Reflections of a Newbie Panty Seller

Seller Sellers’ Perspective
Reflections of a Newbie Panty Seller

I have been a seller on ATW for 1 week now and I wanted to share my first impressions of this community.

Let me first explain that I am a total newbie at this. I have never sold anything like this before. I do have experience in the kink world, but that has always been as a participant, not selling or buying anything.

I signed up a week ago and immediately realized it would be to my advantage to be verified, so I took care of that. But even before I was verified, I was blown away by the welcome I received! I immediately received welcome messages from buyers, which was really nice and unexpected. It’s not that I didn’t expect people to be nice here, I just didn’t expect them to go out of their way to welcome me and wish me success. Looking back, I really don’t know what I expected.

First Contact

One of the first buyers that messaged me wanted videos and asked if I would do that for him. Without even hesitating, I said YES! Then quickly realized I definitely answered without thinking! What was I doing? I kind of panicked. I hadn’t even figured out how I will get custom videos and pictures to buyers! Do I even want to do custom videos? If I do, what kind and what are my boundaries?

Lucky for me, he had some unrealistic expectations. He lives in another country and wanted the video made and sent within 20 minutes before he went to bed! So that wasn’t going to happen, and I definitely got off easy without having to apologize for my over-enthusiasm and lack of thinking! But it was a very good first lesson!

Then there was the buyer that wanted to chat with me on another app, but every time I brought up payment of any kind, he’d skirt the issue and talk about something else. He kept asking me to meet him on that app so we could, well, you know what? The more I pressed him for what he was looking for, the vaguer he became about what he wanted. It started to feel like if I met with him on the other app to chat, he’d be asking for a lot more with no payment upfront. I may be new at this, but I know enough to not give away anything for free and to always agree on the details beforehand!

My first sale in less than 24 hours

Then there was another buyer that messaged to welcome me to ATW. We messaged back and forth a few times. He’s super sweet and I genuinely enjoyed messaging with him. Then before I knew it, he was buying the first pair of used panties I listed! I made my first sale ever in less than 24 hours! Go me!! And then something happened. I was so turn-on at the thought of wearing my panties for him!

Somehow, it never occurred to me that I would be this turned on. I knew selling my used items would be fun, but it’s a business transaction, right? Wow! Was I wrong! I was turned on making the sale. I was really turned on while I was wearing the panties for the next 24 hours. I was so distracted at work and so aware of every sensation going on in my body! As I drove away from the post office after mailing them, you got it – I was turned on! I get turned on thinking about him receiving his package and opening it up! And, yep, I’m turned on right now writing about it!

I’ve talked to other buyers since my first sale and have come close to a couple of other sales, but I decided that there might be other sellers more suited for what they were asking for.

How did I get here?

I heard about the woman selling her farts in a jar and kept thinking “I’m doing something wrong! If this woman can make money selling her farts in a jar, there must be something I can do!”

The next thing I know, I saw a woman talking about selling feet pics on another app, so I started following her on a couple of social media sites. I’ve only been following her for a few weeks, but this has opened up a world of possibilities for me.

I’d been researching selling feet pics and was enjoying taking some photos & videos when last weekend she said she was going to sign up on All Things Worn to check it out and report back to her followers what she thinks after her first month. I decided I’d check it out for myself. The thought of selling on ATW definitely intrigued me! I’ve always been very open-minded sexually and I think my kink past also allowed me to be open to doing all of this.

Lessons learned

I’m 58 years old. A mature woman. I’m not in a very good financial situation right now (this is new and has not been easy for me) and I could use some extra money coming in to help pay the bills.

Would anyone want my stuff or would they think I’m too old for this? Would this end up being a waste of my time and money? I know there are men that like older women, but would the market be enough here that I can have any type of success to help pay my bills and compensate me for the time and effort I put into it?

After spending days looking at profiles of both sellers and buyers, yes, I do believe I can be successful! I love that there are beautiful women here of all shapes, sizes and ages celebrating their bodies and sexuality! I love that there are customers that absolutely love them! I love the range of kinks and that people can come on this site and not have to hide their kinks. I love that sellers don’t appear to be in “competition” and they support one another and that some are open to helping newbies like me.

So, I came to ATW thinking I’d just be selling all things feet: pics, videos, and maybe socks, stockings, and shoes. Then quickly decided I could sell panties too. After looking around at all of the things for sale I became very intrigued by the Naughty Extras – Accessories & Experiences categories. The possibilities are limitless and my mind has been whirling!

Know your boundaries

Something that I realized quickly is to know your boundaries and slow down before saying you’ll do something you’ve never done before and just take a moment to really think about it before answering – a buyer can wait a few minutes while you think about it and I’m sure would appreciate it.

And don’t be afraid to tell a buyer that may be another seller might be a better fit for what they want. I am sure they will also appreciate this!

Know what your expectations of buyers are. In the past week, I think I have added to and revised my profile daily as I learn more about what I’m willing to do or not do and how I expect to be treated. I’m sure there will be many more revisions to come as I learn more!

Last, but possibly most important, this is definitely more than just a business transaction.

This is fun.

This is sexy.

This is exploring my own sexuality and kink.

This is making connections.

This is community.


P.S. Just a quick word about community. I moved to a new state right before everything shut down in 2020. I spent a year in my home with just my dogs. I was in a new place, not able to explore the city since everything was closed, meet anyone and was watching my business slowly die while desperately sinking all my money into it. The job market is tough here, as it is in many places and it took me almost 6 months to find a job…and I had to take the first one offered.

So, now I work a 10-hour day office job that pays me less than what I’ve been paid since the early 2000s. I am actively seeking a better paying job, but, you know, it’s a tough job market. At least I can now say that I know people here, but they are all co-workers. Even though I have tried, I have not been successful at finding my tribe, my people, my community. I miss being a part of a welcoming and accepting community. So, for me, finding community is more important than any sale or business transaction.

Thank you all for the warm welcome!

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