difficult not to compare but it doesn’t help. Comparing makes us question ourselves, why am I not making sales like that? We think someone is doing better than us, but this isn’t a competition or a race.

More sellers than buyers

There will sometimes be more supply than demand! There are a lot of buyers here but there are still more sellers so the buyers are already being spread thinly and this will have an impact somewhere.

Not all buyers

Not all buyers are going to buy from all sellers, it’s not realistic. Don’t assume all buyers are the same – some are owned, some build a bond with one or two sellers and are happy just buying from them, some are new so finding what they want. But as I’ve said not all buyers are the same and each buyer is individual in terms of kink and expectations and as sellers we can’t always meet that.

Not offering what someone wants

As I’ve just said above, we can’t always meet what a buyer needs or even expects and there is nothing wrong with that, it’s not a reflection on them or us, it’s just the reality of selling and buying

For example, I don’t offer custom videos so I’m not going to make sales when that is what is required by the buyer.

Something for everyone

I have seen sellers doubt themselves, I have done it myself! Am I not what they want? Am I attractive?

You and whatever you’re selling will be for someone. This is where we can fall into the trap of comparison, again done it myself, seeing a seller doing what we perceive as well and then thinking maybe it’s me, I’m the problem! It is the comparison that’s the issue, not you.

Dry spells

Sometimes the site seems quiet and we may have a period of time where we don’t make sales and that is perfectly normal. There could be many reasons for that.

Buyers can overspend and need to take a break from buying, sometimes they need a break from the site, they are busy etc.

Use the time to work on new listings, engage on the dash and such.

I personally find it goes up and down, the dash is busy or it’s quiet but again that’s normal.

It’s important to remember when things are a little quiet to not take it personally. It’s not you, it’s how it is for everyone, we can all have quiet days.

Time and pressure

Give it time and don’t put pressure on yourself!

Every seller is different, and sales will come but you need to let that happen naturally.

Sometimes we need to sit back and enjoy the site, enjoy ourselves, allow buyers to take their time as well, engage and give the buyers an opportunity to interact with you.

Rushing and putting pressure on yourself can turn into pressuring buyers if we aren’t careful.

Don’t hard sell

Buyers find this a big turn off, sending copy and paste messages, offering them something they haven’t asked for or trying to push a sale straight away isn’t going to work.

We as sellers are here to sell, that’s why we are on the site. I appreciate it’s not just about money for everyone but that’s still what we are here to do, however hard selling isn’t what buyers want.


Have you read the buyers’ bio before contacting them? Have you given a buyer the chance to ask questions about an item? Trying to rush buyers into sales or contact can be a turn off, it’s similar to hard selling.

Buyers’ input

I wanted to include buyers input and perspectives in this blog so I reached out to the community and asked and you wonderful buyers didn’t disappoint! Here are some of the things the buyers said:

Hard selling: I’ve already touched upon that but wanted to mention it again because a buyer had reached out about it for this blog and was the reason I wrote that last bit.

Not reading bios: draining as a buyer to have to repeat yourself, it can suck the fun out of it.

Relationships: some buyers may enter into a new relationship and cut down on purchases.

Money: extra and unexpected bills.

Any advice?

If I’m having a slow period I use the time to try think of new listings, I try to interact as much as possible on the dash, make polls and such, it can be a great time to take some photos or create some instant content.

It can feel disheartening but it’s important to remember it’s not you!

So, my advice would be to think about how you can best use the time between sales.

Don’t question yourself!

Enjoy what you’re doing, engage and have fun, let things flow naturally.

Thank you to the buyers who reached out and gave me some insight.

Thank you for reading.

Stay kinky!

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