Are Body-Safe Sex Toys Better?

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Are Body-Safe Sex Toys Better?

Did you ever wonder what’s inside your toy? What is it made of?

Maybe you have heard of the term “body safe” when it comes to sex toys and maybe you haven’t, but you really should know what it means and why you should buy body safe toys. It’s not just about a label, it’s about your health and long-term wellness.

So, what exactly does “body safe” mean?

In its simplest terms: It’s a toy made from materials that are non-porous and safe to insert into the body.

Examples of body safe:

  • Pure silicone (medical grade/food grade)
  • Glass
  • Metal (stainless steel/surgical steel)
  • Some woods
  • Ceramic stone

Examples of potentially toxic/unsafe materials:

  • Plastic
  • Jelly
  • Non -food grade silicones
  • Any porous material that can hold bacteria.

Still not quite sure? Here are a few hints on whether your sex toy could potentially be toxic:


Your sex toy may have that “just released from the packaging” smell that just about everything has when you open it, but it should have no odor after it’s aired out. If it has a plastic, new shower curtain smell, it’s probably not safe. A good sex toy should smell like nothing, if you are washing it properly. A material like pure silicone, doesn’t hold odors and will be odorless after washing.

Low Price:

If your sex toy is super cheap compared to a very similarly produced sex toy at your local shop, then it may be a cheap knock off. Yep, sex toys can be knock-off’s too, just like electronics and expensive handbags.

These may include toys that are widely sold from several retailers, but not in local stores or from their own website. More so, if you see a nice-looking sex toy on the internet, say on Amazon; do a quick google search for their website. Maybe even check the website of your local sex shop. Do they sell it? Does the company have a website where they also sell the product? No? Well, then maybe pass on that one.

Sex shops should take into account the quality of their inventory and if they really want to keep customers coming back, they will only stock toys they know are safe. Therefore, if you walk into your local sex shop and see a sex toy and think “wow, that’s expensive!”, it’s probably because the toy is legit and safe, but still read the packaging. Do your homework. Look for what the toy is made of and where it was made. Look for any warnings on the package and make sure it doesn’t look used. No one wants a used sex toy.


Labels aren’t just for food anymore and it’s important to read all the details of anything you buy, regardless of its intended use. Check out the description, does it state body-safe or medical grade silicone? phthalate free? If not, maybe take that out of your cart and choose one that does. Does it say non-porous? Does it say anything at all? If not, consider it unsafe and move on.

Why is it even important? How bad could it be?

Well, let’s explore that a bit.

What is a phthalate? Basically, it’s a substance added to plastic to increase its flexibility, durability, longevity and transparency. In some studies, it’s been shown to cause fertility and reproductive problems, cancers, low sperm count, kidney and liver issues, lung problems and birth defects.

What if I don’t use it that often? Will it still hurt me?

Here’s the short answer. Why take the chance?

You can easily find sex toys that are safe if you just do your research. Plus, if you buy a good, quality toy then you are investing in it, and it will last you for some time. Maybe that $75-$100 toy seems expensive, but so are medical bills down the line. That toy may last you several years and you’ll thank yourself later when you find your favorite toy and it’s happens to be body-safe to boot!

Now, I’m not saying every Amazon sex toy is dangerous…I’m saying do your research. If you watch what you eat and make sure to put on your SPF, then choosing a body-safe toy should be within your health life-style priority list, too!

Just like the pores on your face, a porous material will absorb bacteria and pollution. For example, if you use a porous toy internally, it can still harbor and transmit bacteria, even if you wash it and the worst part is that it will smell. I mean like, it will smell bad!

Just think of a porous toy being used anally and then washing it. The next time you use it, it’s going to smell like butt. Literally. Yep, let that sink in for a minute.

This can also spread bacteria and illnesses such as E.coli. So yeah, rethinking that whole “is it really important” question now, aren’t you?

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Oneguin1386 Great read and body safe is definitely important

SyndeeStarr Great info!!

Alexibun Wonderful blog, love!

Texme What makes them body safe?

Honeypchs They sure are. I worked at an adult store for 6 years. I worked for a place that took sex seriously. And it blew my mind the kinds of things you wouldn’t think of. Including what’s actually a good body safe material for lubes, toys and body edibles (flavored things). Neat blog topic 👍🏽✨

MarieRose @Doublesnotted that’s a great idea.

Doublesnotted Someone on this site told me one time to microwave a temu tenga if I was worried about it not being safe 🤪 in response to me saying “I’d never put one of those in my body” 💀

MarieRose @KittenHeels of course

KittenHeels @MumscreationsbyD Thanks for loving it!

KittenHeels @MarieRose Thanks for the feedback!

MumscreationsbyD Very interesting xx my SHEIN tongue 👅 is going in the bin 🤣 love the blog thank you x

MarieRose I love this blog so much! I am super sensitive and prone to infections so I only use certain toys. Very informational! Thank you for writing this.

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