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In BDSM (bondage, discipline, submission, dominance, sadism, masochism) there are tons of acronyms for handy and easy understanding. However, there is much debate about how fitting the terms really are. Over time the acronyms have changed to further our basic understanding of a very complex community.

SSC (safe, sane, and consensual)

The issue with this acronym is that most activities in BDSM have a level of risk involved and some activities definitely cause injury. Though some injuries, emotional, mental or physical, are part of play and the allure to some people. This term was not true to the entirety of the community. What is considered sane for one would be a severe hard limit for others.

The term is not suitable as a whole. How would a novice even begin to understand what potential risks could be involved with a very crude understanding and explanation of Safe, Sane, and Consensual? It tends to be misleading.

This is where RACK comes in. It is a framework for communication, negotiation and consent. The difference is that RACK allows not just for consent but informed consent. Evaluating factors of potential harm and risk on many levels. Informed consent is different from someone just agreeing for the sake of trying something new.

Risk profiles R.A.C.K.

A risk profile is a concrete way of acknowledging that it is possible for anything to go wrong. It is a way of understanding the potential risks involved in the types of play you are willing to engage in. If you have spent enough time considering your risks, then when a risk situation presents itself you are able to quickly assess the situation and make a quick decision.

A Risk Profile gives room for interpretation and allows the top or Dom/me to determine within certain parameters risks that otherwise would never have been considered. Physical and emotional distress should be considered in a risk profile.

For example, someone who works in customer service is likely to say “ I am not willing to risk injury to my face”. Someone who types for a living is likely to say “ I am not willing to risk my hands”. This leaves the door open for creative play but also instils that certain areas of play or pain are off-limits.

If your Dom/me says you need to wear heels every day to work, but this would risk your job or cause you deep emotional distress, you should consider this. Is this private or public play? How long are you willing to engage in this play?

This allows the bottom to be able to focus on appropriate play questions directed and guided by their own specific needs. Cutting out some unnecessary contract or jargon agreement used as a one size fits all. This allows for direct and specific communication on how to play in safe ways for them.

Also focusing on the attention one would need if something were to happen and they needed medical attention. Accidents happen. If your bottom says “i need to protect my face” and something were to happen in play where they got hit in the face, that would get medical care before their raw ass would. Knowing this is in the risk profile gives this first priority.


This is mostly related to in-person play. But what about online play? There are many places online where we can engage in kink and BDSM. Some potential risks with that would be blackmailing, self-injury, manipulation, emotional and mental distress. Things to consider when playing online and agreeing to tasks from a Dom/me can be the proof you will need to provide of the tasks you will be given.

Pictures, videos, audio clips can all be included in “proof” of completion of tasks. Maybe omit your face, cover tattoos and any identifying piercings or scars. If your career or home life would be affected by such things then you need to evaluate how you are willing to play.

If you are buying items online for your activities, consider that you will need a safe place to receive those items anonymously. It can be hard and intimidating to determine boundaries in any new arena. But having a well thought out and planned Risk Profile or assessment can certainly set you up for safer and funner play.

What to consider in a risk profile

Consider what things in your life that are more valuable to you than what play can provide. This would include your job, your body, hobbies, relationships, access to self-care: meds and such.

Consider a worst-case scenario. If you need an unblemished face for work, what is your plan of action if something were to happen? Learn about treating injuries and the seriousness of such injuries in your specific risk profile.

This is a different way to address your needs in play without hard limit lists and safe words. This should always be communicated before play and still allows creativity to take place.

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