Making Bank from Stank: The Power of Smell Fetish

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Making Bank from Stank: The Power of Smell Fetish

As if the misfortune of being born a girl wasn’t enough, I was also born a stinky girl.

I was always the one with farts that smelled like that of a grown man with a diet of solely pizza and beer. The one with sweaty, ever-damp armpit, crotch, and under-boob areas. The one with feet that reeked of malt vinegar. The girl with the face of an angel and the swamp ass of the devil himself.

The stinky girl.

The shame of being naturally smelly means I’m always equipped with a stick of deodorant, travel perfume and a blister pack of Beano wherever I go. It’s enough to keep the stench at bay, but it’s a monster that needs constant feeding to stay placated.

We’re all well-acquainted with the pressure placed on women and girls to be chaste, modest, respectful, thin, smooth, hairless, primped and polished, but there is also an expectation of being odorless and incapable of excretion (or, at the very least, to be quiet about it). This means no talk of burping, farting, sweating, pooping, pissing, discharging or queefing. The ideal woman is expected to maintain an almost fanatical obsession with her hygiene which must result in looking and smelling like she consumes only milk, white bread and saltines.

I am reminded of the Twitter trend a few years ago where women posted pictures of their spotless panty gussets to show off how “clean” their nether regions are, never mind the fact that discharge is a totally normal and healthy product of a vagina. This also calls to mind conservative talking head Ben Shapiro’s disdain for Megan Thee Stallion and Cardi B’s “WAP,” calling wet pussies “not biologically normal.” (Sounds like a guy who’s VERY sexually active, amiright fellas?)

All of this, of course, serves to unmask the beautiful lie of the stench-free female: humans are animals, and animals smell. We maintain proper grooming and personal hygiene for our health and the health of others, but this does not erase our natural musk entirely.

I recently started selling on All Things Worn, starting with used panties (like most sellers, I imagine) and branching out into SPH, JOI, sexting, findom, custom videos, toilet content, fart content and more. I joined to start a new side hustle, but also to learn more about my sexuality and kinks during a transitional period of my life. Imagine my surprise when I discovered that the qualities that I THOUGHT made me undesirable (sweaty, stinky and gassy) were the qualities that made me most attractive to buyers with related fetishes.

I have a buyer who comes to me for videos of my loudest, stinkiest farts followed by a detailed description of what I ate and what it smells like. I have a buyer who’s obsessed with the uniquely rancid scent profile of my feet. I have an army of fans who adore every damn thing about me, from my cellulite to my putrid feet to my earth-shattering farts.

Of course I see the irony and humor in this, but I also see the breathtaking beauty of it. The fetish and kink communities are often ostracized and ridiculed for being “weird” or “gross,” but how heartachingly beautiful is it that the things we find most repulsive about ourselves are the things others will worship us for? How comforting is it to know that intimacy doesn’t just look like expensive lingerie and wax-stripped pussies, but it also looks like well-loved sneakers crusted with foot jam and sweaty granny panties?

There will always be those who don’t understand our community, but to me, it makes perfect sense. Think about it: when you start dating someone and eventually enter a romantic relationship with them, what is the very last thing your partner sees? Sure, they get the well-mannered you in nice clothes and fancy perfume/cologne up front, but it’ll take much longer for them to see you poop, fart, burp or peel your stinky socks off after a long day of work.

THAT is true intimacy, to stare at (or smell) someone’s ugliest parts and keep coming back for more. When buyers purchase a piece of that, they skip straight to enjoying the most private, sacred parts of a person: their sweat, discharge, excrement and otherwise hidden and disposed-of byproducts. It’s kinky and animalistic, but also strangely wholesome.

So to the ATW community, all I have to say is thank you. Thank you for this warm, supportive space to be authentically me, crotch sweat and all. Thank you for continuously broadening my understanding of what it means to be close to another human. Most of all, thank you for transforming my shame into power.

Whether you’re a buyer or seller, I hope this platform empowers you to practice radical self-acceptance in the way that I now can. Your stretch marks, micropenises, acne, spider veins, incontinence, wrinkles, smelly feet, hairy assholes, bald heads and bingo wings are all suuuuuuuper fucking hot. Flaunt that shit.

By Thiccgothmommy

Hello loves, my name is Goddess Ariadne and I'm so glad you're here to play with me. I'm gothicc and tatted with a fat a$$, thicc thighs and 38DDD big...

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Honeypchs That’s right. No stink is all lies. I’ve always thought that.💚 Great read. ✨✨✨

LeeTheBoneRanger Fantastic read! You could be my dream woman, i lose my ever loving mind for strong scents and happy you can be celebrating it now! Xx

Devour_me @thiccgothmommy you’re perfect. 🙏🖤

Thiccgothmommy Thanks for all the amazing feedback, y'all! Glad you all felt seen and we have such an awesome community here 🖤

AugustWest Thanks for this! As an olfactophile myself, it’s so great to be part of a community where intimate smells are celebrated rather than derided. Many thanks to ATW and to sellers like yourself! 🙌🏻

Georgimay_x Girl, I love this SM

DreamOfTheEndless i'm so proud of you ❤️❤️

Goddess_of_Flame I love this. Being uncomfortable about my body has always been hard and having a mom bod now im still trying to get used to it and the welcoming here has made it so much easier to accept

Hot_Mess_Blondie Love this!!

Kitkat94 I love this so much 😭 I've always been super self conscious of my sweating and musk. Being here has helped me so much. ❤️

NeonPikachu This is wonderfully honest, thoughtful and exceptionally well written. Thank you for taking the time to share your thoughts!

VioletKnight Your such a great writer I can't wait for more 🔥🔥🔥

WARCX1009 So true 🧡

Thickthighssavelives Thanks so much for sharing xx

KinkySAHM84 Love this!!!

MommasSecrets Great read!!!!

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