How To Earn Passive Income Selling Digital Content

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How To Earn Passive Income Selling Digital Content

What is Passive Income and How Can It Benefit You?

For this blog, I am going to talk about what passive income is and how you can earn passive income as a sex worker.

What is Passive Income?

Have you ever heard of the phrase “make money while you sleep?” Well, passive income is money that you can make while you sleep, theoretically. Sounds really nice, of course, who doesn’t want to make money while they’re sleeping? Everyone does but it’s not quite that easy. To be able to earn passive income and do it successfully, you will have to put your time and effort into creating it first. It becomes passive once you have built the foundation. Passive income requires maximum work upfront but only minimal upkeep work afterwards.

Earning Passive Income via Google Drive

Let me give a few examples of how to earn passive income so you can get an idea of what we are talking about here. My personal favorite is using Google Drive to earn passive income. Before you just create a Google Drive and start selling it, there are some important things you should know. To have a secure Google Drive is key. Otherwise, it could be a disaster and could compromise your own privacy. The next important thing is to build your Google Drive up so that you can start selling it. When I created my Google Drive, it took me two solid working days before I was satisfied with it enough to sell it. I started by creating “Folders” within my Google Drive in which I organize all my content in.

Some of my folders are:

  • Toilet Takes
  • Foot Fetish
  • Ass Photos
  • Cosplay Photo Sets
  • Pussy pictures
  • Bouncy Boob Photos
  • Stocking and Sock Lovers
  • Roxxanne’s Favorites
  • Newest Photos
  • Videos

I organize in this way because I want my buyer to be able to easily go to their favorite content without too much trouble. It also makes it easier for me when I add new content to my Google Drive. Obviously, you will want to organize your Google Drive in a way that works best for YOU. You can even use colors to customize your folders. It’s all up to you!

Other Ways To Earn Passive Income

Now that we have covered my favorite way to earn passive income, let’s talk about a few other ways. Like I said in the beginning, passive income is something that requires effort upfront. So, with that being said, pre-made videos are another way to bring in passive income. Once you have put in the work of creating a video, editing it, and so on, you can post it for sale and literally, make money from it while sleeping. It doesn’t really require much work after that besides creating the listing, posting it to various sites to sell it, and then once sold, sending the video to your buyer. That is minimal work which is essentially the “passive” part of earning passive income.

All Things Worn Exclusive Content

As I was in the research phase of creating this blog, All Things Worn released their “Exclusive Content” feature for sellers. Great timing because guess what? That’s another example of how you can earn passive income. It allows sellers to create a listing for “exclusive content” in which buyers can then purchase. Once you have created the listing, added your content, and wrote your description, buyers can immediately purchase using KinkCoins. Those KinkCoins go straight to you and boom, you have earned passive income.

What Are The Benefits of Passive Income?

While there is the obvious benefit of earning money with passive income, there are also a few other benefits. Passive income is a way to help you improve your financial stability and increase your profit margins. Also, if for some reason, you find you’re not able to sell worn items, you can always promote your digital content to help make up for that. For example, I don’t have a lot of buyers during my shark week so I tend to promote my Google Drive and other digital content more to improve sales during that time. Buyers are able to purchase and enjoy content rather quickly. This can also help you to boost your reviews. If you produce quality content, you will have happy buyers who will hopefully leave you great reviews!

Factors To Consider When Selling Digital Content

One video or photo set can take me anywhere from 1-3 hours to create from start to finish. Things to factor in would be the time it takes you to get prettied up (hair/makeup), choosing your outfit, setting up your equipment, shooting the video plus any editing time afterward.

I go on to sell the video, individually for $15 or I add it to my Google Drive which is $45. My Google Drive includes a LOT more than just that one video. I also like to include videos with worn item purchases as a bundle. Over time, that one video could essentially bring in way more money if sold via my Google Drive. If I sell my Google Drive to 22 different buyers, that is almost an extra $1,000 compared to the $330 it would be if I only sold it individually.

Google Drive is my favorite thing to sell because it packs in so much more value for buyers. Personally, I include just about every video I’ve ever made into my Google Drive. The bigger the Google Drive, the more it’s worth.


To wrap this up, I want to say that it is important for sellers to keep in mind that while it may seem like a way to make fast money, it isn’t. It’s necessary for you to put in the time and effort when creating your ways of earning passive income. If you don’t, then it will be a waste of time and a disappointment to your buyers.

The key to earning passive income through digital content is making sure it’s high-quality and well thought out. Once you have done that, then the upkeep will be minimal. It will be necessary but shouldn’t require as much work as it did in the beginning. If you utilize the ways in which you earn passive income, it can potentially help you take your business to another level. Remember quality over quantity. I thank you all for reading my blog and truly hope that you take away something that will help you grow as a seller!

*If you are just getting your Google Drive started and need help, please let me know. Also, Dalma Rose from the Panty Selling Podcast has great educational material to help you.

**Dropbox and OneDrive are alternatives to Google Drive but since I personally don’t use either of them and don’t have experience with it, I chose not to include them in this blog. Thanks!

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