A Buyer's Point Of View: Living With Anxiety

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A Buyer's Point Of View: Living With Anxiety

Ayo! What's Poppin everyone? Is ya boy NycKing159 back at it again with another blog. On my previous blog A Buyer's Point Of View: Hood Edition, I was discussing a point of view of someone who’s from the hood that buys used undergarments and socks. In this blog, I am going to give an insight into a buyer who has anxiety. I personally am someone who suffers from anxiety but I am working on myself to cope better in life without any worries. Everything written down will come from the heart and will only stay on an honesty level. Where shall I begin?

The Best Way To Explain Anxiety

I am someone who has been suffering from anxiety for as long as I've been conscious about life. As a kid, I always had worries in the back of my mind but was always distracted by the Disney fantasies I was surrounded by. As a teenager, I became more aware of life. I noticed that time feels much slower as you're much younger. Everything in life is moving in a blink of an eye and you start to feel like you barely have any time to accomplish anything. As you're living life, you're worried that future plans won’t happen as your picturing them. You're worried whether or not you're going to be alive to participate and witness an experience. Before an event happens, you're scared whether or not everyone will be there because you just want to have a fun time for once. Alongside everything, there is also anxiety that a buyer goes through when it’s time to buy used panties and socks.

Why Do We Worry In A Place Like This?

Let me start off by saying that AllThingsWorn is the most professional and well-organized website of all time. At first, I thought it was going to be a come and go type thing but I didn't picture myself being a part of a community that is so supportive of each other. Even though there’s gold and glamour everywhere on this site, unfortunately, our anxiety will still follow us everywhere. Before joining AllThingsWorn, I had been buying used panties and socks from other platforms so I had the idea of how all this works and the idea of a marketplace like this.

I'll be completely honest but through my adventure of buying used items, I've had so many lazy experiences. I'm not going to say bad experiences because I personally never got into an argument with a seller that lead to us cursing at each other or acting uncivilized. I'm going to describe "lazy" because as a buyer, our biggest worry is that we don’t get our items the way we want them. Our biggest worry is that we pay a lot of money for an item that the seller won’t put too much work in. Looking back, a lot of those situations must've come from sellers who were doing this as a quick cash grab and didn’t care to put any effort into our items. The doubts and worries will still follow us because nowadays, it’s hard to trust some people in general.


As a seller, if you ever encounter a buyer with anxiety, as long as he/she is acting very civilized with you and has patience, please don’t mind the consistency that will come along during the transaction. What do I mean by consistency? For example, as a buyer, I am someone who likes to ask somewhat a lot of questions only because I want to make sure I am getting exactly what I want. I am also trying to make sure I won't be a time-waster and that I am looking for the right seller at the right moment. Often at times, I will ask a question such as "Do you exercise and sweat a lot?". That is a question I ask just to make sure I can clarify and confirm this is the seller I want to buy from.

I am someone who loves the smell of sweaty panties so often I mainly look for someone who likes to stay active and workout. I'll have more anxiety if I find out the seller doesn’t work out or sweat much after the fact I bought from them.

If you're a seller, you may also get questions such as "Will you be able to update me?" I can speak for myself and say the reason I ask that question is that no matter how good everything may seem, even in the best selling website, we'll always have that little doubt in the back of our minds and is something we can’t control, unfortunately. The updates don’t necessarily have to be pictures, a simple update such as "I am so sweaty, I just came back from the gym" will definitely make the anxiety go away. It will definitely make us feel better throughout the whole day because we will get the idea that the seller really cares for her buyer.

Buyers, How Can We Fix This Problem?

Alright my brothers, we have to understand that just because we have a certain behavior, doesn’t mean we have to live with this mindset forever. There are a few things that can most likely help us at least cope with life much easier.

  • Remind ourselves that we are in the best selling platform and that it's more trustworthy than other sites.
  • If anything goes wrong, contact the Admin team and they will for sure help you with the situation.
  • Realize that not everyone is so evil and that some folks are actually nice people.
  • These are some of the things I suggest because every day we may forget things but this is something that should always be reminded to help ourselves.


I have been on All Things Worn and I am proud to say I haven't had any bad experiences on here because I stay consistent with the way I order on here. I'm so thankful for all the lovely sellers on here who understand a different perspective because like I mention in my last blog, I'm someone with social anxiety so another worry I have is tone with people. The sellers here are the most wonderful people I've ever encounter and that's why at times, I'm able to cope with life much easier despite having my anxiety. Thank you for reading and have a nice day.

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