How Sex Worked Helped My Sobriety

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How Sex Worked Helped My Sobriety

Hi, I thought it was time I wrote a blog seeing as I have been here a while. I’m Layla some of you know me on the site. I try and keep it fun and light-hearted with some good banter.

So as some of you know, I’m sober from alcohol and have been for 19 months now.

Without getting too dark I was in a pretty bad place 2 years ago. I was in a shitty relationship, I was living and working in a pub and my dad was sick so I was pretty stressed and drinking more than I should.

Then lockdown came my dad died and the pub I worked at shut. I split up with my ex and it all hit the fan. My drinking got pretty bad I was pretty much drinking till I passed out and then drinking again in the morning to control the shakes.

I was at the worse point in my life physically and mentally. I had severe anxiety and depression and I couldn’t see a way out. I then took some control sought help and went to AA where I got sober.

So How Does Flogging my Used Panties Come Into This?

When I was about 2 months sober I felt pretty good but I was bored. I needed something to thrill and excite me. I needed something that wasn’t alcohol to have a good time and I was pretty skint. Lockdown hit me hard.

I tried phone sex on an official site for a while and enjoyed that but I knew it was something I didn’t really want to do. I then found All Things Worn via Google.

I found something to put my energy into. Something a bit taboo to feel like I wasn’t boring and I fell in love with sex work. Having that kinky focus put my mind off drinking. I also felt like I belonged in a community and I hadn’t felt that before.

Finding A Community I Belong To

Now, over a year later, I’m still here. I’m still having fun and I have met some amazing friends along the way. I have buyers that I have been with since the beginning who I can truly call friends. I also have sellers I talk to every day, even more than I do my outside friends.

I’m not saying this kind of work is easy. It’s not. You have to put a lot of effort into it including; your time, resources and yourself as a person.

You have to have pretty thick skin because not everyone is going to like you but that’s ok.

I have to allow myself to have breaks occasionally especially to self-check how I’m feeling and what I need to do to take better care of myself.

Discovering My Boundaries

When I first started I wasn’t sure what my boundaries were but I learned that I don’t have to do everything to be successful. I stopped offering sexting and dick ratings as I just wasn’t enjoying it and that can show to the buyer.

Now I only offer the things that I enjoy doing, mainly wears and videos that I put 100% into to make sure it’s a great experience for me and the buyer.

It’s also ok to turn down offers. I do that regularly, especially if it’s a harsh domination or humiliation session as I’m not a natural harsh Dom. I have done some soft nurturing Dom-type interactions and enjoy that but it has to be with someone I’m comfortable with. Like my foot pup who has worked with me for over a year now, I feel comfortable being that way with him and we have lots of fun together.

Building Lasting Relationships

I’ve built some amazing regular client relationships and I feel that's how I have been successful here. It’s good to build trust between you both, and the finished interactions always turn out better, making them come back again and again.

It’s good not to take yourself too seriously in this kind of work. You have to laugh off the annoying parts of it like the scammers and time-wasters or you will lose your mind.

Having such a great community of sellers and buyers on here is what makes this site great. I have friends in the outside world that know what I do but they don’t really understand it. So you need to have people on the inside who get you and can give you advice or just to rant to.

I love this site and this community and I plan to stay here a long time. I’m learning new things every day and having my eyes opened to kinks I never even knew about it’s exciting.

So I’ll wrap it up now thanks for reading and I hope you get more of a feel of me and why I do this.

I truly believe my life would be a lot worse without this site so I’m very thankful for that

Love LaylaXOXXOX


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