How and Why I Ended Up Selling on ATW

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Seller Sellers’ Perspective
How and Why I Ended Up Selling on ATW

Everyone that has any type of involvement with SW has their own story… their own personal reasons that got them to where they are now! Buyers have their own reasons for being on this site, and sellers (normally) have a completely different reason!

Now I cannot speak for anyone else on this site, but here is my personal story!

Learning About Sex

I have always been an incredibly open minded and accepting person, I have never or will never judge anyone on their preferences of their kinks! I think the world is such a beautiful place and everyone being able to be their own selves is what makes it such a beautiful place!

I was introduced to more sexual things at a pretty young age, and never really saw anything wrong with being a sexual being, or experimenting in things that make you feel good.

**In hindsight now, I do wish that I had a better role model or parental figure looking out for me, to help me understand the things I was feeling, or why I had these urges, but unfortunately that is not the story I can write here. **

But it’s okay, and stay tuned because it gets so much better!

In my early adult life, I never really pushed my desires or the wants I was feeling with others as, I was convinced I was the only one that felt that way, and that they wouldn’t understand! Again, you need to remember I wasn’t brought up in an open conversation household (my parents never discussed any feelings, especially not any sexual urges).

I was also lucky enough to take part in competitive sports all throughout my adolescent life, so I feel like I was too busy to even explore anything I was feeling! Which worked well for me throughout my high school years as I never really felt the confusion or urges, because I was just too busy, and thought that was normal!

The Perfect Relationship?

Everything ended up becoming very monotonous for me when I met my Ex. We met very young; I was 20 and they were 19… it was very much an easy relationship. We worked very well together financially and on paper we looked absolutely perfect!

That relationship lasted for almost 10 years, resulted in a house, a dog, and even an engagement… But something was always missing, I was always honestly bored in my life, did not feel fulfilled or supported in anyway, and I honestly just felt absolutely alone!

Fast forward to end of 2021, I am feeling absolutely trapped in my current lifestyle... I keep trying to reach out to friends and family, and give them some sort of idea that I was struggling in my relationship and my lifestyle, but no one would listen… I just kept being told to stick it out, that its totally normal to feel this way, and it’s a normal thing to not have a sex drive in your relationship, that everyone goes through that! **Note here: if you are unhappy with something, or want something more that is 100% valid, and you need to follow those thoughts**

That all changed once I started talking to my current partner, one little like of a video on TikTok, moved into commenting and that moved onto talking every day, sharing all feelings and emotions, and I can honestly say in that moment that I knew that this is what I was missing in my life, I needed and wanted someone that was going to support me in every way, I knew that this is what was missing, that they were the one that was missing.

Starting Over

Now we’re at 2022, I ended my engagement, left the house, I got 100% custody of the dog though, (so don’t worry ;) and I am officially starting over! Now you can imagine how many emotions I was feeling at this time… I was flat ass broke as I left my house and all my belongings with my ex (for many reasons that I won’t get into, legally can’t just yet) racking up credit card debt (as I had no other way to pay for things), as I wasn’t making enough money to pay off my current debts & keep living… and trying to figure out who I was as a person and what I wanted to do with my life.

The positive part of this story is that I have the most supportive partner I could ever ask for… they support me in anything I want to do, they moved across the country with me for an amazing job opportunity and they are the most equal amazing partner I could ever ask for! So everything in my personal life is finally looking better, I am in a supportive, happy, loving relationship and I couldn’t ask for anything better!

Unfortunately, we are not 100% in the clear just yet! And this is actually the main point of this blog article is why I am here! I have always been super interested in kinks *as I stated before. And I am finally with a supportive person that not only accepts my kinks, and me wanting to experiment with selling, they actually encourage every single thing I want to do, say or try… I have always been complimented on my body, and my looks and especially my nice round juicy ass and super small dainty feet, so naturally I have heard on so many occasions someone joking about “how much money I could make” … so when we found ourselves struggling with having enough money to get by, I asked my partner what they would think about me selling on ATW, and of course they were 100% supportive and all about it!

I wouldn’t necessarily say that we are making “bank” by any means, but I am in no way complaining, this website has 100% saved us on so many occasions and that is really all thanks to the amazing buyers!

My partner now has found an amazing job that they are so excited for and that will help us be so successful in life, pay off credit card debts and actually be able to start saving towards our future. They are not starting until April 1st, so we only have a few more weeks of struggling until that second form of payment is coming in regularly. But we wouldn’t have been able to get by if it wasn’t for all of you! <3

The Future

Now what does this mean for my future with ATW? Don’t you dare worry, I am so obsessed with this website and with you all that I will not be going anywhere anytime soon! 😊 my goal with this website is to continue to grow and offer you everything you desire, and the money that I will be making from ATW will be put directly back into you! I will be purchasing more lingerie, more panties and socks, more shoes and taking way more photos for you all! I can’t wait to continue to grow and develop with you all and see where this amazing site takes us all!

The moral of my story is, be who you want to be! Experience everything you want to experience and never let anyone hold you back! Life is too short… get messy, take chances and you might just end up with everything you’ve always wanted!

Love your Queen of Diamonds <3

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