How All Things Worn Helped Me Explore Myself

Seller Sellers’ Perspective
How All Things Worn Helped Me Explore Myself

Behind The Profile…

I think by now you all know that I love to talk, write and take filthy photographs. So here I am again with another blog this time I’m not currently sure what about, so I’m going to just roll with it as I type.

I thought maybe I’d let you all get to know me a little bit better because recently there was a comment, which made me take a step back and think wow. This wasn’t the politest comment I’ve ever had but it was a comment that was focusing purely on my looks. Now if you have never currently had a conversation with me, I know from my everyday life that people are quick to judge from what you look like, on here I suppose it’s a mixture of that and what you have to offer. If or when both buyers/sellers choose to communicate with me, I tend to get a wow you’re actually really nice haha.

I must look like a b*tch. Unfortunately for me, I don’t have the attitude to match hence me not offering domination or humiliation services. It’s never been an avenue I have particularly wanted to explore, although I know there's a huge market for it and I am super intrigued with buyers and sellers who like and/or offer these things.

A buyer once said to me “Can you not tap into it for your own gain” and the answer is simply no, I can’t. My protocol for All Things Worn is I will only ever offer a service or try something new if it’s something I know I can put 100% into. I’m not willing to tap into anything that I know wouldn’t be up to my standard let alone the buyers. You have to be happy with the services we provide and I know for a fact if I was to sell this as a service I would be doing myself and you a disservice.

I’m not going to get into too much detail but I’m all for being nice, probably too nice for my own good sometimes, but this comes from a place inside that even if it's for “fun” or “money” it’s not a place I am comfortable exploring. A huge part of my teenage years up until being 20 was spent in a domestic abusive situation and over the past 10 years, I've worked hard on myself just to function like a normal person. So if you are reading this blog and I say or have said no, please accept that it’s something I just can’t do.

A Little More About Me

I love to engage, talk, meet new people but do you know what I really love? The fact that I’m just a normal person. To be honest with you all, before joining ATW as “Kitty” my identity since I was 16 years of age, has always just been a mum. Being here in this community I’m more than that. I do my day to day mum things, doing the housework, going up the street to get some shopping except I'm wearing a pair of panties or socks that I know someones going to be sniffing in a few days' time. It seems so naughty that in my vanilla life no one knows my naughty little secrets of what happens when I’m behind closed doors. I don't know about you guys too but I have also developed this bad habit of looking and people and thinking to myself “I wonder if he's a panty sniffer” or “I wonder if she's wearing panties for someone else”.

At first when I joined All Things Worn, originally the main reason I joined was purely through loneliness. When the kids went to bed, I'd have this physical and mental ache that I just couldn’t shift. I suffer from anxiety and spouts of depression, so I’m pretty much naturally a whirlwind of emotions. I have friends, great friends actually. One of which I have roped into joining all things worn herself @bpussbaby. Honestly, without this woman, I would have still been a shell of a person. She has a heart of gold and has pretty much been my sexual mentor since I've known her. It’s thanks to her that I got my first ever vibrator too haha! We spend every day together but evenings like most other people, they’re with their husbands or partners. So you find yourself alone, stuck in your thoughts pining for what other people have.


Here, I’ve found that. Now I can't sit and tell you it's cleared 100% of the loneliness I used to fee,l but I can honestly say it's a solid 85% improvement in my situation. Joining All Things Worn gave me something to do when the kids were in bed. I was interacting with other adults that like the same naughty things as me but also teaching me about all these new kinks and fetishes I never had any idea about.

I was never expecting to come onto a site like this and be successful. I’ve always felt like the ugly duckling, never good enough. My self-worth was second to none. Respect from any man I had ever encountered was never given and I am always judged for being someone whom I’m not.

In my day to day life, I’m a prude, I’m quiet, the confidence I portray on here never existed and my sex life, my god my sex life has been so sh*t. I swear it could be a series of unfortunate events part 2. The most experience I actually have sexually is at home in my bedroom alone with my toys. This is why I make a lot of masturbation videos. I haven't been with that many people.

Here, it makes me laugh because I am the person I’m misjudged for being in my everyday life, yet I was shook because of the respect and appreciation both buyers and sellers have for each other. It’s actually mentally healing and a breath of fresh air.

The Creation of Kitty

“Kitty” was created solely for this site. A random username of the first thing that popped into my head. As I said above, I joined here to cure my loneliness but I suppose she’s also my alter ego. The person I wished to be, strong, confident, sexy and most definitely not shy. I couldn’t come here and naturally be me. Now, I am and will always be me but you will only see “me” (my personality) if we are in communication. Within my post and photos on the dash. That’s the alter ego, a temptress I’ve been called.

Being “Kitty” and being on All Things Worn has dramatically improved my life in so many aspects, not only financially but mentally and physically too. Someone once said to me it’s ok because you are skinny and you are pretty so obviously you are going to be successful but this is not true.

When I’m “Kitty” I work hard. I constantly graft my ass off, networking, advertising, communicating. It’s not as easy as snapping a quick photo and boom you get a sale. When you are selling or at least when I am selling, you are your own makeup artist, hairstylist, photographer, videographer, advertiser, marketer. You are everything in one person and the person I’ve become through being on All Things Worn, I love.

I Found My Passion

This is the place where you, we are accepted for who we are. Anyone of all shapes, sizes, ages and genders. For me, it’s nice to feel accepted.

I have tried so many career paths, god knows how many times I tried to set up my own business. At one point, I had a successful business with my stock travelling all over Europe and over 40 women working for me. Unfortunately for me, I was in a bad situation, financially I was struggling and couldn’t afford the affiliate system I needed for my website which made it merely impossible to track everything and everyone via paper trail whilst also being full time with the kids. I no longer loved what I did because it was more stress on top of the stress that I didn’t need at the time.

Joining All Things Worn, I have my passion back. I have found something I love. It definitely helps that I’m naturally a people pleaser but pleasing people in naughty ways online is so much more fulfilling.

The ring lights come out, the camera is rolling, you tap into your inner porn star for some naughty fun. It’s amazing! Obviously, it’s amazing because I’m getting an orgasm or 5 but f*ck me sideways the fact I know that someone else is also going to have an orgasm because they enjoy seeing me do what I do best. That is fricking sexy as hell and a massive turn on! The fact that I’m wearing my panties, saving on washing and knowing that someone’s getting turned on by scent does things to me.

You know... I was never a horny person. I never touched myself or masturbated until I was 24. I couldn’t even have a conversation about sex, I didn’t see or understand why everyone loved it so much. At that time in my life putting a cactus in my life would have seemed more pleasurable. I had no interest whatsoever but my god, I’m glad I started to explore my body because I can’t think of anything better to do. It’s what I do most of my alone time. So being a seller and a content creator just fits into my life like the missing piece of the puzzle. It works perfectly around my circumstances, and I can't imagine any other “job” I'd have that could or would be this much fun.

At first I was embarrassed about being in a place like this, in case anyone found out as it’s not the “normal” thing to do but now I don’t care now I openly recommend the site to my friends. Sex does sell, and I’m pretty fricking good at it haha ;)

Being “Kitty” has helped me to explore new avenues, not having to worry about finding a job I can scrape the bills money together with and meet like-minded people.

I’ve really started to enjoy myself and my life with my children without the stresses of pains of the past I used to have. You guys have been my own form of self-therapy and have had a huge impact on my life.

Have a lovely day my Kinky Bunch

Kitty xx


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